30 June, 2013

TUJO Bar-sserie and Grill @ The Ascott Residence, KL

Look, I've found a new playground in town! 

It had been awhile since I last visited a fancy restaurant with so many little games on the table. Restaurants that remind me of the old goodtime during childhood are far and few between. Now we have one at the heart of the city-- Tujo, located between Impiana Hotel KLCC and Marc Residence. 

True to its tagline "Eat. Play. Love.", Tujo believes in 2 stages of life-- First, when you're young, and second, when you're young at heart! Entering the restaurant made me feel young again-- It is like a playground with lots of childhood games, old-school puppets and toy cars. Here you can enjoy simple pleasures in life with good friends over good food, drinks and have loads of laughs. 

Reminiscing the good ol' childhood moments... 

Tujo is a two-storey F&B outlet, where I was delighted to see lots of natural light shining into the warm, comfortable space at the ground floor. If you drop by on a late evening, the space will transform into a quirky atmosphere that allows you to relax and chill after work :)

Moving up to the Mezzanine floor, I notice the injection of whimsy, playful notes in Tujo's interior design especially the staircase. Kudos to the renowned designer Ed Poole who envisioned it as a space of 1960s Danish modern design which exemplified sleek simplicity and comfort!

If you're seeking for tranquility in the middle of city, you can hop to Tujo and head straight to the upper level for some quiet, relaxing moment with your family and friends.

For the drinks menu, Let's Drink makes a bold statement on the cover with Delicious Drinks being Tujo's promise to its patrons. On a healthier note, I opted for a mixed concoction of fresh apple, cucumber, watermelon and basil to prepare my stomach before grabbing the foooood!

Besides detoxifying and power juices, the menu also carries an extensive array of tastebud-tickling beverages, ranging from wine,champagnes, beers, spirits, detox drinks, coffees and teas. 

If you feel like having some alcohol tonight, why not try the cocktails? Quench your thirst with the classic, most sought-after Asam Boi Mojito and Lychee Mojito to the exciting Banana Mojito!

Mmmmm...simply enjoy the cooling effect!

Offering all day dining, the Palong Coffee House has its own repertoire of a’la carte offerings which range from the simple heartwarming soups and sandwiches to Asian favourites such as Nasi Lemak and noodles and well-loved Western dishes like the grilled steak, injected with a flair of Northern Indian. 
#1 Smoked Duck Salad @ RM23

For the health enthusiasts and non-carnivorous in nature, you will enjoy the sliced smoked duck on cos lettuce and orange segments dressed in a tangy fruity dressing for its well-balanced taste.

#2 Chicken Caesar Salad @ RM23

Served beneath a bed of greens, the dish was pretty creamy and highly recommended 
for its ridiculously tasty lean chicken cuts. Vegans may opt it plain without any chicken. 

#3 Oxtail Soup @ RM18

Adapted from the Indonesian Sup Ekor Lembu, it was a simple yet satisfying dish 
that exudes rich aroma from its spices and meaty chunks of oxtail. 

#3 Venison Roll @ RM28

As much as I loved snacking on the creamy minced deer meat stew stuffed in tortilla roll,
 I couldn't reach for two in a row because of its strong spicy flavour.

#4 Malaysiana Pizza @ RM19

Interestingly, the wood-fired pizza crust here was not infused with charcoal, but squid ink! An eclectic mix of Italian and Malaysian version of pizza called Malaysiana, was stuffed with crushed nuts, onion rings, anchovies and most importantly, sambal. It's probably the crunchiest pizza I've tried!

#5 Napoli Bianco Pizza @ RM32

One of the highlights in the menu was the squid ink pizza crust topped with homemade meatballs, pepperoni and white alfredo sauce. Here the ingredients were well-mixed together and the taste was rich and savory. This is certainly something you must try when you visit the restaurant.

#6 Parmesan Bass @ RM35

The baked sea bass was topped with parmesan crust which lent a distinct texture to the soft 
and flaky flesh of the fish, with a dash of creamy sauce and fava beans to spice up the dish.

#7 Seafood Risotto @ RM33

I rarely see risotto rice to stay in shape after being cooked. Some might feel it takes bit longer to munch on the tough bits of rice, but I perfectly loved it this way as it went so well with the thick creamy tomato sauce alone even without the added seafood sweetness.

#8 Tom Yam Fettuccini @ RM32

A Thai-inspired pasta dish came its way to our table at Tujo, exuding a strong spicy sour aroma 
that immediately opened up my palate before indulging in the sea of prawn, squid and chicken. 

