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12 July, 2013

Review: MIVVA Box, July's Pamper Kit

MIVVA Box in July Edition just arrived at my doorstep last week. 
Have you noticed the change in the MIVVA appearance since last month's box?

It's a monotone polka dot box but when I take a closer view at it, it looks more than dots of paint or raindrops to me. Black always gives a sense of mystery too, let's see what's inside!

July's theme: My Pamper Kit, a beauty box that pampers myself from head to toe!

I have arranged the product according to my liking. 
Rank #1 is the item I loved most, Rank #5 is my least preferred item.

 #1 BEAUTYMATE Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner (FULL-SIZED!) - 120ml (RM49.90)

Increase moisture level up to 15 hours and help the skin for fast absorption of lotion. Brightening your skin tone and balancing its pH value, the toner is best to make your skin soft and smooth.

The first time I heard bout Beautymate was from MIVVA April Box, where I got a full-size brightening essence which I haven't finished using till now. And now welcome the Hydrating Toner into the family! It is acceptable in terms of texture--- Non-sticky, but I gotta use it longer to know its effectiveness ;) 

#2 ELIANTO Ardour Shadow (FULL-SIZED!) - 2g (RM8)

Glides easily on eyes, provides soft and smooth texture for a matte finish.
Available in 15 amazing matte shades.

Next is a single color eye shadow from Elianto, which I already have few other colors in my collection. The one I get from MIVVA is brown in colour, which I personally love it coz' it's a multipurpose eye shadow.

The color can blend easily with other swatches to create a natural day makeup look or set for a glamorous night look. Also, I do brush lightly over it to use for shading on the face. It's so easy to use, right? Time for you to invest one too, if you haven't gotten your MIVVA box of the month :) 

The third item is from Korea, comes in a 2-pieces gift set. Luckily both the items are properly sealed because when I opened it, the lotion has already leaked all over. But I'm glad that it doesn't flood the whole box...

 #3 SOMANG Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner - 5ml (RM139.90 for 160ml)

Adds ample moisture to dry skin and keeps skin highly moisturized and emulsion
that creates a water cover onto the skin and keeps the skin soft.

To my surprise, the toner has a thicker consistency than liquid. It is a transparent gel-like substance that sticks onto the face upon application. It reminds me of the essence usually found in face masks.

#4 SOMANG Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Emulsion - 5ml (RM139.90 for 160ml)

Locks moisture, improves blood circulation and enhances skin's natural moisturizing function. seems like the emulsion is a bit stubborn in the bottle, but I managed to force out some and try. I love to use it as a night cream before bed, to act as a protective layer and repair my skin during my sweet 8 hours on bed.

 #5 UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream (FULL-SIZED!- 15ml (RM98.80)

Effective to eliminate eye bags, dark eye circles, bulging, puffiness and fine lines, making the skin around the eyes firmer and brighter. It blocks cell degeneration too.

Beauty Tips: It can be used as eye makeup foundation before you put on makeups on eyes!

This is GOOD! I mean it, really. It works miraculously on the eyes to reduce my tired-looking eyes / "panda eyes" that my friends always call me. Spread a small amount (dot size will do!) over the eyes everyday, and if you feel slight heat on it, that means it works! Byebye to Dark Eyebags!! 

#6 RE-GEN Oil - 3 x 1ml (RM29.90 for 75ml)

Ultimately promotes skin regeneration. Helps to fight skin ageing by reducing the oxidants in the skin and provides high level of moisture that improves blemished skin and scars.

For scars and severely dry, scaly skin, the Re-Gen oil will renew your skin into a beautiful one. Don't forget to massage the targeted area after applying the oil ya! The product guide with step-by-step instructions is very useful for me when I need it to reduce scars from cuts and burns. 

#7 [BONUS] Foot Scrubbing Stone

This month's little surprise is something my Mum loves! It can really be her hobby to do scrubbing
while watching TV. Tim to smooth rough spots and remove dead skin cells on the feet!


What I like about MIVVA Box, July Edition:
  • Value for money! The total value in this month's box is over RM165++ but I'm only paying RM38 for it! 
  • 3 Full Size Products! Where else can you find such awesome deal? So far, no other beauty box is able to deliver so many full-sized products at one go. 
  • Consistent quality. MIVVA Box had NEVER disappointed me at all over the past few months. MIVVA has been delivering boxes of great quality, and you'd be confident to subscribe for longterm (6 months, or even more!)
What I don't like about MIVVA Box, July Edition:
  • Nothing at all! Again? I told you, MIVVA always satisfies my needs! Hopefully next month will be another great surprise for me.

MIVVA helps women discover beauty. 
If you want to be surprised with deluxe beauty products, MIVVA is a great choice!

Subscribe for a month at RM38 each, 
or RM114 for 3 months with 190 points,
or RM228 for 6 months with 570 points.

More information available at



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