16 August, 2013

Malaya Optical: My Eye Boutique Experience

Many of you who have met me in real life do not know that I have serious shortsightedness. I rely so heavily on contact lenses that nobody notices I actually do wear spectacles...So today I gonna show you my nerdy specky look! 

I have always thought wearing specs is so uncool, so nerdy for the past 15 years!
Until now I found the most trendy, chic styles of wearing specs at Malaya Optical...

Speaking bout the history of Malaya Optical, I was astonished to know that it was founded since year 1957 even before Malaysia was formed. The oldest optical shop I've ever encountered. Yet the stocks are all so up-to-date and fashionable!

Meet the Designer Eyewear Labels from around the world...

At Malaya Optical, they have unique individual glasses that are specially prescribed for unique individuals--- For those who want to be seen, not hidden, behind their glasses. That's why you see a huge variety of designer eyewear here.

If you are looking for something different for your eyes, here's the right place ;)

Andy Wolf



Spectacles with straight arms are too mainstream,
how about something inspired by the shape of butterfly?

This is my first time seeing over hundreds of designs and thousands of colour combinations. Now how can I say wearing spec is uncool anymore! I particularly love the cat-eyes glasses from Andy Wolf--- black boldness with light purple shading on the sides.



Some designer eyewear brands they carry include Lafont, BYWP, Parasite, Andy Wolf, BOZ, Parasite, Masakit, Aha, Dutz, Beneton, Charment, Derrapage, GF Ferre, Haus Mark, Levis, Lotto, Manish Arora, Meyham, Mode, Moschino, Oakley, Oval Takumi, Romeo Gigli, Rodenstock, Public, Staffan Preutz, Infinity, Ted Baker, Victor & Rolf, Vogue, Zottes, Zoobug and more...

We met the boss behind this successful shop, Mr. Ryan Ho, the third generation successor of Malaya Optical. He prides for his qualification and experience as Professional Optometrist. Many of their Professional Optometrist had also been clinical supervisors of local university for many years. 

Malaya Optical also carries a state-of-the-art eye profile machine, which is normally used in hospitals but rarely found in Malaysia. Being one of the certified Optometrist in Malaysia, you can do eye check-ups here for any eye complications.

Unlike those in the shopping malls, the eye consultation room here is very spacious and fulfills the size of international requirement. Mostly likely then not, if you name it, Malaya Optical has got it! ;) 

It's Time for Sunglasses!
The sunnies collection has even more varieties than the eyewear! I took a hard time to pick my favourite pair....well, why not trying them first?

Some of the Branded Sunglasses they carry are Gucci, Dior, Prada, Fendi, Tag Heuer, Marc Jacobs, CK, Guess, Coach, Armani, Hugo Boss, Porsche, Bvlgari, DKNY, Rudy Project, Killer Loop, FCUK, Levis, Elle, Miu Miu, Police, Ferragamo, Polo, Rayban, Polarize, UV Protection, Fit Overs, Tommy Hilfiger, Esprit, BurBerry, Chelsea, Vivien West Wood, French Connection, Bonia, Ralph Lauren, Swissflex, Wolfgang Proksch, Mykita, Coppe Sid, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, J.F.Rey, Calvin Klein, Whiteout & Glare , Blackfin, Less Than Human, Undostrial, Tag Heuer, Markus T, Mochino, and many more..

Aviator? Oval? Rectangle? Which suits me the best?

I love the design from Bonia and bright colours from Coach!

Latest in store is the Paris Hilton 2013 Collection, comprising 10 different styles and colours that come in limited quantity. The thin arms in gold are engraved with the brand name Paris Hilton itself.

P. for Paris
During the eye styling experience, I learn to choose sunglasses that reflect and reinforce my face shape and personality. You can come and experience the genuine feel for quality of uncompromising standards =) 

Malaya Optical also carries a wide range of prescription lenses such as
Zeiss, Sola, Hoya, Summit Pro, Essilor, Varilux, Transition, Photochromatic, Polarize etc. 

The price of the eye pieces here ranges from RM3xx to RM2xxx, 
but of course there are loads of promotions, sales and special offers for Sunglasses, Contacts Lenses and Branded Frames! Stalk Malaya Optical's Facebook (fb.com/malayaoptical) for latest news!

Spotted: Malaya Optical is Amber Chia's trusted optometrist

At the end of the day, I've learned so much about eyewear and picked one pair of sunglasses home
to pamper myself too! Will keep you posted about the pair of shades I chose...

Malaya Optical 's Professional Optometrist is located at Damansara Uptown. Definitely an one-stop-centre for Designer Eyewear, Branded Sunglasses, Contact Lens, Sunglasses and all well-known brands. For your convenience, there are also two outlets around SS15 Subang and KL City Centre. 

For more information about Malaya Optical, visit:

Malaya Optical
71, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7728 0228 / 603-7710 8500 

SS15, Subang  603-5631 3328
China Town, KL 603-2027 5601

Business Hours:
Mon - Sat: 10:30am - 9:00pm
Sun: 10:30am - 7:00pm


  1. The specs and glasses looks so trendy, this post reminded me that i need to change my prescription glasses :(

  2. Blogwalking here. Hi!

    Wow a lot of cool glasses. They have interesting names too. For me, Parasite looks the coolest.

    And it seems like a lot of the glasses suit you. Hahaa.

    Happy weekend!

  3. cool eye wears, in my case i love nerdy glasses

  4. Nice! Love the Paris Hilton Sunnies!!!

  5. wow the butterfly glasses so unique!!! :P

  6. Being shortsighted is so mafan!
    But thank God for those modern and cool looking frames these days!

  7. Beautiful collection!! I love all the patterns of the frames. I want a good pair of these types of shades to cover my eyes as I am a contact lens wearer.

  8. all the wonderful eyes collections.

  9. Yes, its very nice collection of branded designer eyewear. I love branded sunglasses and their frame patterns they give me unique and beautiful look. You are looking very nice in above designer sunglasses, they suits on your face.

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