26 November, 2012

Rent KL Condos @ Propwall

The rain just wouldn't stop in December. It was a Friday evening, when I was stucked along the massively congested road at the hub of the city, crawling along the way home. There went my TGIF, the first time I wanted to go home so badly.

"Sometimes I'd just hate work so much, not because of my mundane job, 
but due to the travelling time to and fro the office."

Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, you should really consider relocating! 
It's time to move your home nearer to your workplace / school.

Propwall (Click here) is the Malaysia's largest FREE property resources website with over 3,000 property analysis articles and 600,000 high quality property photos. In short, the best Malaysian accommodation website ever.

In Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley area alone, there are almost a hundred thousands of properties for you to choose. It clearly categorizes the houses according to your preference- Type, location, size, number of rooms, etc. And I love the simple, minimalistic interface that is user-friendly and convenient.

Despite of the high rising property prices, the rentals would suit your pocket as long as you choose the right classifieds website! Among all, condo tops my choice because of its tight security (Safety is of utmost importance!), diversified facilities, tranquility and of course, privacy.

I always love the high-level view of a condo unit, it feels like conquering the world. And budget wise, it is definitely a more affordable choice especially for students who are looking for accommodation in KL. 

Choosing a home is very important but just by looking at the endless choices of property, I really can't decide! There the search filter comes in handy. Type in your area of choice as well as the preferred rental range, and it will automatically filter the classifieds for you. 

Now I should start searching the best condo to rent, that fulfills all my requirements! 

for more information. 

Good Luck in Searching A New Home! 


  1. ya my friend also got her home from this website

  2. Even best to work at home or perhaps on remote would be fine haha.

  3. I'm glad I live close to my work

  4. well condos nowadays were more convenient than renting a house

  5. I agree with you. Traveling to and fro for job is a very difficult and hectic task and for that purpose relocating is very necessary. For that purpose now a days various real estate companies are providing one-stop real estate services to purchase, sell and invest in it.
    LA Downtown Condos

  6. Great put up here, Thanks for it..


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