11 July, 2013

Anti Aging with KOSE Infinity Pure Advance x Vanity Trove

Woohoo! My 6th beauty trove from Vanity Trove had just arrived. For July 2013, VT is doing something different--- it's the first ever collaboration with KOSE to deliver a trove full of KOSE products!

When I first heard bout KOSE, I was like..."Woah. RM50 only for one whole box of KOSE stuff?" It was such a great deal, and I bet you girls would be tempted to grab one. Well, maybe not just one trove, but two for your dearest friend andr family.

Looking at the guide, the box contains 6 travel-sized items from KOSE, featuring mainly on the Kose Infinity Pure Advance series, a newly introduced Anti-Aging range to combat visible pores, dryness and fine wrinkles. Best for women in twenties to early thirties.

Now let's see what inside. Instead of arranging the products according to my liking,
this month would be a step-by-step guide to use KOSE Infinity Pure Advance series!

STEP 1: Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel (10g) @ RM119 for 120g

The unique gel spreads smoothly on the skin and turns into oil swiftly. Effectively removes 
makeup and dirts from your face and unblocks your pores for smoother and brighter skin.

Beauty Tips: Massage a small amount of Oil Cleansing Gel gently on the face and neck,
and rinse thoroughly with water.

The gel blended very well with the impurities on skin and immediately turned into oil. One wipe can already effectively remove my eyeliner, powder and foundation. Sounds like an oil-based makeup remover? I'd say it's similar but this does not dry up your skin easily.

STEP 2: Pure Advance Clear Up Wash (9.6g) @ RM99 for 120g

Helps remove any excess makeup and sebum from your skin, leaving behind clearer skin 
and smaller pores with the luxurious texture of meringue-like bubbles.

For the gel cleanser, you need to squeeze a little more to cleanse the entire face and neck.

Beauty Tips: Massage a small amount with water to create lather over the face and rinse thoroughly with water. The mild cleanser is suitable for the most sensitive skin like mine :)

STEP 3: Pure Advance Essence Lotion II (30ml) @ RM169 for 160ml

This moist lotion contains natural essences to rejuvenate, hydrateand plump up tired skin. 
Also helps reduce the visibility of open pores caused by dryness.

Prior to this, you should use the Lotion I, a hydrating lotion to treat open pores. 
Alternatively, you may use any soothing toner to moisturize the skin.

Beauty Tips: Pour onto a piece of cotton or on your palms and gently pat into your skin after cleansing. The texture is gel-like as it appears thick but feels light on the skin.

STEP 4: Pure Advance Serum II (30ml) @ RM169 for 120ml

Say goodbye to rough skin texture caused by dryness and water-oil imbalance in your skin! It helps adjust the balance of natural oils and water content, so your skin will appear soft, fluffy adn poreless.

The Serum I is a hydrating gel type of serum to balance the skin,
while the Serum II appears thicker in a form of thick emulsion type.

Beauty Tips: Dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm and massage gently into your skin.

STEP 5: Pure Advance Eye Jelly (2 x 0.5g) @ RM180 for 20g

Instantly replenish moisture around the eyes, creating radiant eyes with a vibrant impression while taking extra good care on the delicate area to reduce signs of aging. 

For eye care, Pure Advance Series gives you two options: Eye Cream and Eye Jelly. After trying the latter, I think I'd love it more than the eye cream for its gel-like consistency. Don't forget to massage your eye area while applying this!

Beauty Tips: Squeeze a small amount of jelly onto the tip of your ring finger and
gently pat around the skin of your eyes for almost instantaneous results.

STEP 6: Deep Protection UV (8.9g) @ RM118 for 30g

The high level of SPF50+/PA++++ can powerfully guards skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. 
It protects the skin's translucency and firmness, making fine wrinkles less visible. 

For myself, I kinda like it for its emulsion-like texture that doesn't feel sticky on the skin. Spread it smoothly over the skin, it creates a strong even film for smoother and moisturized skin.

[BONUS] Voucher redeemable with any purchase of KOSE Infinity Pure Advance item

Taiwanese Makeup Guru, Robin Niu (Niu Er 牛尔老师) is recommending KOSE Infinity Pure Advance in his beauty talk show too. He once said, "It doesn't matter how old are you, everyone should start using anti-aging products as early as possible." Prevention is better than cure, right?

Now let's do a simple calculation of the total value of the products:

Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel = RM9.91
Pure Advance Clear Up Wash = RM7.92
Pure Advance Essence Lotion II = RM31.69
Pure Advance Serum II = RM42.25
Pure Advance Eye Jelly = RM9
Deep Protection UV = RM35

Grand Total = RM135.77

July's trove definitely is a beauty box of great value for money!

Vanity Trove July 2013 : 6 exclusive KOSE Infinity items

Honestly, I heard lots of complaints from my friends that they're paying RM50 for all 'free' samples. But personally, I think a beauty box is a collection of surprises that allow you to try on new products every month. For me, I wouldn't bother buying KOSE products mainly because of the price factor. But if I get to try it from Vanity Trove and find it really effective for myself, then I'd consider investing. Plus, I wouldn't say those are sample size, but travel size. 

Overall, I am satisfied with the Vanity Trove in July that features one of the premium brands in town, something new to my skin that I manage to try on. Hopefully in future VT has more collaborations with exclusive brands like this and offer us better quality at affordable price!

If you wanna win full-sized beauty products from VT, feel free to them at 
Now you can also start subscribing to the
exclusive August Vanity Trove customized SPECIALLY FOR YOU!

You can fill in your beauty profile, and pick what items you want to be inside your next box.
Cool, right? Now you can have hand-picked surprises for your loved ones!

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