17 November, 2013

Delicate Handmade Dim Sum @ Tao Chinese Cuisine, Intercontinental KualaLumpur

After rebranding, Nikko Hotel's Toh Lee Chinese restaurant is now
InterContinental's stylish Tao Chinese Cuisine

TAO 桃 : Peach Blossom

At Tao, the head Chinese chef, Chef Wong Lian You is driving the restaurant towards a more modern direction. There is no definite style of cooking, as long as the traditional Chinese cooking techniques are retained. 

The decor is chic and trendy, and Tao is a unique restaurant that offers an exciting range of food which blends different flavours and tastes. The concept of Tao is simply an approach in the contemporary food scene that blends many different flavours and styles.

Apart from the spacious common dining area, here is one of the 6 dynasty-themed rooms, featuring a dark background accented with splashes of colour from the furnishing and decors. Besides the Chinese banquet menu we enjoyed during Chinese New Year, we also had a  great time with the delicate dim sum here. 

#1 Steamed Crystal Dumplings (黑松露虾饺皇) @ RM16

The contemporary dim sum selection here is meticulously prepared and the food quality has been consistently top-notch. We started with a basket of steaming hot dumplings, where the thin, crystal-clear dumpling skin wraps chunks of prawns and a dollop of black truffles in it. Steamed to juicy perfection, they are good to the last bite.

#2 Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumplings (上素石榴饺) @ RM11

Honestly I am not a fan of vegetarian dumplings but incorporate juicy mushrooms in it and I am sold. The translucent dumpling skin is thin and chewy yet strong enough to hold the mass of finely-chopped, juicy mushrooms. This vegetarian variant is to-die-for.

After the steamed dim sum, we tasted the crispy hot delicacies that take the limelight of the lunch. The concept of Tao can easily be seen in this Deep Fried Black Pepper Smoked Duck Roll, where sweet potato and smoked duck are wrapped with melting cheese before being breaded with crispy crumbs.

 #3 Deep Fried Black Pepper Smoked Duck (芝士黑椒烟鸭甜薯___) @ RM17

Incorporated with subtle tweaks like black pepper and cheese, the taste of the duck
is unexpectedly good while retaining its hints of smokiness.

Equally memorable for their consistent freshness and clear flavours are the soft shell crab spring rolls. The ingredients are mixed together and the taste is rich. Even the soft shell crab filling is very crispy. It certainly is something you must try when you visit the restaurant.

#4 Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Spring Rolls (软壳蟹春卷皇) @ RM18

#5 Deep Fried Mashed Taro (蜂巢泥芋角) @ RM12

Other unexpected gem that scored with us include the deep fried yam. It has everything going for it in terms of texture, taste and look. I like the pastry for its harmonious balance of light and dense textures. Airy crispy textures rule in the deep-fried yam pastry with a mixture of seafood, chicken and vegetables filling.

1. When it comes to dim sum, the competition is steaming hot as it is everyone's favourite food. Although not many can do well, but Tao serves one of the best steamed, baked and fried dough-based dim sum items.
2. If you're looking for some delicate dim sum with luxurious touch, Tao Chinese Cuisine is definitely worth visiting. 

Tao Chinese Cuisine 桃
Level 1 
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2782 6128
Fax: 603-2710 8067
Email: tao@intercontinental-kl.com.my

Business Hours
Mon-Fri: 12noon - 2.30pm / 6.30pm -10.30pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays11.00am - 2.30pm / 6.30pm -10.30pm


  1. It' has been long time I didn't have any dim sum. Nice dim sum and the restaurant interior design is very nice and cosy.


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