27 December, 2012

Dip N Dip: Chocolate Sweets & Coffee House @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

The hustle and bustle along Jalan Telawi draws my attention, I wonder why does the crowd flock at the many small cafes there. I have always wanted to visit Antipodean Café, a very famous venue for breakfast and coffee. But luck was not on my side during a raining afternoon I went there. The waiting queue was very long and slow-moving, so I gave up and then hopped over to another café tucked a stone's throw away. 

Dip n Dip, its name says. I can smell how rich the chocolate is, upon entering the walnut-and-red-themed café. True to its name, the best thing here is, you can dip almost ANY thing into the chocolate and enjoy it right away.

The interior is rather minimalist, as it comes in a comfortable ambiance surrounded by vibrant sofas along with blasting background music. I chose a seat near to the bar counter to have a perfect view on how the wide selections of coffee and chocolate beverages were freshly brewed there.

Flipping through the menu, I found it overloaded with sugary treats. Chocolate Fountain is the signature item, available in black and white chocolate. Basically you can find any chocolate-based desserts, drinks and savouries here. I was tempted by the pancakes and pizzas actually, all drizzled with hot melting chocolate. Now I am wondering why don't ants visit this restaurant...

Shocked, I realized I’m not a very chocolate person after all. Hence, I opted for a bowlful of healthy cereal mix laced with melted chocolate. It is probably the next best alternative from the fattening piece of waffles topped with chocolate and a scoop of soft ice cream. 

#1 Dip Crispies

There went the good stuff in a cup. A bowl filled with crispy rice cereals and chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows is definitely a comfort food, and an excellent mood booster. The rice cereal is tasteless on its own, but when soaked in chocolate bath, it becomes so gooey and rich! Each spoonful is simply satisfying, all you want about cocoa is here.

#2 Strawberry Dipatte 

Honestly I have no idea what's 'Dipatte', but it is clearly stated in the menu, "Dipatte is something between hot chocolate, latte and mocha." So I assumed it is good stuff, increasing my curiosity towards it. Without hesitation, I ordered a glass of strawberry dipatte, and I loved the beautiful layers of liquid there.

Occupying a large portion of the glass, the milky white layer is warm strawberry flavoured white chocolate. Stirring the glass would turn the mixture into pastel pink shades, so lovely and sweet! With chunks of fresh strawberries on top, I called it a romantic strawberry affair! 

 #3 Caramel Macchiato 

Another hot beverage from the menu, but this was picked from the coffee selection. Cafe latte with vanilla and caramel may not be something new to you, but I can tell this has its sweetness enhanced, perfect for the sweet tooth.

Opened its door few months ago (September 2012), Dip N Dip has its first outlet in Malaysia, after its business venture in Damascus and Kuwait City back in 2009. It also provides catering service, you can order one chocolate fountain to your events! And a great gift ideas for the chocolate lovers.  

#1 My overall impression to this cafe is quite good. Suitable for girly dates, and lovey-dovey meet-ups.
#2 The quality of chocolate is just normal, but the level of sweetness is slightly above my limit.
#3 Pricewise, it is on the steep side, considering the quality of the food.

Dip N Dip 
Chocolate Sweets & Coffee House
Jalan Telawi 3, 
59100 Bangsar Baru, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Website: www.dipndip.com
Facebook: fb.com/dipndip
Twitter: twitter.com/dipndip


  1. you never fail to show us heavenly foods haha

  2. I love marshmallows in chocolate! But all too sweet for me actually! Haha!

  3. A taste of chocolate indeed will makes everyone :)...

  4. Had had too much sweet stuff - staying off such things for a while...

  5. Looks excellent... especially the Dip Crispies! Been wanting to go for an after meal dessert but always feel too full for rich chocolate. Lovely pics :)

  6. Dip Crispies, I think every kids will love this.

  7. Chocolate is nice ok! hope to see u soon


  8. Look at the amount sugar in that Caramel Macchiato @@ must be very sweet


  9. What's the price for the Chocolate Fountain? Looks good.


  10. waaaa looks good... Especially the first one!

  11. OMG to "Dip Crispies"! So chocolatey...I Like!

  12. oh gosh! Dip Crispies so tempting! imma chocolate lover

  13. OMG!!! Wanna try the chocolate crepe hehe

  14. arhh!! i wanna try this! chocolate lover here! :D

  15. Pretty. Hmmm...next to Nosh eh? Can hop over for dessert then...after a meal.

  16. Dipatte? (That seems to be an invented name meant to sound Italian.) Speaking as an old school barista (pre-Starbucks), what you got is a "steamer" made with both white chocolate flavored and strawberry flavored syrup. It's basically a latte, minus the espresso; literally steamed milk and a flavored syrup. As for the caramel macchiato, that's a caramel latte sold under the same name as the Starbucks version of a caramel latte, (though, the one they gave you lacks the caramel sauce included in the Starbucks version). (Though, it does appear that they used far less than a full shot of espresso in it, and proportion-wise, they're going quite heavy on the syrup.) Going only by the photograph, I can't speak to whether or not it contains vanilla syrup, but the drink popularized as a "caramel macchiato" is a latte that contains vanilla syrup, caramel sauce and caramel syrup. (Incidentally, a *true* macchiato is not a latte at all, but an espresso with a very small amount of steamed milk, 'stained' on top with a dab of frothed milk. That said, the term "latte macchiato" is sometimes used to describe a latte that is flavored with syrup, in which case, that drink would be considered a caramel latte macchiato.)

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