05 September, 2013

Review: The Smurf Strawberry Lip Balm

Hello, Smurfette!

*knock knock* I just received a super duper CUTE gift, specially delivered to my doorstep!  Lip balms are common everywhere, I have tried many with colour, without colour, with flavour, without flavour, etc. But this is my first time seeing such adorable one. 

This year, The Smurfs 2 is back by popular demand after the successful production of The Smurfs in 2011. And I'm proud to be one of The Smurfs limited edition merchandise owner now. 

*give a peck on Smurfette's cheek* =) 

Always beware of counterfeit products and know how to differentiate them from the real ones. But no worries, my Smurf Strawberry Lip Balm is claimed 100% Original under the license by Lotta Luv LLC.

Time to unwrap the lovely stick! 

Like any other lip balm, it helps to keep your lips moistured and more kissable. But what makes The Smurf Strawberry Lip Balm so special is its delicious sweet scent and aromatic honey-like taste!

Now I know why some of my friends are dying to own this limited edition hotseller. The lip balm itself is tomato red in color, and tastes extra yummy on the lips. I think whenever I am craving for big fat strawberries from Cameron Highlands, I can just smack on some strawberry lip balm to satisfy my cravings! 

Rest assured, besides the moisturizing effect, there is no color stain on the lips ya =) 

1. A great value buy as a collectible
2. Perfect gift for your girl friends and family especially kids / teenagers!
3. Smells good, tastes good, looks good, what else can I ask for? =)

Where Can I Buy This?
The Smurf Strawberry Lip Balm (0.15oz / 4.2gram) is available at Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store where you can purchase through their online store at www.supermodel-secrets.blogspot.com. The best thing is, they ship internationally!! 

If you're residing in Klang Valley area, feel free to drop by at their store at:
First Floor, 41A, Jln SS 15/4B, 47600 Subang Jaya.
(Same row as Secret Recipe & Herbs N Foods)

For latest updates, don't forget to visit them on Facebook (fb.com/Supermodel-Secrets).

Are you tempted to try one? OnlyBeauty.com.my is having a 100 Lip Balm Giveaway now! 
It's time for you to win one to try :)

To stand a chance of winning, don't forget to join as a member at www.onlybeauty.com.my by registering an account, then keep stalking www.facebook.com/OnlyBeautyMalaysia :for latest updates!

Smurfette said: "What are you still waiting for me? Quick, bring me home!"
For more information about the giveaway, kindly visit www.onlybeauty.com.my! =)


  1. Wahh...The Smurfs!! So cute o...

  2. Now that's interesting! I should recommend it to my friends! Thanks! XD

  3. It's so cartoonist lip balm. At 1st glance it look alike a glue stick, somemore pakaging with Smurf kakaka

  4. Went onto onlybeauty.com but can't get where's the giveaway :(


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