#9 Ira Malai @ RM45

How about some delight from Northern India? Prawns cooked in spicy coriander gravy accompanied
 by a pyramid of pulao rice would surely excite your taste buds with the spicy flavours.

#10 Grilled Seafood Platter @ RM70

From the grill with a selection of meat such as seafood, porterhouse steak, ribs, French cut chicken breast, lamb cutlets and more. Greedily we wanted to try them all, hence picked the house signature seafood platter which comprised scallop, prawn, squid and sea bass. Best to have light brown gravy paired with the wonderful synchronicity of smoky taste and texture.

After this meal, I already miss the grilled items here. How nice if I can recreate similar grilled platter like this at home! Perhaps for a start, I should get an electric grill from George Foreman as I read plenty of good reviews about its convenience, versatility and ease of use. Here are the top 5 Best George Foreman Grill I'm considering: https://brobbq.com/best-george-foreman-grills/

Let me know if you have any recommendation on these grills?

#11 Grilled Porterhouse with Sauteed Creamy Spinach @ RM120 for 400g

Beef lovers would surely want to sink their teeth into this gigantic T-bone steak as it is easy to slice into and melts in the mouth, leaving a moist and juicy feeling. It was the perfect combination of tender, lean meat with nice rind of fat that became the most memorable dish of the evening!

The beautifully grilled meat was rich in its own deep-flavoured jus and, 
when paired with strips of creamy spinach, every bite yielded an exquisite tenderness.

#12 Chimichurri Chicken (Whole Leg) @ RM28

Classic dish from the South America! Don't get fooled by the picture, the chicken was not burnt but it was rubbed with Chimichurri recipe which mainly used parsley, garlic, oregano and olive oil. A simple yet extravagantly flavoured dish served with grilled tomato, it's the epitome of soul food for some- although others may find it a tad rich in herbs.

#12 Carrot Cake @ RM15

Despite of loading our stomach with so much food, there was always some space saved for desserts. The classic carrot cake was layered with my favourite lime cream cheese icing (Really Thick and Creamy!) that didn't appear dry at all!

#13 Apple Banana Sundae @ RM17

Kids on the block may fancy some sweet concoction of banana, poached apple, toffee, nuts and chocolate sauce. What's best in the sundae was the surprise at the bottom! You'd find a huge scoop of Haagen Dazs vanilla and chocolate ice cream which sealed your heart with love.

#13 Salted Caramel Apple Guava Tart @ RM20

The presentation made it look so good that I wanted to finish the whole plate by myself. Unlike the usual sinfully sweet apple tart, this version is infused with guava and apple dragonfruit sauce that made it feel lighter despite of pairing with the creamy dose of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream. 

Time to Relax!
If you've come across SOULed OUT at Ampang and Sri Hartamas, surely you'd love their wonderful cocktails and drinks. Helmed by the same group,  you can expect Tujo's award-winning mixologists to muddle up amazing cocktails which promise you an unforgettable experience. 

#14 Peach Sangria @ RM19 per glass / RM90 per jug

After the sumptuous dinner, we decided not to leave in full bellies and hence chilled at Tujo under its laid back atmosphere for a couple of hours. The new must-try range include Fruity Sangrias infused with more unusual flavours like Lychee, Peach or Mango. 

#15 Watermelon Sangria @ RM19 per glass / RM90 per jug

#16 Crema Screaming Orgasm @ RM29

At the first thought, it looked like a classic good of iced latte with foam. Sipping straight from the bottom, I was surprised by the bittersweet combination of vodka, almond liqueur and coffee liqueur! 

#17 Crema Bananarama @ RM29

Another variant of cocktail with coffee. Again, I expected a creamy sweet sensation, but it turned out to be more exotic and interesting with its rum as main flavour, sweetened with banana puree, illy crema and whipped cream. 

#18 Illy Crema @ RM17

Finally, here's a cup of unmistakable Arabica coffee in the most original taste to wake my mind up from the series of alcohol drinks. It was so creamy, rich tasting and refreshing! Taking my last sip of this, we left with extremely stuffed stomach, but a lighter step and a broader smile!

Tujo, a playground in the heart of Kuala Lumpur
where you can eat, play, live.....

TUJO Bar-sserie and Grill 
Ascott Kuala Lumpur
9, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2161 7789 / 012-210 3055
Functions & Catering: 012-939 0811

Email: ask@tujo.my
Website: www.tujo.my
Facebook: fb.com/tujoKL
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays 7am till closing


  1. smoked duck salad looks appetizing to me! =D

  2. I must say that's a very artistically designed place, and the foods were as appetizing as they look


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