25 March, 2013

Tony Roma's New Menu 2013: Best Ribs In Town

Have you noticed Tony Roma's at Sunway Pyramid has been closed for renovation not long ago? It was just reopened in the midst of March 2013 with a whole new look, presenting the "Best American Casual Dining" atmosphere ever.

#1 The Bar, at Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid.

It's evident the moment you step into the restaurant, from the attention to detail to the polite staff that greet diners and the delectable menu to suit even the most discerning palate.

#2 Tony Roma's Signature Ribs

If it's meat you fancy, nothing would satisfy more than the ribs in Tony Roma's. 
It is the most sought-after dish among diners at Tony Roma's over its 7 years of venture in Malaysia.

#3 (NEW!) Lamb Ribs

The revamped menu, which was newly launched this month highlights the lamb ribs flame-grilled in signature seasonings, finished with savory reduction of honey and plum combined with fresh juice and hand-cut ginger.

#4 Lamb Ribs - Roma Rack @ RM49.90

The new entrant, Lamb Ribs, is an alternative option for diners especially those who can't enjoy beef due to religious sensibilities. Lamb lovers will surely want to try the lamb ribs as it is easy to slice into and melts in the mouth, leaving a moist and juicy feeling.

#5 Lamb Ribs - Full Slab @ RM78.90

The Australian lamb ribs served with mashed potato and vegetable are left to slow-cook for 3 hours, resulting in a sweet addition to the tender and juicy meat. The chef's specialty sauce a refreshing change to the usual BBQ taste. It provides little touches of tangy sweetness with each mouthful. 

#6 They're Melting GOOD!

Cutting through the lamb, I realised the first layer is delicate and crisp,
then the knife slides through the lean meat layered between thin fats which is so tender.

Want to try a bit of this and that? Pair the lamb ribs with your choice of main course- beef, chicken, shrimp, salmon and ribs. The portion is sizeable, so sharing is highly recommended. 

#7 Tony Roma's Dinner Menu

Thumbs up Tony Roma's for the new invention that exceeds our expectations. 
Now let's check out the most popular item in the dinner menu:

#8 Bountiful Beef Ribs - Roma Rack @ RM53.90 / Full Slab @ RM78.90

Served along with two entrees, the juicy beef ribs that are glazed in Tony Roma's original barbecue sauce to juicy perfection. Our meaty portion is indeed scrumptious with a nice smoky tinge without being gristly at all.

Pork Ribs? I almost got deceived by its look! It is also a slow-cooked beef rib, which is soft and succulent with slight crisp edges. It is a complete and well-thought dish because it embodies all the flavours and texture.

Despite the wide varieties of beef ribs in the menu, my favourite still goes to the hearty Bountiful Beef Ribs glazed with Blue Ridge Smokies that exudes an extra fragrant aroma with hot, peppery tinge.

As both beef and lamb ribs offer distinctive amazingly succulent taste, it is hard to vote on which is better. During the recent Best Ribs Election Showdown Campaign, the Bountiful Beef Ribs emerged the eventual winner, but the Lamb Ribs came in an incredibly close second, just 3% less votes than the winner. I personally would save the biggest applause for the Lamb Ribs.

#9 Congratulations Chef Muhammad Adam Mah for his creation

The Lamb Ribs was very well received globally, and congratulations Tony Roma's Malaysia for creating this new innovation that wins the Tony Roma's global "Brand Innovation" award from the franchiser based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

#10 Calling for the Cheese Lovers! 

Latest addition to the exciting menu is the cheese stuffed sirloin steak. 
Imagine the oozing cheese as you fork into the medium rare meat.... Ah, how can you resist this!

#11 Tony Roma's Americanized Menu

Well, Tony Roma's is just the place to be to have a taste of ribs and steaks. Even if you are not so keen on going for those, fear not as the menu caters an extensive selection of seafood, poultry and American dishes to satisfy every taste bud.

Thank You Tony Roma's Malaysia for the lovely gift vouchers.
I'd definitely bring more friends and family to try out the best lamb ribs in town!

Tony Roma's
LL 1.43, Lower Level One, 
(Directly above the skating rink)
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 

Contact: 603-7942 1188
Business Hours: Mon – Sun from 11am – 10pm

Other Outlets Available At:
e@Curve: 603-7728 7833
Pavilion KL: 603-2143 3278
The Gardens: 603-2282 8243
Setia City Mall: 603-3358 3047
One Mont Kiara: 603-6203 0601


  1. UHHHHH...Tony Roma's ribs are my favorite!!! Stomach growlinggg

  2. I never try Tony Romas before :(

  3. Saw that they closed for renovation, but the place doesn't look that different from your pics though? Just a minor reno? Venue aside, love your pics of the ribs! Drooling over the lamb ribs. :D

  4. it's holy week it's wasn;t right for me to eat meat but then this were so captivating

  5. this is present in Singapore too!

  6. Tony Roma's signature ribs is different. Can't get the same taste at other outlets. I've tried the one at Mid Valley sometime ago and it's just awesome

  7. I actually haven't tried the Tony Roma's here, but the one I had in BKK was fantastic!

  8. The ribs looks so tantalizing. Too bad I am not into beef or lamb.

  9. Ribs... brings back memories of travel in the US.

  10. I've tried the lamb ribs, not bad at all even hubby as a none lamb lover like it!

  11. I love Tony Roma's! Can't wait to check out their new menu :D
    Strings Of Memories

  12. wahh.. i guess every 1 have different set of vouchers. . .:D

  13. I’ve read great things about this place, and the way you described it and the pictures you’ve shared make me want to go there and try them out myself! Have you had the chance to revisit the place yet? Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

    Hector Keller @ Shorty Small’s


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