22 June, 2013

Stay Calm & Relax with Amante x Butterfly Project

Hello butterflies! I'm back! I think I have missed the June's Spa Party organized by The Butterfly Project due to the exam season T___T I almost kill myself for not being able to join the other 99 bloggers and vloggers for the spa session plus fashion show! Sigh. Exam is important, don't your parents love telling you that? :)

Hi, you're cordially invited to join a party of relaxation and calm! 

But luckily there is another massage party coming soon for us bloggers! (Right after my exam somemore, YAY!)..... Well, who doesn't wish to have a relaxing girly session for the juiciest gossip in town on a massage bed! Since so many people want an invite for this, I must kepoh abit and join the fun as well :P 

Why do I need a massage? 

1. Unwind / De-stress
2. Relax
3. Boost your mood
4. Have fun
5. Keep calm and enjoy life 
....and the lists go on...

These are the common reasons whenever I wanna find an escape from the usual hectic life, BUT none of them is my reason for a perfect massage session! 

Here's the ultimate reason from the bottom of my heart :')

Do you know that massage not only makes you feel good on the body, 
but also produces mood-inducing hormones that help achieve a 'balance' of your inner self? 

Regardless of whether you're a student, working woman, or even a lotus eater, I'm sure we're facing stress in many things in life. Every bit of stress is actually damaging our cell without us realizing it! That's why I am praying very hard to join this party to allow myself 1 day (or half a day) to enjoy a massage session, clear up my mind, keep myself free from everything and just indulge in the pampering session.

Who knows maybe after the massage session, I can generate better ideas in my university and blog assignments or even have a more focused mind and hence look more confident! 

 Now I can say a massage therapy beautifies one from inside out too! 

Oh by the way, everyone needs a massage! Including your favourite STEAK :D

This massage party is initiated by my fave Butterfly Project! 

The Butterfly Project is a community, an independent Beauty Blogger's Club. But to me, it is simply a close bunch of ladies who share the same interests in beauty-- Be it makeups, skincare, wellness activities, or diet. Meaning more chances to share beauty secrets and life experiences with the girls if I join them for the massage party!

Of course we need a professional spa and nail parlour to conduct our beauty session! 

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care is a haven for women seeking a superlative spa experience that houses all their popular beauty and wellness needs! 6 years experience in the industry has brought Amante growing into 10 branches in Klang Valley, now are you tempted to try their professional service too?

Pampering manicure and pedicure
Relaxing Aromatherapy Body Massage
Exotic Hot Stone massage
Hair Removal Waxing 
Natural Eyelash Extension
Facial Treatment
Jacuzzi and far infra sauna body treatment

YES! Everything is housed under one roof, exclusively at Amante :)

Since it's a party, how can we miss the pretty venue decoration and lots of good food! 
Let's welcome   Ask Joey The Sweetest Party (fb.com/AskJoeyTheSweetestParty) Planner to join the fun as well. 

Joey, the party planner for all things sweetest will be there for beautifying the menu, treating us with sweets and little surprises and of course the rest remains a mystery until the day I step into Amante!

Some services that Joey provides:
 ★ Personalized Party Favors / Party Decorator
 ★ Sweet Candy Buffet Centerpieces
 ★ Design Conceptualization
 ★ Professional Photography / Videography / Photo Booth
 ★ Emcee scripts (weddings or corporate events)
 ★ 3D Novelty Cakes, Cupcakes & All Types Of Sweets
 ★ Customize Invitations & Announcements
 ★ Party Entertainers (clowns, magicians , inflatables & etc)
 ★ On Site Liaison
 ★ Caterers

Feel free to contact her at 017 780 6939

One of the past events handled by Joey was based on old school theme, where you can basically find all your childhood faves there! Can't wait to see lots of girly deco for the spa party!! 

Last but not least, the event wouldn't be complete without a picture of remembrance :)

Thanks to PhotoBooth Malaysia (fb.com/PhotoboothMalaysia) who will be in charge of photography service of the day! They normally set up a photobooth or mini studio at your event in which you can choose between DSLR and LOMO Camera. Best part of all, our party photo booth is portable and it will be unlimited FREE photos for the duration of the event!

Here's one of the example of corporate set up BUT I believe for our Massage Party,
it's gonna be a girly girl setup with all sorts of cutesy props! YAY!

Can't wait till 6 July! :D Hope to see you there!

More information bout the collaborators:
The Butterfly Project Malaysia: fb.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia
Ask Joey The Sweetest Party: fb.com/AskJoeyTheSweetestParty
PhotoBooth Malaysia: fb.com/PhotoboothMalaysia 

For more information about Amante, head to:
Website: www.amante.my
Facebook: Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
Customer Careline : 012-295 6915 
Email: amante.spa@gmail.com
Business Hours: 10am - 8pm daily
Closed on Mondays


  1. Wow so nice ~ I wish I can go too. I never try massage before but feeling to try it (if it is FOC) coz it sounds fun ~ =(

  2. I had to cancel my entry for June Spa Party due to exam, we both are in the same boat! in fact, my last paper will be on July 14th =_='' but I'm gonna try for this July Massage Party too ^_^ hoping to see u there babe!

  3. Good to pamper ourselves with a nice massage.

  4. i think i badly need such pampering thingy like that

  5. lol im bumping in to get some ideas of what to write ^^

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