16 February, 2013

Chinese New Year at Pearl International Hotel, Old Klang Road, KL

Old Klang Road in KL is not the most elegant of addresses, but there is this pearl of Klang Valley, Pearl International Hotel, to draw you in with its spacious accommodation and warm hospitality. 

Just a few stone throw away from the Scott Garden shopping mall, the white and red building is strategically located midway between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Conveniently surrounded by shopping malls and entertainment outlets, it’s really not a bad place to find yourself in. 

Have you had your Yee Sang of the year? If you're a yee sang fans like me, make sure you try their Pearl's Prosperity Yee Sang with a choice between Jelly Fish Yee Sang or Salmon Yee Sang, priced from RM38++ onwards. Available for dine-in and take away daily from 11am to 9pm till 28 February 2013.

A perfect blend of vegetables, pickled ingredients, nuts and fresh fish, it's like eating a healthy salad! From the myriad of colorful ingredients, I can taste something different with every bite. Love the thick plum sauce that lingers in the mouth with a sweet appetizing flavour.

The beautiful, bountiful mess!

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Café 5 in Pearl International Hotel has introduced its Prosperity Dinner menu priced from RM818++ to RM1088++ for each table of 10 persons. Valid till 28 February 2013. For an added dose of prosperity, the dishes are specially crafted and named after the symbolic titles which are believe to bring more luck, health, fortune and prosperity. 

(For Reservation: Please call Keline at 603-7983 1111 ext 3303)

Well, after rounds of reunion dinners with my friends and relatives, I finally understand why people say "One man's meat is another man's poison". True enough, because not all 10 dishes in a menu suit the tastes of 10 different persons. For less hassle and more bountiful CNY, why not drop by at Café 5 for a reunion in buffet style?

Coincidentally, on the evening I paid a visit to Cafe 5, it was beautifully decorated with the Valentine theme. Stepping into the restaurant made me felt as if love is in the air! The air of romance rushed out and enveloped the entire place, creating an extra comfortable ambiance and boosting my mood.

The food has been labeled as local fusion, most of the time Café 5 is serving a blend of Malaysian tastes as well as international dishes that become people’s favourite. 

#1 Fresh Prawn Cocktail

#2 Potatoes in Glass

All the cold appetizers are served in petite portions, to open up your palate before beginning your gastronomical feast of the evening with other lip-smacking good food. 


#3 Fresh Seafood On Ice

Despite of the consecutive public holidays during the week, the seafood retains its freshness and still tastes juicy. Nevertheless, a zest of lemon juice would be great to zing up the oceanic flavour.

#4 Lemon and Dill Marinated Dory Fillet 

#5 Tiger Prawns

Some of you may love prawns, but on a buffet spread I often avoid them because the prawns are usually either overcooked or not fresh. Upon persuasion by the manager during the evening, I reluctantly have one and prove myself wrong. To my surprise, the prawns are so crunchy and flavourful! Not mushy at all, and I simply love them. 

#6 Chicken Thigh in Sesame Oil and Soy

#7 Cajun Spiced Beef Sirloin Steaks

Besides the meaty portions, Cafe 5 serves our staple food, rice and noodles in many different ways. Come indulge in the wide varieties from Chinese-style fried rice to Western baked jacket potatoes as well as asparagus cream soup and many other delicious broths.

#8 Assorted Salad

For the health-conscious, the buffet spread also features a salad bar counter with lots of condiments such as beans, olives, pickles, sweet corn and assorted sauces.

#9 Fruits Section

After a delightful meal that may feel heavy on the stomach, it's time to wash it down with some fruits.


#10 Valentine Rainbow Cake

Valentine is all about sweets and chocolates, isn't it? This rainbow cake is made of colourful sponge layers, so beautifully decorated to add some cheer and fun to your meal! 

#11 Durian Pancake 

To my personal liking, my favourite dessert of the evening is this durian pancake. Despite of its thick layer of skin, the pancake is well-stuffed with huge chunk of creamy durian paste that gives a melt-in-the-mouth enjoyment!

#12 Fruit Jelly

#12 Strawberry and Chocolate Mousse

#13 Fruit Cake

#14 Whole Blackforest Cake

#15 Mango Delight

Ah, the dessert section spoils me with so many selections that I don't know which to pick!

If you prefer staying a little longer after the sumptuous meal, Cafe 5 serves juices, chilled beers and house wine for guests to relax under the dimly lit ambiance and sink into the comfortable couches. 

Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner
Date: 16, 17 and 23, 24 February 2013
Time: 6.30pm to 10pm
Price: RM76++ per adult and RM36++ per chid

Cafe 5
Level 5
Pearl International Hotel

Batu 5,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-7983 1111
Fax: 603-793 2211
Website: www.pearl.com.my
Email: pih@pearl.com.my
Business Hours: 6am - 10pm daily


  1. Used to stay here at least once a year on my working trips before I retired. Pretty good, the food there... RM76 for Valentine's Day buffet is pretty cheap.

  2. thumbs up on the food carving and the desserts as well
    nice new header by the way

  3. everything look yummy lor..the watermelon carving is so beautiful!

  4. wow quite okay leh the Valentine's day buffet!

  5. Great feasting! Dropping by to wish u Happy CNY!

  6. Yummy! But I seldom eat buffet nowadays : )

  7. oh my gawd oyster! oyster is everywhere! XD and yah I seldom makan buffet so . . . I "SAU" JOR :X


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