01 April, 2013

Brickfields Asia College Education Fair 2013

I remembered few years back I went to almost every college's education fair, to see what can they offer me or what kind of scholarships can I get. Just yesterday I went for BAC Edu Fair, accompanying my cousin who has deep interests in law. 

Arriving at VSQ @ PJ City Centre, near to Armada Hotel and PJ Hilton, we are guided by a route map that clearly lists the itinerary of the 3 days event. The building is pretty new, and I see how different an education fair is now compared to my time back then! 

Some of the talks and games that suit people of all ages! 

Brickfields Asia College Education Fair is like a carnival, crowded with happy smiling faces of youngsters and serious-looking parents who study the environment well before sending their children here for their tertiary level. 

Like I say, a carnival is of course loaded with lots of fun, games and prizes to be won! 

In one of the designated game room, I feels as if I'm at some arcade or indoor theme park! 
It makes me feel younger now!

Attractive prizes to be won! Some of the bigger prizes include ASUS Nexus 7 tablets, Speed Reading & Memory workshops, movie tickets and more.

Level 1 itself is the main venue for most inspirational and educational talks. 
The place is very spacious and makes an ideal study environment. 

Most of the learning materials and classroom equipment are new and still in good condition.
My cousin brother really likes it, and my aunt nods in agreement. 

Spotted: Some of the SPM school leavers who are listening to the talk attentively.

 There comes the most important thing of the day: One-to-one counselling session

 We proceed to the third floor to meet the consultants from various partner universities based in UK,
and seek for the fastest and most reliable way towards a bachelor degree in law.

I also meet some of the parents who are considering A-Levels as the foundation studies for their children. 

I realise being a parent is really not easy, even if money is not an issue for education. There are just plenty of considerations to be taken into account, but most importantly, the final decision is still on the child himself :)  

 After exploring the whole campus, we collect some brochures for further references.
Not to forget, BAC is generous to provide us with some refreshments before thanking us for the visit.

If you're keen on doing A-Levels, Law/Business programmes,
feel free to visit http://www.bac.edu.my for more information.

The next intake falls throughout the month of April.

Brickfields Asia College (PJ Campus) 
Block 2, Jalan Utara, 
Section 14, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 603-7960 0063
Fax: 603-7931 8227
Website: www.bac-events.com


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