04 August, 2013

Review: Rich Lashes Extension @ Pink Passion, Sunway Mas Commercial Centre

In the process of Rich Lashes Extension...

Do you want to transform your eye lashes into greater length and volume? Well, I want! Lashes extension technology had been in town since 10 years ago, but this is my first time doing my virgin rich lashes extension at Pink Passion.

True to its name, this pink beauty parlour is established since 8 years ago by an experienced lady boss to deliver beauty services for customers from far and near. It is highly recommended by many blogger friends, so I decided to give it a try.

The place is very easy to find, just adjacent to the LDP Highway near to the huge furniture shop but locating the shop is a little tricky coz I rarely go to this place. Use a GPS or you should pay more attention on the road signs. 

The shop has an open hall and few treatment rooms 
with soothing music playing in the background of the warm ambiance. 

Between a choice of Rich Lashes Extension and Dramatic Lashes Extension,
I chose the former one with medium length. Recommended for girls who:

1. Are not used to wearing fake lashes
2. Prefer natural look 
3. Love basic makeup

This is me, right after the treatment. The process took approximately 45 minutes, 
all I had to go was to close my eyes and let the beautician do the magic on me. 

The effect (without makeup in this picture!) is just like wearing falsies, which is quite dramatic for me! Lol. The lashes are not too long or too thick, and I wouldn't feel uncomfortable after wearing it (including for bath, bed, etc)...

They also provides lashes longer than this! Feel free to inquire further before making your decision, because sometimes greater length may be a little heavier to the eyes. I have been wearing them for a week now and it feels totally good. Great to look pretty at the same time being comfortable =)

Here's the closeup look of the lashes. 

It looks so natural as if I am born with long lashes! The therapist told me that with proper care and maintenance, it can last up to 2 months without having to do any touch-up. Amazing? Meaning that I can sleep and wake up with pretty eyes everyday haha. 

--Top View--

--Bottom View--

How To Maintain The Lashes? 
**Important especially for beginners / first-timers**

1. Don't rub your eyes! Although the glue wouldn't come off easily, but rubbing your eyes will damage the original lashes and affect the falsies as well. 
2. Don't use high speed or hot shower! Temperature and strength of water will affect the glue.
3. Don't use cotton pads on face! I love using cotton pads to apply makeup removers, toners etc, but if you're not careful, the cotton will stuck in between lashes. 
4. Don't pull your lashes! That's the most obvious one, don't ever get itchy-handed to play with the lashes. Excessive force will pull off the original lashes.

Besides the signature Silk Lashes Extension and Rich Lashes Extension, other treatments available at Pink Passion include Body Massage, Body Scrub, Herbal Compress, Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi, Ear Candling, and different varieties of Facial, Slimming and Bust Treatments.

This shop is very famous among the press and magazines! Satisfaction guaranteed =)

Exclusive For You! 

ohFISHiee.com readers will get a special price discount. 
With the below voucher, each treatment is only RM88 instead of normal price RM228. 
AND within 7 days you can return to the shop to do touch-up for FREE.

Just print the voucher and redeem it at the respective outlet =)
Have fun with the lashes!
Pink Passion
37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
603-7805 7285
Fax: 603-7805 7286

Email: maggie@pinkpassion.com.my


  1. Hi Fish,
    The lash extensions look absolutely great on you and they seem so much nicer than temporary falsies which can sometimes look a bit too much. Pink Passion did a really nice job - yours are so pretty (not to say that your originals aren't pretty either) and natural. I'm so tempted but I wear contact lenses. Do you think this would be okay? I think you are wearing lenses but I'm not sure.
    I've always been curious about these. Thanks so much for this review!

  2. I'm getting my extensions in September :D can't wait!

  3. Very nice leh! I also hope I have long lashes LOL!
    BTW, what will happen after 2 months? Will it drop?

  4. wah can last for 2 months, that is awesome.


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