19 December, 2012

Ton Kichi Japanese Restaurant @ Sri Petaling, KL

Ton Kichi is a restaurant likes no other with their palate pleasing Japanese cuisine and happens to be probably the only restaurant in the centre of Sri Petaling which serves original Japanese food and beverages. The restaurant is at the first floor of the shop which has a cozy environment and cordial service crew which is bound to make you feel all warm and comfortable.

But Ton Kichi is a non-Halal restaurant because it serves all kinds of barbecued porks!

 An array of sake (rice wine) is served here. Instead of the conveyor belt, they have this wine bar here. 
I rarely see wine bar around typical Japanese restaurants, so this makes it a special one.

#1 Ten Don (杂锦天妇罗丼) @ RM 15.80

This bowl of Tempura prawns and vegetables, along with Japanese rice and Miso soup is served in a bento box, which makes the portion even smaller than it looks. From its price, you can expect that it is worth the money when you take the first bite on the tempura foodstuff. Crispy with succulent meat, I'd just love it!

 #2 Yaki Ramen (酱炒拉面) @ RM16.80

This plate of ramen is something special for me, because it is of fried noodles with chef's special sauce. Accompanied with the succulent big prawns, mushrooms, vegetables, shredded seaweed and my favourite among all, the Bonito Flakes (Tiny shavings of dried tuna that can be normally found on Takoyaki balls), the ramen noodles have a blend of sweet and salty tastes which I enjoy very much!

#3 Buta Shioga Don (日式姜炒豚柳丼) @ RM 14.80

This bento of Japanese-styled fried pork with ginger sauce is also served with Japanese rice and Miso soup. In my opinion, the marinated pork tastes like Chicken Teriyaki but of better texture and stronger taste.

#4 Chicken Teppanyaki (鸡铁板烧定食) @ RM 17.80

Just by adding a few Ringgits to the previous bento meal, you can get a full set of Japanese sizzling plate. The sizzling chicken slices with vegetables are served with salad, rice, chawan mushi, miso soup and marinated ginger. Despite of the large amount of oil and thick fatty layer of the chicken, I'd say the aromatic chicken tastes excellent while served hot. Only at RM 17.80, it can easily satisfy a big eater.

#5 The chicken cutlets are tender and not too salty for my liking.

#6 The sesame dressing used tastes a little sour but very appetizing!

#7 Seiro Rose Katsu (吉列櫻花豚丼) @ RM15.80

Along with the Miso soup, the wooden bento box allows the combination of deep-fried pork cutlets with cheese and Japanese rice fits well in it. A slice of cheese is melted onto the deep-fried pork before cutting it into thin slices. As a cheese lover, I'd prefer a stronger taste of cheese with the crispy meat.

The succulent meat topped with melted cheese tastes superb.
Absolutely no complaints about the pork, very soft and tender with no fatty layer.

 Assorted fresh sashimi attracts me as well, 
but such seasonal items are only available upon request. 

However, the menu is in Japanese names with Chinese translation but there’s no English description for the food stuff, so it is only helpful for those who can read Chinese. But you can always ask the waiters who are very friendly and able to give full description of every dish in the menu.

Overall, it costs less than a hundred for this 5-person meal.
Quite reasonably-priced for the set meals, but not the sushi platters.

1. No doubt that the food and beverages are original, fresh and delicious in which all are sincerely acclaimed by the Ton Kichi patrons.
2. Among all, I love the pork dishes the most!
3. The ambiance suits a relaxing mood for family and friends gathering.

Ton Kichi
41-1 (First Floor), Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9057 3106 or 013-337 3731

Business hour:
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm


  1. Yaki Ramen looks good for me, craving for some Japanese food now liao;p

  2. All the food in bento look really tempting to me.

  3. Japanese food has always been my fav!

  4. those foods and that bar were nicely and neatly arrange

  5. Strange to see a menu in Chinese without enough English translation! Lot of restaurants expect us to know basic Japanese words nowadays

  6. i dun really to Japanese food but The food seems soo testy eheheh..^___^

  7. i like japanese food ..
    and the shashimi must be fresh..

  8. Looks great! Craving for japanese food now :(

  9. Wow, good dishes thanks for sharing.

    restaurant warwick qld.


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