12 October, 2013

Eugene Perma Paris in Malaysia

This post is dedicated to the hair we love...

Eugene Perma, the first independent French company to focus exclusively on hair coloring and treatment, is present in over 56 countries worldwide, and recently it landed on the shore of Malaysia. Speaking of professional hair products from Paris, undeniably L'Oreal leads the market, and Eugene Perma comes next. 

Being a hair coloring and treatment specialist since 1918, Eugene Perma offers high-performing products made in France with the adaptation of latest technological advances and fashion trends to cater for different needs. Expanding its position in Asia recently, it has loads of specially curated products for us, Asians! 

This brand is brought into Malaysia by Elphidos, and used exclusively in professional hair salons. If you're operating a hair salon and wish to bring your customer a whole new experience, then Eugene Perma may be in your shortlist.

The recent media session with Eugene Perma introduced us to the renowned brand 
and its international technical manager, Mr. Laurent Gallet from France.

Take a sip on the refreshing lemon peppermint drinks, and enjoy the demonstration!

Eugene Perma's Essentiel product line focuses on natural formulas through the NAT3 system, a combination of active ingredients extracted from plant, marine and mineral. That makes it 100% safe, and easier to be absorbed by the hair and scalp. ESSENTIEL has different series to meet different needs:

1. Purifying
Best for purifying and regulating OILY scalp, absorbing sebum and improving cuticle surface

Beauty Tips: Always massage your scalp gently before rinsing the product. 
Strong massage may stimulate more sebum excretion and worsen the scalp condition. 

I was trying the green-colored Dermo-Purifying Mask that is applied on the scalp after wash.
Thick yet soothing to the scalp, I love the cooling sensation it gives =)

2. Nourishing
The hair bath, nourishing masks and serum are specially for SENSITIVE hair.

3. Colour Protection
This series enhances the shine of your hair color. 
For non-coloured hair, you can also use this to add softness and make detangling easier for your hair. 

4. Hydrating
The hydrating fluid haircare product smells rosy and feels light like lotion!
Mr Laurent showed us the proper application of Dermo Hydrating Fluid along with scalp massage.

5. Anti-Aging

6. Exfoliating (For Dry and Oily Hair)
It feels extra cooling with a minty sensation for the scalp!

7. Stimulating (For Hair Loss)
For those who experience hair loss but refuse to go for professional treatments that cost a bomb, you can try the Intensive Anti-Hair Loss Programme, where you apply the prescribed dose of cooling liquid onto your scalp. 

8. Protection (For Healthy, Shiny, Smooth Hair)

Besides hair care, Eugene Perma also delivers a high performance coloration line with the "Made in France" quality specially for Asian hair. I know my dark hair is too stubborn to absorb light color, but KERA Color makes it possible by ensuring 100% consistent coverage and vibrant, long-lasting result with its ultra concentrated coloring. 

The pretty model in the middle had just done her hair coloring using KERA Color few hours ago! 

For styling purposes, the Artist(e) line is perfect for everyday styling and designed for precision effects. Now everyone can invent, create and reveal your personal style through its 4 star segments: Create, Style, Fix and Finish. 

Here are more demonstrations on hair styling and scalp massage.

Overall, it was a fun workshop learning about Eugene Perma's Essentiel, KERA Color, and Artist(e)!


  1. Have a great weekend ahead!!! =]

  2. I would like to have this product at my salon. How and who should I contact?

  3. I would like to have this product at my salon. How and who should I contact?


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