26 April, 2013

Red Ruby Wine: Samsung Galaxy Note II Malaysia

If you're an Instagram addict like me,  you'd check on the popular page and see lots of fashion-related posts there. Am currently addicted to checking on the daily style inspiration, and what caught my attention was outfits in RED! It can be fashionable, glam, sensual or simply casual and fun. Red can be anything! But I love wearing red to boost my confidence and Chinese lovesss red :P

The most recent addition to the fashionable look is the Samsung Galaxy Note II in RED! It is limited edition, following the introduction of sweet pink Note II. Great for ladies who love to be bold and sexy, this metallic red wine phone will definitely shines its way like a ruby! 

Under bright light condition, your phone will look stunning like this!

Under low light condition, it appears slightly darker towards the burgundy red tone.
Now your new mobile phone doesn't look monotonous and boring anymore!
I love the shiny metallic surface that gives a touch of glam. 
Even the S pen has the same color to complement the phone! 

The colour of ruby wine is definitely more obvious without the screen protector.

LIMITED EDITION! Grab it while stock lasts!

The fashion trend now is all about galaxy-inspired theme, from the neon bright galaxy prints to soft dark colored tones. Don't you think this Note II in Red simply fits into the theme? Definitely makes a bold fashion statement by itself.

If you want to experience the power of red,
 head over to major Samsung outlets and be inspi-RED!

The Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Note II RUBY WINE is currently available at 
major Samsung stores around Malaysia, priced at RM1999. 

For more information, go to Samsung Malaysia's


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