27 November, 2012

Review: Samsung New 20.3MP Compact System Camera NX1000

"Hi, it's me again, BabyWhite. I am glad that my master brings me along wherever 
she goes recently, and I finally can get out of the dark box to see the colorful world!"

#1 I meet many awesome people, whose smiles I record in my memory. 

#2 I get close to the nature, and feel the warmth in the cooling green tinges. 

#3 I drop by to say hello to the blooming flowers while gazing at the blue horizon. 

#4 I meet different kinds of delicious food, all so delicate that I shall never forget.

 #5 I am expecting the arrival of the Christmas season, because I have yet to experience one. 

#6 I stay at home, for a perfect morning with my master.

#7 I feel the love, the only thing in the world that money can't buy.

#8 I see my reflection dancing in the water, with the wind gushing towards me. 

#9 I meet my family in pink! She's just as gorgeous as I am.

 #10 All in all, the best memory I'd wish to capture vividly is the smile of my master. 
I know she'd take good care of me all the time.


Besides having the superior 20.3megapixels ability, I have iFunction mode, which comes with 'Beauty Shot' function. It is one of the main reasons why my master loves me so much. Let's see what she says:

"One more picture of myself please! The beauty mode in the camera works like miracle!
Eye bags and pimples are all gone, I LOVE the effect of translucent white skin here."

...And her confession: 

"6 weeks with BabyWhite have really made me smile! Samsung NX1000 is not only stylish, but also extremely portable. I can bring it everywhere I go, and it never fails to impress me. With its new sensitive 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and basic 20-50mm kit lens, the pictures are very sharp, rich and deep."

Be it portrait, landscape, sports, macro, flash or night photography
Samsung NX1000 is able to capture every detail that I need! 

Thank you BabyWhite for bringing every moment back to LIVE again :) 


  1. i like you too. you are cute in the pictures. i like the picture that you taken.

    20.3MP!! =.= I would like have a camera like this. but yeah, unfortunately i can't afford this. *sigh* Samsung NX1000 you're only a dream for me.

  2. Nice, very nice! How much? Since you avoided mentioning the price, I reckon it must be quite expensive?

    1. STP....somebody mentioned to me, its RM2+K

  3. Loving all those pics! I love Baby Pink!

  4. Wahhh....I see pink coror also very nice!
    I love photo #3! ;-)

  5. ahh, nowadays people are holding compact dslr already, somemore in pink. so jelly..

  6. your shots were incredibly awesome most especially that bridge shot

  7. Could consider this camera next time. I in love with camera more than smartphone =D


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