24 April, 2013

Breakfast at Antipodean, Bangsar

Antipodean. A popular spot for breakfast in Bangsar. An eatery that comes highly recommended by many food blogs. It is always crowded and even with a long queue outside during public holidays or weekends. The bad news here is, Antipodean doesn't allow any table reservation. First come first serve ya :) 

Luck was on our side during a Saturday noon, as we managed to secure two seats inside this cozy and sophisticated nook. The extensive menu with its corresponding prices are clearly written on the walled chalkboard, while the staff in black uniform are ready to serve you almost instantly.

#1 Hot Mochachino @ RM9

The choices of beverages are quite extensive too, mainly dominated by many varieties of coffee. Dining with a friend who doesn't drink coffee but wants to try Antipodean's coffee can be tricky somehow. So I recommended my friend a cup of mochachino, because it is one of the choices with least coffee in it. 

Mochachino, a perfect blend of coffee, milk and chocolate. 
Best consumed for those who need a mildly indulgent chocolate fix. 

#2 Iced Mochachino @ RM10 

I personally love cappucinos, but sometimes I enjoy adding some twists in it---
Reduce the caffeine foam, add some chocolate sauce, there goes my mochachino :) 

#3 All Day Breakfast @ RM18 
Toast, choice of bacon, chicken, beef or pork sausages, 
baked beans, scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes

I guess the most exciting part in a breakfast platter is the bacon or the meaty sausages. The wholegrain toast was nicely browned and everything else was perfectly done but unfortunately nothing wowed me for the breakfast fare.

Nevertheless it is indeed a hearty, wholesome meal to give a quick boost of energy.

#4 Banana Pancake with Butterscotch @ RM16

At first, I intended to order some cake slices for dessert, but the waitress suggested pancakes instead, so we decided to give it a go. Laced with colorful fruit chunks, the stack of pancakes was soft and moist, with subtle sweetness. It tasted 'healthier' to me, unlike many sugary or overly-sweetened pancakes.

The butterscotch sauce was light in sweetness too, I love the nice buttery whiff in it. 

1. Antipodean serves great breakfast menu, in generous portion and fair price, but I still prefer Plan B for the varieties they offer.
2. The cafe offers a comfortable dining experience, but it goes a little stuffy when such small space needs to accommodate a large number of people.
3. Reason for revisit: Coffee, only whenever I am around Bangsar area.

Antipodean Cafe 
(next to La Bodega)
20, Jalan Telawi 2, 
59100 Bangsar, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2282 0411
Website: www.antipodeancoffee.com
Facebook: fb.com/Antipodean-Cafe
Business Hours: 8am - 10pm daily
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