04 June, 2013

Amber Brown is Heart-Warming: Samsung Galaxy Note II Malaysia

Hello, love! Recently I have been indulging myself in a heavy dosage of coffee. My love towards coffee art is growing stronger, and I can now differentiate between Illy Crema and Cafe Latte.

Are you a coffee person like me? 

Experts discover that people who is fond of brown color (be it food, fashion or things around you) are generally more honest, down-to-earth and wholesome. Does this describe you? 

Brown may not be my favourite pick but I'm quite fond of it because it gives a sense of security and comfort. And when it comes to choosing outfits of the day, the safest color is Brown because it pairs well with almost any colour and less boring than plain black! Such a practical and sensible color it is. 

Knowing that Samsung Galaxy Note II in Malaysia now comes in a new colour variation-- Amber Brown, I am tempted to find out more bout the phone! Just by looking at the advertisement, I feel that the dark mahogany brown color looks simple yet stylish with a touch of elegance. 

Similar to Note II in ruby wine, the metallic amber brown here is glossy and gives an 'expensive' look. Brown is indeed a colour of structure! Look at the stylus pen, it looks more solid with strength and maturity as compared to other colours. 

The back of Note II gives a better view of this predominant colour on Earth. Psychologically this mighty gadget gives me a different insight towards technology. It makes me feel closer to Earth with its comforting and steady appearance, and best paired with green to balance our inner self.
 Among its siblings of white, black, pink and red colors, Note II in Amber Brown is definitely not an attention-seeker. However, it gives a great sense of reassurance. Sitting at the Samsung store, it is quietly confident and attracts those who seek for simplicity, quality and structured life. 
Brown color is considered ageless, timeless and always spice up your life a little! 
Well, you may take life seriously but sometimes you need a subtle sense of humor. 

If you are a fan of brown, I can feel you'd be a loyal, supportive and trustworthy friend that shows the most genuine and sincere side of yourself to the world. 

Unlike the ordinarily boring brown, Note II is spiced up with a sensual touch of amber,
giving it an interesting twist of color as you view it from different angles.

Such sophisticated look suits your man the best! 
Get him one and it definitely melts his heart :)

Amber Brown for female? Yes, of course. Best for the corporate lady.
Amber Brown, 
Simply Timeless and Irresistibly Good
Just Like A Cup Of Coffee! 

For full specifications of this phone, head to this page.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is also available in other colours: 
Ruby Wine: CLICK HERE 
 Baby Pink: CLICK HERE

For more information, visit:


  1. does look like a very classy color

  2. tho i thinl red is a better color i think this was great too


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