30 November, 2013

Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink + Giveaway

Aging is the secret killer in every woman, don't you agree? I used to think that makeups can conceal all the flaws, but no, not for dark circles. I don't usually put thick makeups, but the dark circles are so visible and they just don't go away no matter how well I eat, sleep and rest.

I know the dark circles can only be removed from within--- from the body and blood itself. Therefore, I choose BerryBright Eye Nourishing Drink that helps to improve eyesight and reduce dark circles. Don't get me wrong, BerryBright is not only for those with poor eyesight, in fact it is suitable for both young and old for the best of the eyes!

Here are 6 symptoms that show you need BerryBright! And I already hit 4 of us =( As we grow older (ahem, although I'm not that old yet), our eyes tend to get dry, tired and sensitive more easily. Plus, nowadays I believe each of us owns a smartphone which we cannot live without. So....no way to say No to BerryBright, right?

Oh no... are you at risk of developing an eye problem? I think I am! 

What Is Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink?

Being a health supplement, it is a functional eye nourishing drink that is packed with
powerful natural antioxidants, vital nourishment and protection that "heals" your eyes. 
You must be wondering what "magic" does Berry Bright do to our eyes!

Here you go... Understand more about your eyes.

Berry Bright helps to:
• Reduce eye fatigue and relieves symptoms like dryness, irritation, pain and blurred vision.
• Reduce dark circles and improves blood circulation around the eyes.
• Prevent eye diseases, delaying the onset of presbyopia.
• Improve night vision, short-sightedness and light sensitivity.
• High in antioxidants protect from free radical damage.

Why Cassis Berry?
....because it is very high in antioxidants! The active Cassis Extract 35 is yielded from the premium Cassis berries in New Zealand. One tonne of the fruits will only yield 2 kilograms of the extract. Imagine how precious they are!

BerryBright also contains 4 types of unique anthocyanins for eye health!

Anthocyanins found in Blackcurrants help in fighting against cardiovascular disease,
eyestrain and urinary infections amongst many other health problems.  

Each box of BerryBright comes in 20 sachets, completed with detailed product information, nutritional facts and instructions at the back of the box.

I love the prepacked sachets that allow me to consume them anytime anywhere. In fact, the preparation is very easy and convenient. All you need to do is to just mix the powder with 150ml of water and stir wellRemember to drink it immediately to avoid oxidation

Step #1 Open the sachet, and you'll find the sandy-colored powder.

Step #2 Pour water into the glass, either warm or cold it doesn't matter.

Step #3 Be sure to stir quickly because the powder clumps up very fast.

Step #4 Drink it immediately! 

To my delight, it tastes like a healthy version of Ribena! Less sweet and sour, but tastes refreshing on the palate. If you are a fan of citrus juice, you'd definitely love this too.

For the best enjoyment, you can always prepare an icy cool Berry Bright eye nourishing drink.
It's great as a thirst quencher too!

I just started consuming BerryBright for a few days, and am already looking forward to seeing the improvements on my eyes and area surrounding them! Hope to say goodbye to dark circles in few months time!

The BerryBright ingredients and how they work...

Let's protect our eyes, maintain a healthy eyesight and enjoy the beauty of life! Do you know that 80% of blindness and serious visual loss around the world is avoidable through prevention or treatment? Prevention is always better than cure, don't let the eye diseases dominate your life. Time to make a change from now...

You can get the products online at www.berrybright.my, with available delivery services nationwide. 
Free shipping to West Malaysia for purchases above RM100. 
Don't forget to pay a visit to BerryBright's booth at the 10th International Health Fair 2013 at Mid Valley Exhibition Center from 20th to 22nd December 2013. There you can meet BerryBright personnel and understand better about eye health. I will be there too!! 


Now...I'm giving away 2 sachets of Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drinks each to 10 readers!

1. Follow the steps below (in the Rafflecopter app)
2. Don't forget to comment below: Why do you want to try Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drinks

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Contest ends on 15 December 2013, 11.59pm (GMT+8)
Winners will need to provide full name, mailing address and mobile number for delivery purposes.

For more information about BerryBright and eye health facts, please visit:
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