23 June, 2013

Maju Home Concept Store is now in Subang USJ!

Time really flies, I just realise that I've moved to the new house for half a year already. But I will never forget how hectic it was during the post-renovation and pre-shifting stage. From Puchong, we went all the way to Kajang to look for our furniture, wallpaper and fittings! 

Where to find
high-quality furniture from reliable supplier with 
good customer service and free delivery?

Such shop is rare, but there is one now in Subang Jaya!

Maju Home has been providing a broad range of furniture selections with various designs and styles since year 1987! Over the decades, it gains popularity in town and now it is expanding its business.

#1 Front View of Maju Home Concept Store
 #2 Back View of Maju Home Concept Store

Recently opened the latest Concept Store at USJ, 
this gallery is a one-stop-centre for an all-inclusive furniture shopping experience. 

 #3 The second generation successor of Maju Home, Mr. Low was there for 
Maju Home Concept Gallery's Grand Opening in a tastefully furnished 3-storey building.

 #4 Meet Mr Low, the managing director of Maju Home.

 #5 Lion Dance Performance

The Grand Opening kicked off with a Welcoming Speech by Mr Low, thanking everyone for the trust and support to Maju Home since his father's inception, then followed by an auspicious Lion Dance.

Guests of the day were then invited to tour around the new Puchong Retail Store and view the diverse furniture and fittings under a cozy ambiance that felt like home.  In the showroom, innovative display concept and showcase bring customers ‘dream home’ into reality!

  #6 TV Set, Cabinet and Sofa

Upon entering the gallery, I spotted lots of designer furniture set on display. 
Here you can see and feel how the furniture looks like in your own house.

 At the third floor, the entire space is filled with room concepts that give customers idea and inspiration on how to design their own home. It is definitely a great experience to discover more bout your dream house.

   #7 Cheerful and Relaxing Living Room

  #8 Elegant Dining Set 

Similarly, Maju Home provides a wide variety of concepts that gives different feel to meet customers' needs and expectations. They not only offer dining table and chairs, but also have outsourced interior designer's professional service to assist you in organizing space while creating pleasant ambiance.

  #9 Dainty English Food Trolley

For new homes, I bet the most important area is the kitchen because this is where the female master of the house takes care of. Here I see lots of built-in kitchen cabinet, kitchen appliances as well as equipment that completes the whole modern look.

  #10 Simple and Modern Kitchen Concept

Well, my purpose of going for the grand opening was actually to look for great deals to furnish my princess bedroom! The salesman introduced a few best-selling furniture to us, and explained that Maju Home sourced furniture from everywhere around the world! In fact, most of them come from Malaysia.

  #11 Bed Set

The mall features one of the largest bedding exhibition halls in town
showcasing a diverse variety of international mattress brands.

Well, do you know that Malaysian furniture is always well known for its quality and durability throughout the world? After trying on the furniture myself, I had less worry bout the quality and durability.

  #12 Rain Shower for Heater

   #13 Here you can find Variety and Quality!

   #14 Storage Cabinet and Writing Table 

   #15 Executive Chairs and Workstations

Look at the cute furniture, the colours remind me of Candy Crush! They're all made in Thailand, as Thailand is known for its premium quality of plastic. Don't belittle the tiny tables and chairs, they are very solid and durable!

   #16 Colorful Stools

   #17 Home Decors

What completes a house is the pieces of art such as sculptures, paintings and unique lamps. Maju Home focuses very much on modern, futuristic home concept that caters for those who want their house to look 'young' and creative!

   #18 My Favourite Pixar Lamp!

   #19 Shoes Cabinet

 #20 Curtains under Maju Home Concept Brand

Mr Low and family has indeed proven it right that good quality things will endure the test of time, decades after decades. Speaking of the near future plans, he hopes to expand more furniture chains around Klang Valley. 

Hope this map helps you to find your way there :) 

For more information, kindly visit

Maju Home Concept Store
Wisma LKT PT35200,
Persiaran Subang Damai,
Off LDP,
47670 Subang Jaya,
Email: enquiries.usj@majuhome.com.my
Contact: 603-8068 3661
Fax: 603-8068 4661

*Maju Home Concept also operates another outlet in Setapak.


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  2. it's my turn soon to shop for furnitures ><

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