13 October, 2013

Malu Wilz Malaysia: Professional Skincare & Cosmetics

MALU WILZ Beauté is not just another commercial cosmetics brand we're looking for. It is a medium-ranged German brand, available exclusively in Malaysia for professional beauty salons and beauty institutes. All the ranges are solely produced in Germany, in best formula, quality and technology.

Mrs Claudia Steinberger, the Managing Director of MALU WILZ Beauté  
was in KL to share with us the brand portfolio, followed by a simple makeup workshop.

Being the market leader in decorative cosmetics and Germany's beauty salons, MALU WILZ has a wide basic range of makeup products as well as the latest fashion color range for more advanced use. I was excited to play with the full range of decorative cosmetics during the media session!

Spotted some of my favourites there, especially the luminizing finish powder.
It is so creamy, shimmery and adds shine to the complexion. 

I know I'm far from being a proper makeup artist for myself, but I'm glad that I can learn some tips from Mrs Jutta Stukenborg, trainer and seminar director of Academy of Beauty and Hair, Care and Decorative Cosmetics Malu Wilz, Germany. 

MALU WILZ uses the strength of minerals for feather make-up products that can hardly be felt and yet long-lasting, named the "Just Mineral" products- Ranging from mineral fluid foundation and bronzing powder for flawless skin, to baked eyeshadow and dramatic look mascara for the electrifying eyes. 

The makeup tutorial presented by Mrs Stukenborg was a mere 10 minutes, but the end result 
was truly impressive. The pretty model looked even more stunning after the makeover!

One of the bestselling products is the MALU WILZ Beauté Camouflage, which is my personal favourite upon the first try. It acts like a perfect spot corrector, or concealer, creating a flawless complexion.

So far I have not encountered any commercial brands that can cover serious skin conditions so perfectly. It can be mixed with any foundation to increase the coverage and changes the shade. Suitable for severe redness and ultra sensitive skin. I can now use them to cover my dark eye bags too!
Catered specially for the professionals, let's see how the MALU WILZ color cosmetics 
work wonders from bridal makeup to party look!

My favourite is the Pastel Garden makeup! It's so sweet-looking and perfect for any occasion :)

Perfect makeup and unbeatable level of comfort, specially brought from this German company.

MALU WILZ has also a good range of skincare such as special cabin products and innovative new products for professional use. We managed to get our hands on the bestselling skincare, Hyaluronic Max3 series, for triple hydration and intensive moisture. 

Hyaluronic Max3 Cream Soft (top left) is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin.
It pampers the skin with long-lasting moisture and reduces visible wrinkles and fine lines. 

On the other hand, Hyaluronic Max3 Cream Rich (top right) delivers an added boost of rich emollents 
for intensive moisture with an anti-aging advantage. Suitable to be used as a night cream for very dry skin.

Here are some ampoules we got to bring home and try.The Hydro Control Ampoule (Blue) can be used in the evening as night skincare as it nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, whereas Stress Control Ampoule (Pink) is significantly effective to reduce stress! (Really?) Best to use at night after a long day work.

For more information about MALU WILZ, kindly visit:

International Website: www.maluwilz.com


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