02 December, 2013

Hair Depot Malaysia by K Care Salon

Whether you have the perfectly silky smooth hair or completely dry and frizzy hair, all you need for the best hair solution is a great product that suits your hair and scalp conditions the most. Unfortunately, we don't understand what our hair needs and often use the wrong products. For myself, I am a Schwarzkopf loyal user, but the series I'm using might not suit me the best. That's why I was here at Hair Depot to seek professional help!

With 7 outlets in Klang Valley, Hair Depot is an authorized dealer for over 8,000 products of guaranteed quality and best pricing. I am amazed with the wide array of hair products from home to professional use. It is indeed an one-stop centre where you can find any brand under one roof! 

They offer Malaysia’s most popular professional hair care brands including L’Oreal, Redken, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Nioxin, Bain de Terre, Joico, Senscience, JS, Kadus, Shiseido, Arimino, Midori, Number Three, Milbon, Lisap Milano and many more.

Shampoo and Conditioner
MOO! The eye-catching moisture and nourishing shampoo are ready to rescue your untamed hair!

Most of the products here come in various sizes from the convenient travel size to huge economic size that suits both saloon and home use. Here I found plenty of brands which I haven't come across before, and they are selling them at a discount of the original prices! 

Have you heard of Hair Botox? It can make your hair and scalp younger again! 
Meet the Erayba HydraKer K11 Keratin Hair Botox that revives your hair's youth and natural beauty. 

Leave-In and Treatment
 My dry and dull hair is looking for something that nourishes deep into the root. I bet nothing could be better than the most sought-after L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil that is frequently featured in top beauty magazines and blogs!

With these Hair Tonic with Biotin 1 and 2, let's say goodbye to hair loss and brittle hair!

Colorful REDKEN Hair Care Products 

Redken is one of the renowned American brands, and I'm amazed by the full collection that Hair Depot has there. If you're a fan too, you wouldn't want to miss the great discount for purchases of more than 1 item. This brand alone already makes me undecided on which to grab!

That's why it's time for me to listen to the professional consultant with Jean and Kahmon. The pretty staff (I admire her silky long hair!) here are very informative as if they have tried all the products and are well-equipped with the knowledge of each item in store. 

Scalp Care Solutions

Hair Depot also provides Scalp Consultation Service, in which I learn that my scalp is oily and dry.
I better start doing something about it before it's too late! Thank you girls for the advice =)

Having beautiful hair and healthy scalp are no longer impossible with Midori Professional Scalp Balance Shampoo 1 with Biotin (300ml) and Scalp Balance Hair Mask 1 (300ml). I have gotten each of them home and for the past 3 weeks, they are doing great on my hair! It's significantly healthier deep from the root towards the end :)

Professional Chemical Products
Cab's Professional Polyphenol Perm Product Series

This is also my personal favourite! With the professional advice from the staff at Hair Depot, I can buy this 2-step hair chemical for DIY rebonding at home. The product costs only RM70, which is a fraction of the hair straightening service at a saloon. What a great bargain!

Apart from hair products, Hair Depot promises to pamper you with other accessories from
head to toe. Body care products as well as makeup accessories are available in the house too :)

Hair Chalk! Are you a fan of them too? They're extra cool for parties and special occasions. 
Love all the 12 colours here, perhaps I should try doing some rainbow hair soon!

Besides learning about the products, we are pampered with a hair styling session too.
Let's camwhore while waiting for our turns to transform our hair into goddess look!

Time for lunch break from Little Wonton with Audrey and Isabel. 

Hair Styling Session: Have FUN with Curls!
Hair Depot also caters a wide range of hair styling products from hair dryer, straightening to curler of different sizes and specifications. Babes, the pink hair curler is something to die for!

Latest in town is the automatic hair curler that is so expert in doing professional curls! Just put a strand of hair into the curler and it will 'suck' in your hair automatically then produce bouncy waves that every girls will certainly love!! I have seen online stores selling similar products at almost RM1k but here this brand is priced at only RM280++. I can feel my hand is already itching to bring it home!

High speed, high power hair drying tools for home and professional use.

Thanks to the stylist from K Care Salon, let's see what happens to my ever straight hair!

I tried doing it myself but failed. Anyway, I'm loving the natural curls here!

Jean's (most left at the bottom) beautiful tight curls are done by the latest automatic hair curler!
I wish I can try using that miraculous curler too :) 

Don't forget to apply for membership at Hair Depot to enjoy exclusive discounts and deals!

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This hair session is made possible by the collaboration 


  1. i'm incredibly surprised to read this and know that it's (finally?) opened! lol. i've passed by it loads in the past and it was always closed. can't wait to check it out now! thanks for writing this review! :D

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