24 October, 2012

Simple Life @ Sunway Pyramid

After a exhausting day shopping around Sunway Pyramid, it's time to make a stop for tea time. 
Simple Life Cafe, also known as Tracy's Kitchen serves organic and vegetarian food.

If you wanna go green around Sunway Pyramid, you must try this Simple Life vegetarian restaurant. It's newly opened on 17 May 2011, same day with Wesak Day. Nice, simple and clean design of the restaurant definitely attracts me.

You can join their member to get a free T-shirt, 10% discount for every visit and exchange meal for free if you get full 5 ticks on the card given. If you celebrate birthday in their restaurant, you can even get 20% discount.

The blogger of the day with a black tanktop from RuffreyID, bought at Sunway Pyramid too. 
And a piece of red diamond fish necklace, a birthdae gift from friends.

It was 4pm when I stepped into this restaurant, but I can clearly see that there are quite a number of customers at this non-peak hour. There I know it's a nice place to chill :) 

#1 Unforgetable Rosemary (记忆回味) @ RM 12.90
It helps to improve memory and promotes blood circulation.
Hence I consider this as the best drink for me whenever I face exams :D

It is best served when hot. When it goes into your mouth, you feel the warm tea, then going through the throat makes you taste the mint flavour of the tea. It's quite special, I should say. Worth a try! 

#2 Peanut Multi Grain Porridge (花生五谷粥) @ RM 13.90
It consists of fragrant rice, Kelantan rice, buck wheat, millet, glutinous rice, peanut, pumpkin, carrot, yam, mushroom, goji berry. Topped with wakame, coriander and ginger shredded. Honestly I hate eating porridge since young, but this porridge is like miracle! I fall in love with it instantly!

#3 Almond Fruit Salad (杏仁水果沙拉) @ RM 12.90
A mixed concoction of roasted almond flake, green and red apple, lettuce, organic mixed cabbage, papaya shredded with lemon sesame dressing and mango mayonnaise. ALL FRUITS and no meat, but it makes me very bloated after finishing the whole plate!

Because you can see here that the portion of the salad is actually HUGE. 

#4 Left: Mango Mayonnaise ; Right: Lemon Sesame Dressing 
I really salute the cook for having these as the salad dressings! Both are very creative and most importantly, they're healthy and non-fattening! I gonna lick the whole plate of mango mayonnaise LOL. 

RM 43.65 for a simple but very healthy meal. Now you tell me does it worth the money?

"Go VEGE!"
I'm definitely not a vegetarian and I won't be one, but going vegetarian on certain days is fine for me. It's like having a healthy meal after days and months of scrumptious meals.
Most importantly, we must live healthily :) 
1. Almond fruit salad becomes my current addiction!
2. The service is exceptionally good with bright smiles from all the waitresses. 
3. I've uncovered some creativity in the dishes which definitely worth a try! 

Simple Life
LG2-126A, Blue Atrium, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-56118567, 6012-2365423


  1. The food looks healthy though, and the salad looks appetizing to me too;p

  2. Ooh, I love the look of all of those healthy options.

  3. that sure looks a healthy dish

  4. peanut porridge! i think i might fall in love with that one too :D

  5. look so nice how about the tasted of the food?

  6. Not into health food and healthy eating. Peanut porridge? I would not mind if the peanuts are not in the porridge - eat as a condiment...with fried ikan bilis as well. Yum! Yum!

  7. hmmm i wonder how did i overlooked this shop... shall visit it soon

  8. I need the tea to boost my memory as well...

  9. Ooh, those apple bits in the salad look delicious.

  10. There's not many places like that where I live

  11. Pheeweet! Now got fashion before the food review comes out! Uber cool :)

  12. The fruits salad look good and healthy.

  13. Healthy and beautiful food my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. Hey..you look good (pic. No. 3)..
    I would love to have that porridge! ;-)

  15. the porridge is full of ingredients!!

  16. Hi, I was here 12 years ago attending a wedding. Love the food you have here.....looks delicious.
    Hope to make a trip back one day soon, can try them out.
    Happy holidays to you.

  17. Ahhh, vegetarian food.....once a while I would take this...

  18. Hmm, looks like the dishes are healthier than the commercial restaurants! I'm toying with the idea of having the Almond Fruit Salad. =D


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