06 November, 2013

Craft De Hearts: Customized Accessories

I was hunting for some elegant accessories for my upcoming party, but I did not want to bump into someone who wore the same pieces as mine. So my friend was suggesting me, "Why don't you just customize your very own piece?" 

Very true! There are some blogshops I know who do customizations, but not many suit my taste. Finally I found one and ta-daaa... let me present to you my bracelet, specially handmade by Juliet from Craft De Hearts!

Dollar Luxury - Fluffy Love

I told the shop owner that I wanted something sweet-looking and elegant, preferably in pink and white colour. Her response was pretty quick, and I received the picture of the first draft within 1-2 days. Using faux pearls and little charms with diamante, the bracelet features a heart-shaped chain with a huge Coach heart charm. It looks so pretty, what more could I ask for? 

This is truly inspired by the fanciness of luxury! Then I realised I wanted a matching pair of earrings, 
and she was so generous that she named the item after me!


After watching Fourfeetnine and Timothy's UP themed wedding, I am totally in love with UP. I love the way the earrings are designed into bunches of balloons with a stainless steel house on it.

The lovely faux pearls are just awesome!

At first, I thought the earrings don't really match with the bracelet. And I felt bad for making Juliet to redesign the products for 3-4 times although it should be one of the rights as a customer. Her service was really good, as she was patient and quick. The final design was UP, and I love it!

I was heading for a casual dinner that evening, so I just put them on for a cuter look. 

I was wearing the same pair of earrings and bracelet during one of my partying nights at The Roof too. But I'd be extra careful to not wet them with water or perfume as the chain will tarnish and oxidize. They're so precious that I keep them nicely in my jewellery box, away from sunlight and excessive moisture. If anything goes wrong, Craft De Hearts provides a FREE re-fix for your pieces, you could always email them at craftdehearts@gmail.com

Craft De Hearts does customizations for individuals as well as bulk order for events, bridemaids', wedding and parties. Gift delivery is provided too, so yeah I'm a happy customer, and I'd be back for more!

For more information about Craft De Hearts, visit:
Instagram: @craftdehearts
Twitter: @craftdehearts
Email: craftdehearts@gmail.com

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