06 April, 2013

Latest Obsession: Badminton x Axiata Cup 2013

Currently I'm having a peak period with assignments, exams, and events. I felt so physically and mentally unhealthy until I found a way to take a break from my routine! Sports is often the remedy, and I strongly believe it that! 


Badminton has always been my childhood favourite sports, as Mama taught me how to play at the age of 5 so that I can grow taller!! However I stopped for 8 years, and recently influenced by the Axiata Cup 2013, now I begin to pick up this old hobby again...

Play. Tired. Rest. Play again!

I think I can play from day till night, non-stop.

Badminton is like ABC! It's so easy to learn! 
Just pick a player, whether male or female. 

Round 1

The rule of the game is simple. Just shoot the shuttlecock over the net. 
The timing, distance and strength of each shot count.

Round 2

Well, I enjoy virtual badminton because it appears as if it is in real life!
Some of the factors why I kinda get addicted to this game is because:

 #1 It's interactive!
 You gotta make sure the shuttlecock doesn't go too far or too high, else you'd miss the points.

 #2 It's challenging!
As you go up the level, from one round to another, the obstacles are getting tougher to be overcome. And I can never experience all these in real life badminton!

#3 It's convenient!
You don't have to book a court, gather your friends to play badminton. Everything can be done by a smartphone on your hand :P

The "Axiata Cup 2013" app game is fun, plus there are more options for users who wanna view the reports about Axiata cup tournaments. All the results, players profile, photos, videos and news are just a click away! 

Download "Axiata Cup 2013" app today and enjoy sweating virtually! :P

Available for iOS, Android and Blackberry:


  1. Amitabha, hi ohFISHiee, your website has sporty atmosphere. I never see a badminton match with a guy and a girl in a team. Visit my website for more Wisdom everyone http://NamoAmitabha.ws

  2. haha well i better try it too


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