12 April, 2013

Review: MIVVA Box, April Edition: Galaxy

April is an exciting month! Received loads of surprises at my doorstep, 
and one of my favourite is MIVVA Beauty Box in April 2013 Edition, themed "Galaxy".


The theme "Galaxy" really took me a while to interpret it. There are so many amazing beauty products in this galaxy, and this month MIVVA has picked the shining stars for us sweeties to enjoy!

Let's see what's in the box. I have arranged the product according to my liking. 
Rank #1 is the item I loved most, Rank #5 is my least preferred item.

#1 B.LIV Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel (RM139 for 30ml / RM179.90 for 45ml)

This wonder gel removes white heads and blackheads effectively and gently, while keeping oil secretions under control and banishes all kinds of skins irritations.

I really love this miracle gel! No more removing blackheads with pain and tears. The gel softens my T-zone, then the 'dirts' clogging the pores can easily be removed. For best results, girls you should apply it everyday and you can see visible result in a week or so!

#2 BEAUTYMATE Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence (Full-sized!@ RM69.90 (30ml)

Contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Powder that can effectively brighten and hydrate skin, minimize melanin and spots, and improve dull skin tone.

Blame the sun in Malaysia, I am always in need of a brightening regime, and this is my first time trying Beautymate. I love the liquid gel-like texture, which feels very light on skin and easily absorb into the skin. The natural scent makes this product a recommended one! 

#3 TIMELESS TRUTH Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask (Full-sized!@ RM10 per piece

The mask helps in whitening, reducing freckles and moisturizing while the bamboo charcoal surface is proven functional for cleansing and absorbing dirt off.

Timeless Truth is one of the promising brands for mask that I'm using now, and I love the cottony charcoal sheet that absorbs dirts well and doesn't tear off easily. The cute pattern is a plus point for TT mask too!

#4 SOMANG Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care
Hair Shampoo @ RM49.90 (620ml)
Hair Pack  @ RM49.90 (500ml) / RM79.90 (1000ml)

Contain keratin protein and silk protein which is the components of hair that keeps hair healthy and silky. It restores damaged hair due to frequent dye and styling.

Here comes the essentials-- shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair hydrated and more manageable. To achieve optimized result, there is a little trick here. After shampooing, you have to apply generous amount of hair pack and massage into scalp, before rinsing it off. The final step will be conditioner your hair, then eventually your hair turns glossy and doesn't break easily.

#5 SF BEAUTY Skin Perfect Glow Sunscreen @ RM125 (30ml)
An effective sunscreen to enhance your skin's UV protection, moisturizes skin and acts as concealer.

SF BEAUTY Skin Remover Cleansing Gel @ RM100 (150ml)
Cleanses your skin effectively, wet or dry! The 2-in-1 remover cleansing gel features a ground-breaking adhesive gel that removes your makeup, heavy or light, cleans dirt from pores and eliminate grease in one effective wash. 

SF Beauty is another new brand for me. The sunscreen is great as I can use it daily for nude makeup because it feels soft and non-sticky. The cleansing gel helps me to get rid of the eye makeup effectively but unfortunately not the stubborn mascara. But it works well as a facial cleanser, without feeling dry on skin.

#6 Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is the fun thing now! Try out dip dyeing if you haven't :) 
With the few basic coloured chalks, you can easily create any kind of color you wish!

Here's a pictorial guide for those who do not know how it works. I have watched numerous Youtube videos of dip-dyeing tutorials, but I have yet to try it myself. Bet I'm a less adventurous person, but now with MIVVA I am going to be more adventurous...with my HAIR!

#7 O'SLEE Rosehip Beauty Solution Advance Formula III @ RM59.90 (100ml)

Contains 7 enhanced skincare benefits-- moisturising, whitening, UV-oxi protection, pore-refining, blackhead reducing, enhancing the absorption ability and relaxing.

The rosy scent smells great and it is nice to use as toner or body lotion, as it soothes the skin well.

 #8 STRIP Voucher: FREE Underarm Wax Treatment @ RM32.50

Try the Brazilian wax techniques, significantly less painful and less embarassing!

 #9 MIVVA Extras: Shopping List Notepad

Before subscribing to MIVVA box, I actually took a look at all the previous boxes, and realised the team is always so sweet to spice up the monthly box with small lovely gifts that will make me a happy girl. Now I have a new pink notepad, adding to my pink collection :) 

 #10 The awesomeness in MIVVA Galaxy Box!

What I like about MIVVA Box, April Edition:
  • Value for money! The total value in this month's box is over RM100++ but I'm only paying RM38 for it! 
  • Loaded with moisturizing skin care products, because I have an intensely dehydrated skin that needs these remedies.
  • Sample sized but bigger than usual! It really depends on the brand itself, but the sizes of samples for this month aren't as petite as I thought. I can have 10 packets of Somang Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care altogether!
  • 2 Full-sized item. This is out of my expectation because it already has a total of 9 different surprises for me!

What I don't like about MIVVA Box, April Edition:
  • Expiry date. The full-sized product (which is my No.2 favourite item!) gonna expire in August 2013 :( Better finish it fast!
MIVVA helps women discover beauty. 
If you want to be surprised with deluxe beauty products, MIVVA is a great choice!

Subscribe for a month at RM38 each, 
or RM114 for 3 months with 190 points,
or RM228 for 6 months with 570 points.

More information available at www.MIVVA.com

 Facebook: fb.com/MIVVAcom
Twitter: twitter.com/MIVVAcom 
Instagram: instagram.com/MIVVAbeauty


  1. Oooh the new box is nice! And everything looks so colourful, hehe~ ^^

  2. I think i need those!
    those hair chalks were freakin cool

  3. Haha I like Mivva stuff too! The only problem is the expiry date of the products..
    For example, that Nano Essence I got (same as yours) somehow smelled like crushed crayons .. :(
    Is it just mine? How does yours seem? ><

    1. My beautymate essence smells weird (like metal) but everyone else says it has a nice scent.. :( I gonna throw away the essence ady..

  4. hair chalk is like a new trend now ey

  5. So many wonderful products :D
    Hair chalk is such an awesome idea!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Another nice box for this month!

  7. Wow, really love this box!!! =]

  8. I love every single product in this box, lucky you!!!

  9. Saw the commercial advertisement of B.LIV b4, never thought it really work wonder on removing blackhead. I'm so keen to try this, thanks.

  10. first time heard of hair chalk lol

  11. I love the selection of chalk colours. The varieties is more and I noticed MIVVA is very generous giving away the sample products (deluxe sizes and some in full sizes) and they always do a great job to wonder their sub. I LOVE MIVVA. They are one of my FAV BeautyBOX. =)

  12. i didn't realize it's expiring soon!!

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