20 December, 2012

Hypp TV: "End Of The World" Brought to You By SyFy Original Movies

Have you watched the movie "2012"? Have you heard of the Mayans predicting December 2012
is the end of the world? During the entire 2012, I can say this is one of the most popular topics...
but wait, the world hasn't end yet! 

 Because Syfy Original Movies brought us loads of movies to get ready for this big bang!

I am sure many of you have heard of the Hypp TV, yes it is the one that comes complimentary with the UniFi internet package you subscribe. With this Hypp TV, I don't need a private channel provider because there are so much things to watch! 

"The End of The World" special TV programs are specially brought to you by Hypp TV. 
Here are some highlights of the show:

"Alien Tornado" on 7 November, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Good for those who love adventures! My heart was pumping rapidly as if I was the actress running
for my life inside the movie. Escape before the storm of millennium chomps the town to bits!

"Super Storm" on 14 November, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

I can feel the adrenaline rush when the swirling superstorm from Jupiter gonna turn Earth into thin air.
 Let's see how a mighty high school student can change the world with his science project.

"Lightning Strikes" on 21 November, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Lightning has been one of my phobia since young. Imagine how a strike of freaky lightning leaves you burnt to a crisp, the scenes I watched from this movie still appear vividly in my memory!

"Weather Wars" on 28 November, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

A weather war caused by a mad scientist is so unnatural, especially on the scenes of 
Ice Road Terror where the pure, white ice can be such a strong force of destruction to death.
The effect of the movie is what I admire the most, so impactful to the audience!

"Metal Tornado" on 5 December, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Tornado is common, how about a magnetic one full of energy? Actually I admire the person who came up with this concept for the movie. It is so 'physics', yet easy to understand by layman, with great sound effects and 'explosions' throughtout the movie. Wait, then...has the world ended yet?

"Collision Earth" on 12 December, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

The most recent on Ch165 revolves around Mercury colliding with Earth. 
Do you think a disgraced scientist can save us with his failed weapon system?

 "Supercyclone" Premieres on 19 December, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Featuring Ming-Na and Nicholas Turturro, be prepared to brave yourself through 
the deadly winds and killer waves! Are you prepared for what's about to come?

These special TV programs have definitely made an impact on the end of 2012. 
Nobody in the history shall forget Mayan's prediction of the end of the world. 

Now showing on every Wednesday at 8.20pm, with a repeat on Saturdays at 10.50pm. 
Tune to Hypp TV for more movies of "End Of The World" brought to you by SyFy Original Movies!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Nuffnang.


  1. Yea! I bet we all watched the 2012 and other 'end of the world' related movies.
    But I dont believe there's this end of the world!

  2. OMG...these movies are scary. I wouldn't want to imagine myself running around just like the scene. *CHOI!!!!

  3. well it was always fascinating to see such movies

  4. lol end of the world movies..
    so get your popcorn to enjoy end of the world?

  5. hi Fishee,

    enjoy watching the movies and have a nice weekend.



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