05 April, 2013

IACT: Creative Advertising and Design

Think Coca-Cola, think Nike, think of all the big brands. 
Have you ever wanted to be the brains behind them? 

Yes? No? Well, I have! I have thought of being somebody BIG behind Apple, and probably the first Asian who receive big money from Apple for my crazy ideas? :P 

#1 IACT @ Jaya One

Well, and today I learned that my dream is made possible if am in advertising and design field! 

I just attended a Creative Advertising and Design Workshop at IACT College, as they've recently partnered with the University of Sunderland to deliver the 3+0 BA (Hons) Advertising & Design at a fraction of the cost of studying in the United Kingdom!  

#2 Oppa Gangnam Style

As an ice breaker, the first thing we did was the Gangnam Dance in IACT Style. It was so much fun, and I realized people from IACT had great creative minds that made them competent in the advertising industry.

#3 The Creative Man Behind IACT

The Admission & Marketing Manager gave his welcoming speech to us and other diploma graduates who were interested to pursue the new degree course in IACT. 

#4 Creativity Prevails!

This is how Creative People work, look at their innovative pen! 

#5 Creative Advertising

Part of the workshop was held at IACT Gallery, there we had a Creative Advertising Workshop by Alicia Benoy, Advertising Degree Programmer Leader. She had a rich background in the UK advertising industry and her words really inspired me to know how advertising benefits us and the market!

Before lunch, we had a great time during the Creative Design Workshop by Queenie Yaw, the Art & Design Programmer Leader at Mac Lab. She taught us on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which I wished I would be a pro in these! 

#6 Creative Art and Design

As an introductory lesson, let's make our very own name card. 

The attendees of the workshop were so attentive and trying hard to complete the task! 

.....while Samantha and I were busy camwhoring and chatting throughout the workshop. Lol. 

But at the end, I did mine too. Instead of "FiSh", I created something for Jinnyboy! :P

During lunch break, I spotted Mr. Mark Grunden, the Admission & Marketing Manager mingling around with the school leavers. I saw them as good potentials to produce high-quality, creative and practical ideas to meet industrial needs in future :)

#7 Lunch - Butter Chicken Rice

Before bidding goodbye, we were brought around for a campus tour where we had discovered lots of interesting artworks and gadgets used in broadcasting, advertising design fields. 

#8 Entrance to IACT Gallery 

#9 IACT Broadcasting Masterpieces 

#10 Broadcasting Studio

They have their very own broadcasting studio, where films and short clips are recorded here. The Green Room is located inside too, fyi it's a space or facility for accommodating individuals making public appearances. 

#11 Well-equipped with Broadcasting gadgets

#12 Let The Show Begins!

#13 Shannon, Samantha, FiSh, Veron, Joel and Simon

We had great time doing photoshooting like models! :P

.....While Joel was enjoying his selca moment too.

#14 Editing Suite

They are still using the old, bulky television for video editting, because of its precise, sharp colours.


Some of the artwork by the students. Did you know Cheechingy was from IACT too? :D

#16 Control Room and Recording Studio

Here's where you were trained to be a DJ! 

.....or a singer perhaps? :P 

#17 Art Studio

#18 Equipment Room

I think this is the place with the most number of expensive items in a room! The equipments here are very complete, to aid students pursuing the broadcasting, design, mass communication and other arts courses.

#19 Library - The Coziest Place of All

#20 All You Can for Your Researches!

#21 Multimedia Facilities

I actually realize that the studying environment here is very condusive. You can even sleep on the beanie bag in an air-conditioned room while brainstorming for creative, crazy ideas!

That's the end of my day spent at IACT! :) So, SPM and STPM leavers, my advice for you is, don't be afraid to try! Always think out of the box, and dare to take risk and you'll never regret in life :) 

If you love something about design, graphics, advertising, say Nike: "Just Do It!"

If you're a SPM or STPM or diploma graduate, and have great interest towards creative studies, 
IACT offers interesting programmes including:

Certificate in Communication Studies
Diploma in Advertising
Diploma in Mass Communication
Diploma in Broadcasting
Diploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in Creative Multimedia
Foundation in Media Studies
BA (Hons) Mass Communications 3+0 - Partnered with University of Hertfordshire, UK
BA (Hons) Advertising & Design 3+0 - Partnered with University of Sunderland, UK

Date of Intake: April 8 or May 27
For more information, contact IACT at 603-7956 0211


IACT College is giving away cash prizes for you 
to find out which Malaysian television commercials is our fan's top favourites.

So quickly vote for your preferred advertisements from the 9 choices above (you get up to 3 votes) and tell them why it is your chosen choice - the best answer for each TVC will take home RM55 in cash

 The closing date for this contest is at 6pm 30th April 2013 so start voting now! 

4 Steps to Join:

 Step 1: Like IACT College Facebook page to show your support for Malaysian advertisement 
 Step 2: Click HERE, vote for your favourite local TVC and share with us why it is your favourite.
Step 3: Share your pick to the world by posting it on your wall and encouraging others to vote too.
Step 4: The best reasons given for each TVC will be judged by the advertising industry experts and will grab RM55 each!

IACT College
2-G, Block K,
Jaya One,
Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7956 0211
Fax: 603-7955 8909
Email: enquiries@iact.edu.my

Website: www.iact.edu.my
Facebook: fb.com/IACTCollege
Twitter: twitter.com/IACTCollege
Youtube: youtube.com/IACTChannel


  1. Nice! I will try to join too :P

  2. maybe advertising is my kind but it's too late for me to change...

  3. their library is so nice!

  4. Wow, IACT College so impressive. I like!

  5. Very nice workshop. Can see you have a great experience there.

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