04 June, 2013

HARDYS, Australian Wine Brand Celebrates 160th Anniversary

#1 The Launch of HARDYS' 'William Hardy' Australian Wine

In conjunction with Hardy's 160 years anniversary, Bill Hardy, the fifth generation scion of the Hardy's family, made an exclusive appearance in Jason's Food Hall at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), bringing with him 2 new wines from the HARDYS' outstanding catalogue to Malaysia.

#2 Whipped Into Place (WIP) at Bangsar Shopping Centre

I was at WIP, joining him for a scrumptious 3-course lunch pairing with the new wines, 'William Hardy Shiraz' and 'William Hardy Chardonnay'. The range was launched last year, to recognize Bill Hardy's remarkable 40 years in the family business as winemaker and brand ambassador.

#3 HARDYS 2008 Sir James Vintage Sparkling Wine

To begin the gastronomic journey, we had our first course paired with some rich and flavoursome sparkling wine. Looking at its color of medium straw with golden hue, it is a great start-off for a meal. The palate showed an elegant palate structure built around a strong natural acidity. 

#4 Prawn and Rocket Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette 
paired with 2008 Sir James Vintage 

This sparkling wine was best paired with fresh seafood, therefore we had a platter of salad with fresh prawns, accompanied by zesty lemon dressing. This Brut style wine was nicely balanced finishing with a crisp natural acid finish.

#5 HARDYS 2012 William Hardy Chardonnay

Creamy and textured, the latest William Hardy Chardonnay was fresh and lively, bursting with flavours of peach, stone fruit and lemon zest. I truly enjoy the delicate sweet peachiness and elegant palate structure. 

#6 Seafood Chowder 
paired with 2012 William Hardy Chardonnay

Paired with the hearty seafood chowder, the mildly sweet fruit from the Chardonnay was balanced by succulent chunks of seafood, bringing the wine's citrus notes to the forefront. The white wine worked great with seafood, but you may also pair it with white meat or any light dishes.

#7 HARDYS 2012 William Hardy Shiraz

#8 Shiraz: Deep Plum with Purple Hues 

Aged in French and American Oak, the William Hardy Shiraz is dry and full bodied with plum, blueberry, blackberry, vanilla and clove spice lending their piquant flavours.

#9 Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops 
paired with 2012 William Hardy Shiraz

Moving to the main course, grilled meat was the crowd's favourite in WIP. Beautifully served with black pepper gravy and mashed potatoes, the grilled lamb chop exuded rich, robust flavors which were evenly accompanied by the bold Shiraz, with its peppery notes waking up new taste buds at every sip. 

Hardy reminded the diners that the Shiraz has spicy notes and a savory finish,
therefore its strengths and depth were brought out when paired with red meat.

#10 Trio Dessert

Putting a sweet endnote to the 4-course meal, we had a platter of desserts-- Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Hazelnuts, Walnut Carrot Cake and house specialty Chocolate Brownie with Caramel Topping.

#11 Beautifully Sinful Dessert

#12 HARDYS Mini Wine Fair at Jasons Food Hall, BSC

After the wonderful meal, we adjourned to Jasons Food Hall for the official launch of HARDYS latest collection, "William Hardy". Invited guests then enjoyed a wine sampling session and were able to discover everything about HARDYS' winemaking legacy.

#13 Sir Bill Hardy taking the centre stage 

 Interviewing Sir Hardy, I learned that he did not agree with the common belief that grapes from the same area produces the best wine. HARDYS wine is well-known for its interesting blend, as the grapes are catered from differentvineyards spread across South and Western Australia.

#14 With over 2 million glasses of HARDYS wines are enjoyed daily in over 70 countries, 
HARDYS is recognized as The Most Powerful Australian Wine Brand!

#15 HARDYS Collection: Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Merlot, Riesline Gewurztraminer and more

HARDYS wines are characterized by quality and consistency that cater to diverse palates and spending power. These wines are real tribute to the passion, skill and craft of the Hardy's family since 1853.

#16 Bill Hardy Begins Winemaking Since 1972

#17 Bill Hardy, 5th Generation of founder Thomas Hardy
shares the same passion for creating beautiful wines

#18 Autograph Session with Bill Hardy 

Newly Introduced: 'William Hardy' Collection

The two new wines are William Hardy Shiraz and Chardonnay, both currently retailing at RM63.99. Available at AEON Big, Jusco, Cold Storage, Giant, Jason's Food Hall, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer and other retailers.

GOOD NEWS For Wine Lovers! 

HARDYS is having a contest, promising 160 great prizes including a Haustern Wine Chiller, HARDYS' wine set, iPad minis, crystal decanters, sommelier carafe and wineglasses.

Purchase any bottle of HARDYS' wine from any participating retail outlet, and answer the simple questions on the bottles' promotional neck tag, then submit your answers via SMS, email or postage.

Contest ends on 30 June. Winners will be announced by 15 July.

For more information, please visit www.hardys.com.au.


  1. i wonder if they have preserved one of their first wine, the older it was the better right?

  2. I'm not quite into wine but this one seems to be very classy..


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