06 May, 2013

Lucky King Curry Chicken Bun (好运面包王) @ Lukut

My last road trip to Port Dickson was actually a food hunting trip. One of the famed specialties in Port Dickson is the gigantic Curry Chicken King Bun. We took a 15-minutes drive from Port Dickson beach, and reached this small town named Lukut.

You can easily spot Lucky Seafood Restaurant, which is located at the corner of a row of shoplots, directly opposite a very old local Chinese school, with lots of fruits grocers right in front of it.

The signature specialty, Curry Chicken King Bun (咖喱面包鸡) is an unique dish. The diameter of the huge bun is approximately 20cm, and its size is 3 times of my palm! Such huge portion is best shared among 3-4 persons. 

Curry chicken with thick gravy is wrapped inside the bun. Once you cut open the bun in a star shape, you can dip the bun into the gravy served with the tasty chicken.

Look how gigantic it is!

Lucky King Bun, world's largest curry chicken bun since 1980 not only serves chicken bun, 
but also two other varieties: 
1. the Curry Pork Ribs Bun (咖喱面包排骨) and 
2. the Ying Yong Bun (鸳鸯包) with pork belly in it (東坡肉).

Locals and foreigners love this dish as the curry chicken is fragrant and not spicy. Take-aways for personal enjoyment and special occasions are welcomed, but I prefer having it served immediately for the best taste and quality. 

I was quite surprised that each bun was RM30 during daytime, but when I returned to the same stall late in the evening, it was sold at only RM28. The lady boss carefully cut open the bun, then unwrapped the foil and plastic paper. Or you can just tear off the bun and dip into the curry. 

It looks like a simple dish--- cook the curry chicken and just wrap the dough around aluminium foil and bake it. But it actually takes 4 hours to make from scratch. Definitely a tedious work, and paying RM28 for it is worth the quality and all the hard work. 

The curry was very thick, filled with at least 8-10 pieces of chicken cutlets and loads of potatoes. Aromatic, subtly sweet and not very spicy for me. The bun was soft and moist with a nice buttery whiff. Great for dipping as it absorbed the yummy goodness from the curry gravy.

Feasting on this may go a little messy, so be prepared to get your hands oily
and enjoy the meal to the fullest! :) 

1. The overall taste is more towards sweetness, pretty similar to Curry Boars (乾咖哩山豬肉)
2. The bun is very filling, one is sufficient to feed 3 hungry stomachs.
3. It only tastes good while hot, because the bun starts to harden and the oil layer becomes visible when the bun is left to cool.

Like Them on Their Facebook Page: facebook.com/LuckyKingBun

Factory (Main Outlet):
Lucky King Bun 好运面包王 
34, Bandar Baru Lukut,
71010 Lukut,
Port Dickson,

Negeri Sembilan.
Contact:  Mdm Liew 019-648 9888 / Mr Chaw 012-681 9393
(It caters for parties, full moon packages as well as bulk ordering.)

Restoran Lucky (P.D.) Seafood
4366, Taman Aman, 
Jalana Bandar Lukut, 
71010 71010 Lukut, 
Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan.
Contact: 06-651 2392
Business Hours: 11.30am - 11pm daily
GPS Coordinates: 2°34’7″N 101°49’41″E

U Lucky Seasfood Restaurant
76, Jalan Toman 4, 
Kemayan Square,
70100 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan.
Contact: 06-767 4076
Business Hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 11pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
GPS Coordinates: 2°43’7″N 101°55’26″E


  1. you should have tried the one in Kampar.. very big and juicy.

  2. Wow!!! It looks so tasty!!! =]

  3. Wow. I love to eat this. Too bad not available in Penang.

  4. that sure is gigantic! and the curry suits it for sure

  5. I think Seremban is famous for this too!

  6. heard of similar stuff before i think around Perak area, had something similar in Penang too but it didn't fare well :/

  7. oh i didnt know they have branch.

    yummy right when eat immediately. ya the curry rather spicy

  8. So long din go eat this curry bread edi. So near yet so far...hahaha

  9. the best part is eat the bread with dipping it with curry , yummy~!

  10. Port Dickson is certainly in my must-go list. I've tried curry buns sometime ago when it first launched in S'pore. Yum! It's good to be back blog-hopping after a month's absence! Nice to be here again :)

  11. grrr.... oh I'm starving now....


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