03 November, 2012

WindMill Restaurant / Steak House @ SS12 Subang Jaya

During my last visit for food reviews at Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya, I notice there is a row of eateries and bars at the opposite side of the road. And a western steakhouse is spotted- Windmill, a sister company to the ever famous steakhouse in KL, The Ship.

The shop is highly noticeable, with a brightly lit windmill at the shopfront. 

It may look a little shabby outside, but the interior is excellent. So beautifully decorated with romantic chandeliers, and the wait staff carving great smiles on their faces. 

#1 Complimentary House Bread 

A moment upon arrival, the bread and jam arrives while I am flipping through the menu. So nice of the waiter to serve it so fresh and warm, within a brisk few minutes.  

#2 From the Stone Age

As their best-selling beef is not my cup of tea, I head for something similarly interesting--- a healthy and low cholesterol chicken chop cooked ala minute on hot stone.

#3 Pebbles (香烤鸡柳) @ RM21.90

For the best enjoyment, it takes some patience so that the marinated chicken fillet is well-cooked and the flavours come out along with the sauce. The meat is so moist and succulent, simply delicious!

Maybe this way is faster? Lol.

Besides the chicken fillet, Pebbles is served with a bowl of potato salad and corn on cob, 
complementing the heavy flavours with something light and tangy.

#4 Sizzling Chicken Fillet (鐵板烤鸡柳) @ RM19.90

Those who'd rather have cooked food can try the Chef's new addition--- tender chicken perfectly grilled on a sizzling hot plate and topped with gravy, with French fries and a bowl of salad. 

#5 Russian Chicken (蘇聯式炸雞扒) @ RM19.90

Back to the basic white sauce, I'd expect a creamy yet light flavour from the vodka bechamel sauce on the chicken fillet, served with French fries and vegetables. But it tastes just too bland for my liking.

#6 Windmill Chicken (招牌特色鸡扒) @ RM19.90

Perhaps the preceding dishes have lifted my expectation, or I have to admit this deep fried chicken fillet is quite dry while the special Chef sauce is just normal black pepper sauce. It's a classic chicken chop that wins the heart of many. 

#7 Mushroom Chicken (磨菇鸡扒) @ RM19.90

The flowing mushroom sauce served on the grilled chicken makes a great option for those who love thick gravy. Unlike many restaurants, the mushroom gravy gives a robust flavour with enhanced smokiness.

#8 Iced Lemon Tea @ RM4.90

To sum up the gastronomical journey, we did not have any dessert as they are priced on the steeper side. The cheapest meat you can get there is chicken, priced from RM19.90 onwards.

1. Windmill has similar selection as The Ship, but it is much calmer and more comfortable to dine in here with good and prompt service.
2. Recommended: Pebbles and Sizzling Chicken Fillet
3. My advice is, pay a little more and you'll enjoy so much more than you've expected. 

Restoran Windmill Sdn Bhd
No. 10&11, 
Jalan SS 12/1B, 
47500 Subang Jaya, 
Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-5631 8177
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