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05 May, 2014

Mother's Day Celebration with Borneo Soap

Hi! Mother's Day is around the corner; Any ideas of rewarding your beloved Mother yet? In conjunction to this very special day, Borneo Soap has recently invited me and Mama for a pampering day out with good food, luxurious spa and great companions.

Yours truly and my cute Mama :)

Frankly, Borneo Soap is something new to me. I've seen all sorts of brands that claim their products are organic and natural but none of them is as great as Borneo Soap. Reason? Because the story of Borneo Soap begins deep in the world's oldest rainforest. 

It uses premium native ingredients from Borneo Rainforest which have been long practised by the indigenous people in their bath and beauty rituals since centuries ago. These skin-loving ingredients are traditionally proven for thier healing, therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. 

Amin, the charming ambassador of Borneo Soap gave us a brief introduction on the brand, and its philosophy in creating high-quality handcrafted soaps infused with natural ingredients and traditional beauty formulations. Borneo Soap aims to share with the world about the goodness of trees and plants so long used by rural natives.

To date, Borneo Soap has created over 10 types of naturally handcrafted soaps for facial, body and feminine hygiene care. And all of them are made of age-old botanical ingredients using a naturally aging process to retain the natural goodness of the ingredients. 

From the Bario Rice harvested in the highlands by the Kelabit tribe, to the Sago used by the Melanau people of Mukah, all these ingredients are what Borneo Soap takes pride of. And the indigenous secrets towards beauty is now being shared all around the world.

The products are enriched with essential oils, goat's milk and vitamins too,
making them rare gems to be treasured and luxuriously enjoyed daily.

The staff was demonstrating the soap cutting process.

The vintage gadget looks so cool right?

From blending and mixing the ingredients to drying and shaping the soaps, the process takes more than 21 days, resulting in premium quality products. The handcrafted soaps may have uneven surfaces, but they are all marked with the Borneo Soap seal adding to the uniqueness of each bar. 

Each soap is individually packaged, labelled and packed into cartons
before being transported locally and exported to overseas.

After the product demonstration, we girls had a fun time chatting with each other,
while our Moms were on cloud nine to receive bouquets of roses from Amin!

Thanks for the little bouquet for Mama that brightened up her day ;)

Borneo Soap was so thoughtful in giving gifts not only for our Moms, but for the bloggers too. My cupcake was printed with a fish logo and my blog name on it T___T Feel so happy and appreciate the great effort!

It's Fun Time! Borneo Soap Slipper Catwalk Competition commenced, and I won a consolation prize :)

A group picture before we headed for lunch :)

Following the lunch at Starhill Gallery, we then proceeded to a full pampering session, at Ritz Carlton hotel just a stone throw away. If you do not already know, Spa Village in Ritz Carlton Hotel is a luxury spa retreat in the midst of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Famed for its exquisite rooms and ultimately great services, Mom and I were delighted to try it!

Here East meets West; new meets old, delivering a unique experience of indulging your senses and easing both mind and body.

Time to have great bonding time with Mama! 

Paying tribute to the cultural diversity and rich healing heritage of the area, Spa Village blends ancient practices with modern, using natural local ingredients to provide a blissful relaxation and recovery opportunity. 

The rates here were rather steep, and I was lucky that Borneo Soap granted this opportunity for us to enjoy a luxurious massage treatment. Both of us were led to a couple room, where there were two massage beds, private washroom and an outdoor shower area with jacuzzi.

Garden by the room with shower area and jacuzzi

The treatment for ladies began with a classic deluxe massage, followed by an indigenous Papaya Gentle Body Scrub to exfoliate the skin. During the massage treatment, our body was rubbed with specially blended Purifying Body Oil to enhance beauty, restore energy and relax the body.

You can pick any of the body massage oils of your choice :) 

Upon finishing, we headed to the garden for shower using Borneo Soap Barli Sarawak soap bar. It was my first time experiencing Borneo Soap and I loved the rich herbal scent of the soap! Renowned for its ability to rejuvenate skin with anti-ageing benefits, the soup also helps firm, tighten and exfoliate the skin. 

Lastly, another group picture after the spa session before we headed home :) 

Although the Mother's Day Appreciation Event with Borneo Soap had come to a close, our journey with Borneo Soap would not just end there. We were able to bring some of the soap bars home and continue our luxurious cleansing experience 

Look what I've got for Mama and myself!

Dabai Sarawak Facial Bar: Moisturizes skin, anti-ageing and combats against acne
Sagu Mukah Facial BarTraditional skin whitening remedy to reduce pigmentation and dark spots
Beras Bario Facial BarRich in minerals derived from rice, gently exfoliate and improve overall appearance

Unpacking the soap, I love the luxurious design of the package! Borneo Soap, as the name suggests, has an iconic tattoo design printed onto the box. Each design resembles the rich flora and fauna in the Borneo Rainforest. 

Look at the soap bar, it is so beautifully crafted into different colors and surfaces, depending on the type of soap. Rectangular in shape, a soap bar of the size of my palm can last me up to a month or two :)

Borneo Soap is currently available at The Skin Topic in The Curve, and will be coming soon to other Skin Topic outlets in Pavilion KL, Ampang Park, Subang Parade, Plaza Damas and more! 

Exclusive deal for you! If you purchase them at Borneo Soap Online Store, come enjoy 10% discount using this coupon code : "borneosoap-Fishupon checkout. Valid till 31st May 2014, be quick!

On top of that, you can buy any 2 Borneo Soap products, and get a Beras Bario 
Body Bath Soap for FREE! Valid till 31st May 2014, and no coupon code needed :)

If you wanna win some goodies from Borneo Soap, 
No purchase is required :)

4 Simple Steps:
1. Follow Borneo Soap on Instagram (
2. Take the most beautiful photo with your mother
3. Caption what your mother means to you. Hashtag #lovemummyborneosoap #fromborneowithlove
4. Upload and share to public!

Winners will be selected based on creativity of the slogan and pose.

Amazing Prizes are awaiting you!

-2 Grand Winners - Luxurious massage session (1/2 hours full body scrub and 1 hour full body massage) at Spa Village, Ritz Carlton for 2 person and a Borneo Soap Gift Bag
- 10 Consolation Winners - Borneo Soap Gift Bag

Contest begins from 1st May to 25th May 2014

For more information, please visit Borneo Soap at The Skin Topic (eCurve outlet) or head to
Instagram: @borneosoap
Twitter: @borneo_soap

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