09 March, 2013

Traditional Afternoon Tea Set @ Delicious, Mid Valley Megamall

More often than not, my Malaysian tea time is all about the inexpensive teh tarik and biscuits.  What about having an English afternoon tea occasionally, a tradition from England that dates back to the 1800s?

#1 Entrance of Delicious 

Delicious, a contemporary lifestyle cafe that needs no introduction. It is a cosy tearoom to unwind and relax, a venue for petite and sweet desserts.

#2 Traditional Afternoon Tea Set @ RM34.70 NETT 

I've seen this afternoon tea set on deal at LivingSocial.com for numerous times, and everytime the response is very overwhelming! After numerous temptations, I finally bought it and tried it myself.

#3 The White Dreamy Feel

#4 Comfy Interior

I love the white interior, although not as pretty as The Gardens and Fullhouse, but still it manages to attract me with its delicious wholesome food which spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth.

#5 "Tea For Two" @ RM59.90++ (Original Price)

Truly a modernized English affair, the traditional tea set is served in a triple tiered tray. 

The "Tea For Two" set includes:
  • Warm Scones served with Preserves and Cream x 3
  • Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles x 2
  • Rosemary & Cheese Cookies x 3
  • Assortment of Finger Sandwiches x 6
  • Duck Confit in Filo Pastry x 2
  • Strawberries with Chocolate Dip x 2
  • Dessert of your choice x 1
  • Tea / Coffee x 2
#6 Finger Sandwiches

I believe the sandwiches are pre-prepared beforehand, considering the hard, long-exposed surface. Along with that, I have something supposedly to be Duck Confit in Filo Pastry, but it turns out to be served on a thick tart-like base. I'd prefer biting into flaky pastry than this.

#7 Scone, Cookies & Chocolate Truffle

Don’t belittle these little bites. They, too can be very filling especially the huge warm scones in blueberry jam and cream. Lightly sweetened with a buttery scent in the freshly-baked scone, it is my favourite despite of being slightly dry and tough.

#8 Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova @ RM13.90

There are many sweet items that swoon me over here, including this pavlova which is a perfect sugary treat that creates a fruity taste of melt-in-the-mouth meringue. This could be winning taste if it is softer and lighter inside. 

#9 Apple, Hazelnut and Cranberry Crumble Slice with Vanilla Ice Cream @ RM14.90

Speaking of desserts, Delicious has over 20 enticing delights that transport the sweet-toothed confection lover (me!) to a heavenly place! Therefore, in addition to the tea set, we order an extra dessert for best enjoyment. 

The soft, sweet fruity crumble topped with a crisp layer of caramelized brown sugar and hazelnut will excite any dessert lover. I love the balance of sugar sweetness with chocolate flavour, simply deliciously uplifting!

#10 Iced White Chocolate Mocha and Iced Longan Lemongrass

Come along with the high tea set, we have choices of 2 cups of hot tea or coffee. With RM1, I upgraded our beverages into cold ones. It's great to quench your thirst with refreshing brews of coffee in a summer afternoon.

1. It's one of the cheapest high tea I've experienced. Very affordable with lots of varieties, although the taste is simply acceptable. 
2. Recommended: Apple, Hazelnut and Cranberry Crumble Slice with Vanilla Ice Cream
3. A great place to hang out with friends and family, to take pictures, but don't expect too much from the food. 

Lot G(E)-011 & G-001,
Ground Floor,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2287 5770 (for reservation)
Website: www.thedeliciousgroup.com
Facebook: fb.com/thedeliciousgroup
Business Hours: 11am-11pm daily
Afternoon tea : 3pm - 6pm


  1. Wow, I love those strawberry!!! =]

  2. mid torturing pictures as always lol
    i love that strawberry cakes too

  3. same goes here.. like those food~ XD

  4. Nice hi-tea... Makes me feels like want to go now..

  5. Paying just RM34.70 for this...is really worth!

  6. Looking at your lovely photo makes me wanna go there for tea now! Looks delicious!!

  7. Nice photos of the food - it certainly looks like it tastes pretty good.
    Thanks for the review.

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