01 August, 2013

10 Raya Tips: Prepping, Cooking, Shopping

Raya Makin Ceria dengan Nurul Wahab!

Raya is just around the corner, and it’s time for that holiday rush! I know that prepping, cooking and shopping for that wonderful time of year may be a bit daunting, so here to share with you some tips is SKINZ Infinite Ambassador Nurul Wahab Depp. Check out her top 10 Raya tips, courtesy of SKINZ Infinite below! 
TIPS #1. Water Is The Medicine
Drinking plenty of water during the night and at Sahur is essential: sodas and carbonated drinks will merely agitate your skin and cause dryness.

TIPS #2. Recall for Youth
When you’re fasting, keeping the face supple and moisturized can be a challenge. Use SKINZ Infinite’s Youth Recall Serum to ensure soft and bouncy skin. Follow with SKINZ Infinite’s Youth Recall Day Moisturizer for a lasting moisturizing effect. 

TIPS #3. Control, control! 
Raya is a time of feasting for all of us, but don’t overdo it! Avoid fatty and oily foods for at least 30 days after Bulan Puasa is over. This way, you’ll also avoid stomach problems and damage to your skin. 

TIPS #4. Clean, tone, fix!
When Maghrib is over and it’s time for bed, get rid of the day’s grime and your makeup with these 4 items: start with the Deep Moist Cleansing Foam, clarify your skin with the HydraPlenish Glacier Toner, follow it with the Youth Recall Serum, and finish with the SKINZ Infinite Nightfix Replenishing Cream.
TIPS #5. It’s time to splurge! 
Raya shopping can be so fun, but spend wisely when you prepare for the festive days. Buy what you need and not what you want.

TIPS #6. Look radiant and flawless!
Ramadhan and Raya is a period that is said to bring out the radiant side of you. Enhance that bright look with makeup, but avoid foundation by replacing it with SKINZ UV White’s BB Cream, which covers your imperfections and doubles as a protector for your makeup.

TIPS #7. Let’s not forget about food for Raya. 
While you may be stressed about what sort of cookies to serve your guests, why not consider other kueh such as cakes, cupcakes or brownies? So unique! 

TIPS #8. Don’t rush the food.
Worried that there may not be time to cook great dishes? Try cooking key parts of traditional dishes, such as rendang a few days ahead of schedule. Then freeze and take out when ready to serve.

TIPS #9. Clothes clothes clothes! 
Raya clothes shopping is one of the fun activities during this time of year. When choosing your baju, don’t just go for the trends. Buy clothes that fit your shape and are comfortable for long days spent at open houses!

TIPS #10. Open house etiquette! 
Sampling the food at an open house is a very important ritual that must be honored. Make sure to at least nibble your host’s spread even if you’re full from dining all day!

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  1. Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Holidays to you & Family! :)

  2. happy holidays to u and family. Looking at that wide spread of food, making me wanna eat buffet.

  3. Nice tips! but i get distracted with the food pictures... haha

  4. wow, it's just one more week till hari raya. hope u have an enjoyable time during this celebration :D

  5. With all the good food in front of us, how to control, control oooooooh?



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