17 February, 2013

Garden Café & Lifestyle Store @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

The white house. A restaurant that needs no introduction. 

When it comes to dining in white, the first thing that comes into my mind is of course Full House or Garden Lifestyle Cafe. However, the latter is always my favourite pick because I love the ambiance inside better than the colourful cartoon faces in Full House LOL.

Garden Café, a semi fine-dining with breathtaking atmosphere exuded via the impressive interior is designed to give the customers a delighted experience of dining in a “real garden”. A dining place surrounded by beautiful flowers and ornaments. Ambiance that combines of peace, tranquility and romance, at the centre stage a grand piano is providing the melodic charms and a thoughtful blend of cuisine by the culinary experts.

The ceiling is decorated with pretty white flowers and bird cages that blend well under the greens.

Recently I have purchased the RM40 cash vouchers for only RM19 from LivingSocial.com. It is a very great deal, because Garden has always a good reputation in terms of atmosphere and food. And the best thing is, they don't purposely reduce the portion or quality for those who dine using vouchers.

I just can't resist myself from heading to the al fresco dining area for more decors that worth a picture!

#1 Garden Punch @ RM11.90

Its vibrant look is very appealing, and I couldn't resist myself from ordering one that suits my happy mood of the day. A very refreshing concoction of orange, mango, pineapple and a dash of curacao. Tastes great, but it will eventually turn sweeter and sweeter as I mix the beverage.

#2 Melon Blast @ RM11.90

This looks more decent and natural as compared to my vibrant yellow colored juice. Each sip of the juice gives a strong refreshing flavour made from watermelon and pineapple, and there are plenty of lychees at the bottom of the glass too.

#3 Humpy Salmon Turns Orange @ RM28.90

I have always thought Garden is decent for its chicken chop and steak, but surprisingly the grilled fresh salmon here leaves me speechless! It tastes very different from the usual salmon I have with this chef's special cream citrus sauce. Very tangy and appetizing, while retaining the subtle sweetness of the fish. Yummy!

Served with homemade mashed potato, butter sauteed garden vegetables and mushroom, I can't take in more because the thick cut of salmon has filled more than half of my stomach.

#4 Pan Seared Duck Breast @ RM20.90

If you feel like trying something Asian other than fried rice or local noodles, then make sure you order this pan seared duck breast which is topped with oozy cranberry sauce and a bed of braised red cabbage.

This simple, perfectly cooked duck breast is juicy enough to allow me enjoy each slice of the tender meat. Being the leanest part of the bird, the meat usually turns out quite tough if not properly prepared but amazingly the chef has done pretty well here. Despite the portion looks quite small, frankly it is very filling and I'm pretty satisfied with this dish.

Apart from enjoying the meal, the demure setting gives a relaxing, romantic feel. 
Really love this place although it is not a place for candlelight romantic dinner.

Don't forget to take some pictures with the beautiful white piano before leaving!

1. If you love fusion food at affordable prices, you should really drop by at Garden to try out the food prepared in different ways.
2. Variety wise, the menu is quite limited and few items are unavailable during my visit there.
3. Pricewise, it is slightly higher than many cafes considering its quality more towards fine dining.

Garden Café & Lifestyle Store
Lot G41, Ground Floor
(In between The Curve and e@curve)
The Curve
6, Jalan PJU 7/3, 
Mutiara Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7724 2469
Fax: 603-7722 1714
Website: www.garden-cafe.com.my


  1. This is one restaurant which I always see and always hear that it's not tasty but good ambiance and yet I've never tried


  2. Looks good. Will try it if I am at the curve next time.

  3. I love the giant bird cage and white baby grand but have not actually dined there before.

  4. I wanna play on that white piano!! : )

  5. Came here once. I love the ambiance.

  6. What a beautiful place my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Gardens rocks! Im usually always there :)

  8. dined there before. quite a pleasent place with good delicacies.

  9. Great shots! and Great food! I love the ambiance too!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  10. look at all the food! and the place is amazing! ^_^

  11. Love the decor...and the food looks good too. Ooooo...duck breast, come, come...!!!! Slurpsssss!!!!

  12. I think I passed by this place before, if not mistaken at Pyramid. I didn't know the ambiance is so amazing.

    Happy Chinese New Year, Fish...a bit late but CNY not over yet.hehehehh

  13. the duck breast looks fantastic! a very generous serving for only RM20-something. i love duck :D

  14. i like how they make the restaurant looks and feels like a garden.. well, hey, they are afterall GARDEN right?? :D

  15. I love this place :) nice ambiance.. next time try the coconut sorbet :) very nice!

  16. will visits here one day when i am "rich" ~ LOL~

  17. Love your new blog header, Fish!

    Yup, I've heard from a friend that Garden serves delicious food. Haven't tasted it before; like Mr. Lonely, I think I'll make a trip there when my wallet's fuller. =)

  18. Nice ambiance, Rm19 is truly a very good deal for all these wonderful dishes

  19. Hi, Wow! Love this place, and the food looks so delicious. I am impressed with your photographs. Well taken.
    Have fun.

  20. I just drooled , by looking at this!

  21. i think ppl would just go there for the interior and atmosphere rather than the food... moreover this is to promote their voucher for the deal site. They really need to improve the quality of their food in order to compete with their nemesis, Full House.

  22. always passby this Restaurant but never ever dine in before because the price is BOOM hehehe :x

  23. I tried the food there, but oopss, not okay. but thumbs up for the deco and environment! :)

  24. The place really look like a garden

  25. I passed by here i think, but never enter this place yet.. from your post and view about the food, it's must try!!

  26. little white caffe also in white decoration which is located at bangi..the price i think cheaper than garden cafe..n the taste is nice..u can try there..to get a new experience from other white dining cafe


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