03 December, 2012

Review: High Speed Capture (8fps) in Samsung Smart Camera NX1000

Dear Baby White,

This is my first time writing to you, but please don't be surprised =) 7 weeks of being with you simply means a lifetime to me, it may be just a short period of time, but you have never failed to make me smile. 

How fast time flies. In less than a month, we have come to the end of year 2012, a year which many believe it's the end of the world. As for me, it is a total opposite--- It indicates the beginning of my new world. With you, my dear Baby White. 

Thank you for spending the memorable night with me. The pictures that you produced during the fireworks show are incredible! I am amazed that you can capture every splash of the fireworks so clearly and vividly. Just by looking at the pictures, you rekindle the spirit of the moment!

#1 Taking pictures of moving objects, sports or high-speed photography can be a difficult task. 
In my usual camera, I'd have to play with the setting like ISO, aperture, shutter speed etc. 
And most of the time I am not good at that, so I swear I couldn't show those ugly pictures here. 

#2 But... The Samsung Smart Camera NX1000 has a High Speed Capture capability, 
that makes it easy to capture the fastest moment for the most beginner photographer. 

#3 Featuring a super-fast 8 Frames Per Second framerate, 
it allows continuous shooting, with shutter lags reduced drastically to only 40ms.

#4 So the camera basically 'FREEZES' the moments,
and the best thing, it performs perfectly well even under low light condition. 

 #5 From picture #1 to #5, Baby White has done a great job by capturing the details of the fireworks. 
Now I should start planning for my Christmas and New Year countdown outings
 to capture the liveliest moment of celebrations! :D 

The High Speed Capture function is great for indoors too--- 
Live performances, dance, fashion show, sports, etc...everything made possible!

It is indeed a simple yet sophisticated way to capture images in total focus. Having an ultra-high speed Auto Focus (AF) is a plus point for the speedy, precise AF System that captures life’s fleeting moments. 

Capturing fast-moving objects in perfect clarity is no longer a challenge to me! 

Thank You Samsung Malaysia for bringing your existence to my life. 

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  1. whoa, really great for catching those shots when you need to be fast! :D

  2. superb shots just how i would love a camera would be

  3. This is such a cool camera!
    The quality is so good!

  4. samsung cameras have come a long way, good to see more competition in the market! :D

  5. wow, nice shots!! it's really a good camera to be able to capture all those true moments huh?? :)

  6. I'll have to get a new camera now!

  7. Those fireworks shots are not bad at all

  8. What is the market price at the moment?

  9. I love the water shot !! I also having the same thought with you that the ending for 2012 is just indicate the another new beginning of my new world !! Don't think it is so easy for the end of the world though. =D


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