28 December, 2012

2012: The Endless Awesomeness

It's the very last week of Year 2012, very soon we're going to leap into a brand new year, indicating we've grown another year wiser. I am grateful that 2012 went very well, because the 'end of the world' didn't happen, and Malaysia was free from major earthquakes and tsunamis. 

As for myself, God has been really kind towards me throughout the year. I do gain and lose, now it's time to wrap up the entire year, and let's see how 1 blog post can summarize ohfishiee.blogspot.com for the past 12 months...

January 2012

#1 Appearance in Seventeen Magazine January 2012 issue 
which I blogged about it HERE

#2 My first food review with the foodies (Blogged: HERE)

I am really thankful to meet these awesome people, it creates a new milestone in my life. From being labelled as a 'food blogger', I am now a more diverse blogger, focusing more on fashion and beauty. But I shall never forget how food has brought us all together!

February 2012

#3 10 rounds of Lou Sang for Chinese New Year. (Blogged: HERE)

Well, what' best about CNY? Yes, loads of ang pows for me! People often say Prosperity Toss must be coupled with lots of wishes, and we must toss as high as possible to ensure everything goes well for the rest of the year. Thank god it indeed worked! 2012 was a very prosperous one! :D 

March 2012

#4 First time on hot air balloon (Blogged: HERE)

March was a hectic month filled with food reviews and events. Apart from enjoying good food, 
I had a great time at the annual event of Putrajaya for colourful hot air balloons! 

April 2012 

#5 Sponsored stay at Eastin Hotel PJ for 2 days 1 night

Credits to Eastin PJ, my weekend escapade was perfected with a sumptuous
Japanese buffet dinner at Eyuzu (Blogged: HERE), jacuzzi, spa and swimming! 

More blog posts here: 
#1 Executive Lounge for Breakfast @ Eastin PJ

May 2012

#6 Baby Nikon is Back!

May 2012 was painstaking for me, to spend thousands of ringgit to pursue my passion in photography. I have given up on my Canon 500D, and then switched to Nikon D5100 with zoom lens 18-105mm and further geared with a Speedlite SB-700. RM4040 for both items back then was considered cheap!

#7 Special Mother’s Day Celebration (Blogged: HERE)

Courtesy to Sidney, I brought my parents over to a very romantic restaurant, 
Romanza @ Terrace of Hock Choon, Jalan Ampang for a fine dining celebration during the special day.
I am happy as long as my parents feel the same! =) 

June 2012

#8 First Fashion Sponsor (Blogged: HERE)

A fashion sponsor marks a great achievement for a little blogger like me. From then, I promised myself I'd put in more effort on improving myself in blogging about fashion and beauty. Hope to be a successful beauty and lifestyle blogger in future =)

July 2012

#9 Won RM1000 cash voucher from Le Ann Maxima (Blogged: HERE)

It was my pleasure to be the grand winner for a Facebook contest organized by this famous fashion brand that Malaysian artist, Soo Wincci loves alot! Million thanks to the thousand votes that you guys gave me! 

#10 Sponsored Trip to Pulai, Johor for 3 days 2 nights 

Courtesy to the hospitality from The Pulai Group, I went south again to rest and relax with the fellow foodies, and Mummy tagged along this round. The Desaru Beach was one of the longest stretch of beach I've seen, so beautiful that I felt heavy-hearted to leave on the next day.

To read more about the trip, here you go:
#3 Pulai Day Tour: Kampung Sightseeing and River Cruise
#4 Qing Palace, authentic Chinese Halal restaurant 
#5 Palm Brasserie, all day buffet dining 

August 2012

#11 Sponsored White New iPad 16GB

Thanks to the expanding social media networks and the inventor of internet, there are so many platforms for me to actually earn good stuff online. Now it has become my family addiction especially for both my parents!

September 2012

#12 Mooncakes Addiction (Blogged: HERE)

September was another month of celebration for Chinese, because it was Mooncake Festival! I was invited to numerous food previews and this is the year I have the most number of mooncakes for the past 20 years. Thanks to the generosity of the restaurants, I have loads to bring home for my dearest parents' enjoyment.

