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31 January, 2013

Chinese New Year Promotions at Tao Chinese Cuisine, InterContinentalKuala Lumpur

A brand new year has always prompted us to go for a change. For those looking for something different to feast on this Chinese New Year, I am sure Tao Chinese Cuisine in InterContinental Kuala Lumpur is a great place to hunt for contemporary new year dishes besides the traditional, classic favourites.

Formerly known as Toh Lee, recently it is rebranded to Tao Chinese Cuisine, offering a whole new stylish dining experience. Located just steps away from the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC, the hotel is an ideal urban retreat for both business and leisure travelers.

Tao Chinese Cuisine is the epitome of dining in the heart of the city. Newly unveiled, Tao is set to impress discerning Chinese connoisseurs with its exquisite Chinese New Year menus that associates modern touch in the well-loved traditional Chinese fare and delectable dim sum, served in Tao’s invigorating and stylish interiors.

#1 Top Shell with Salmon and Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang

Interestingly, the Tao's Yee Sang not only features premium top shell (some kind of marine snail) and salmon, but also get a modern tweak by adding wasabi sauce after the popular plum sauce. The immediate flavor is lifted up although the wasabi is not too pungent but just nice enough to add a mild minty hotness, leaving a rich sweet aftertaste.

It is a brave decision to add on wasabi as many may not fancy its strong smell. Nonetheless, it blends well with the juicy plum sauce to give a perfect sweet tangy balance of flavours. As much as I love the wasabi being mixed evenly in the yee sang, I find it acceptable and a must-try even for non-wasabi lovers!
#2 Double Boiled Baby Abalone with Fish Maw and Cordyceps Flower Soup

Any Chinese meal would not be complete without soup. Leaving our senses refreshed, Chef Ngoi and his culinary team manages to capture the seasonality and rich flavours of the baby abalone, fish maw, scallop, cordyceps flower and vegetables in the broth by using a slow cooking technique until the ingredients soften and reveal a very fresh and subtle oceanic sweetness.

Many restaurants are making a move to replace the crowd's favourite shark's fin soup. Here in Tao, we enjoy something more exquisite than shark's fin, equally flavourful and full of health benefits. On top of that, the double boiled soup is much lighter, clear and soothing for the stomach.

 #3 Tao's Crispy Roasted Duck with Chinese Angelica

I believe roasted whole duck and steamed chicken with dang gui and goji berry are two distinctive dishes that gain much popularity in many Chinese restaurants. But how many have ever thought of associating both into one dish? The wafting aroma is dominated by dang gui, but to my surprise, the sauce is rather light and well-suffused into the tender bird while retaining its outer crispy perfection.

 #4 Steamed Pomfret with Crispy Ginger and Dried Tangerine Skin

After the poultry dish, next is another delicacy that manages to bring about a pleasant surprise to the palate. Unlike many who would have just dashed delicate soya sauce to retain the fish's precious flavour, the dried tangerine skin is a nice addition to infuse the firm, flavourful flesh with aged citrus notes. 

#5 Deep Fried Crispy Scallops served with Wasabi Dressing

The deep-fried American scallop is also something to remember as its juicy freshness makes it taste irresistibly good, apart from the crispy breadcrumbs on its outer layer. Adding some Japanese influence to the dish, some zingy wasabi mayonnaise helps to tickle the taste buds.

 #6 Braised Sea Cucumber, Money Bag and Dried Oyster Sea Moss Rolls

Surprises come one after another. The next quintessential, must-have festive dish features premium seafood such as sea cucumber, dried oyster, sea moss and fish paste bathed in a rich golden pool of pumpkin sauce. What I enjoy most in this prosperity dish is the money bag that burst with juicy goodness, so soft and delightful. It’s simply a pool of wealth!

 #7 Stir Fried Shanghai "Ninko" Noodles and Seafood with Spicy Scallop Sauce

One dish that takes centre stage of the evening is the stir-fried Shanghai Nian Gao, which is more commonly known as “Bak Kor” in Malaysia. I have always love this type of noodles for its chewy texture, but this traditional dish is becoming rare in town. So lovely to find such unique dish at Tao again.

Transforming a street food into delicacies associated with fine Chinese dining, the bowl of noodles is stuffed with many luxurious ingredients signifying prosperous CNY treasures such as jade abalone, fresh prawns, dried scallops, fish and chicken ham. Spiced up with aromatic XO sauce, it has a perfect balance of sweet, spicy and charred goodness although the seafood assortments outnumber the amount of noodles. Definitely a  treat of seafood!

 #8 Deep Fried Ninko with Yam

Back to the classic rendition of Nian Gao, we are served with crispy deep fried chinese glutinous rice cake layered with small pieces of yam in between. It is nicely done without being overcloying, making it the crowd's favourite festive sweets during this season.

 #9 Chilled Hawthorn, Snow Fungus and Lotus Seeds

Sweet endings for the meal are assured with the delicately refreshing chilled snow fungus and lotus seeds, enhanced with sweet and sour hawthorn to wash down the heavy sumptuous meal.

According to Chef Ngoi Siak Kong, the menu draws inspiration from traditional Chinese dishes, cooking methods and ingredients, but done in a modern and innovative style. At Tao, Chinese food is more than just great tasting food, it is an artistic impression that leaves unforgettable dining experiences to all.


A Toss to Good Luck: Yee Sang (捞生)
Duration: Now till 25 February 2013

Abalone Snow Pearl Yee Sang @ RM128 (Half) / RM238 (Full)
Top Shell with Salmon and Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang @ RM93 (Half) / RM173 (Full)
Salmon Yee Sang @ RM93 (Half) / RM173 (Full)
Tempura Mushrooms with Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang @ RM78 (Half) / RM138 (Full)
Mixed Lettuce with Balsamic Vinegar Yee Sang @ RM68 (Half) / RM128 (Full)

Choose to enhance your yee sang with lobster, abalone, truffle, 
salmon, baby octopus, jelly fish, mango (Additional charges apply)

Celebratory Sets (Min. 3 persons, available for lunch only)
Good Fortune 鸿运当头: RM128++ per person, 7 courses
Peace Harmony 竹报平安: RM138++ per person, 8 courses

Festive Sets (Per table of 10 persons, available for lunch and dinner)
Auspicious 大地回春: RM1,488++, 8 courses
Joyous Reunion 大展宏图: RM1,888++, 8 courses
Prosperity 步步高陞: RM2,288++, 7 courses

For reservations, please call 03-2782 6128
or email

1. I have totally no compliants on the food, each and every dish is a winning taste on its own!
2. Recommended: Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang, Double Boiled Baby Abalone with Fish Maw and Cordyceps Flower Soup, Shanghai "Ninko" Noodles and Seafood
3. Pricewise, it is definitely a steal, especially for seafood lovers to enjoy luxurious Chinese fare within the city centre.

Tao Chinese Cuisine 桃

Level 1 
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2782 6128
Fax: 603-2710 8067

Business Hours
Mon-Fri: 12noon - 2.30pm / 6.30pm -10.30pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays11.00am - 2.30pm / 6.30pm -10.30pm


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