October 2012

#13 Sponsored Baby White- New Family Member!

Special thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting Sdn Bhd, I was rewarded a brandnew Samsung SMART Camera NX1000 in snowy white colour. It is so sleek, portable and most importantly, able to produce high quality pictures to feed this blog! 

More reviews about Samsung SMART Camera NX1000:
#1 Share Your Photo Instantly via Wifi
#2 New 20.3 Megapixels Compact System
#3 High Speed Capture at 8fps
#4 1080p Full HD Stereo Video Recording

November 2012

#14 Sponsored Birthday Cake (Blogged: HERE)

Thanks Petite Patisserie for bringing so much joy and happiness on my special day! It was a yummy passionfruit mousse cake which I enjoyed the most during the whole course of birthday celebration.  

The birthday celebration is always perfect with the presence of my bestest friends in this world! :)
Blogged about the big day with lots of love and cake HERE

December 2012

 #15 A New Place Called "Home"

December is a seriously hectic month, where I had been having mid term exams from the beginning of the month until now! It is torturing to have each week planned with at least 1 exam paper. On the other hand, the family had shifted from Sri Petaling, and our new home is located at No. 16, or perhaps 168, I don't know, you tell me :)

#16 Christmas Day Buffet for 2 

Courtesy to Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, I am fortunate to be one of the winners of a Facebook contest. Actually I have been there once (Blogged: HERE) and I knew there'd be no regrets for returning to this restaurant because the food is really good! Shall blog about it next year! 

Here comes 2012 to an end, and let's welcome Year 2013! 
May God bless each and every one of us throughout the year. 
Hope it'd be even more awesome than 2012 :) Amen.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are one of the person who makes your 2012 life so wonderful!

    I am one of your jealous fans now:P


  2. Love the blue dress you wore. You're indeed having a wonderful and fruitful 2012. Happy New Year to you!

  3. that's some awesome events. 2012 was a good year for you.

  4. Now that I'm thinking back, I'm confident I saw your picture in Seventeen Magazine Malaysia. =D

    I love Sunway Resort! Had attended wedding dinners there and patronized West Lake Garden more than once. =) Good to know that you enjoyed the year of 2012.

    I know it's past Christmas, so I can only say, Happy New Year to you too and may your dreams and wishes come true in 2013!

  5. Awesome 2012! Hope coming 2013 will be best of the best to u & yr family too! :)

  6. Wooot! what a great year :D Wish that 2013 will be awesome for you too!

  7. Haha, I have also conducted an entry to recap my 2012 cause i find that it is worth a memory. I can see that you really had a great 2012.

  8. Good bye 2012, hello 2013!! Nice recap! : )

  9. your year 2012 is definitely an interesting and exciting one.. see how many "freebies" and perks you were given and entitled to, haha, that saves up a lot but most importantly you have spice up your life experience with new things you may not have tried.. :)

  10. Woahh! Your 2012 was really exciting and nice with so many nice stuff going around every month. I felt happy for you and hope that 2013 will be even greater for you! Cheer!

  11. Great year for you.

    Nice gear there on #6. I bought my first speed light SB-700 too but regretted it for not getting the bigger sibling SB-900 instead.

  12. So soon, your flashback? Mine will be on New Year's Day itself... You certainly had a great year - hope the next one will be as good or even better. Cheers!

  13. it seems that you had a blessed exciting and fruitful year huh
    happy new year my friend

  14. wow! u have so many sponsored stuffs! feel so happy for you! :D

  15. looks like a very rewarding and satisfying year. here's hoping that 2013 will be equally good or even better for all of us, yeah :D

  16. Awesome 2012 indeed. Cheers to an even more exciting and fun filled 2013!

  17. Aha, very interesting 2012!! Happy New Year to you~~~ =D

  18. you really took yourself and your blog to a whole new height! i'm a new follower, in support of this merry celebration!



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