01 July, 2014

Review: CLIO Cushion CC, Pen Liner Kill Black, Lipnicure

CLIO, a popular hit among the Asians, is better known as the No.1 Korea Eyeliner Brand. It is a line of Korean makeup created by makeup artists, currently available at major drugstores and online shops. Thanks to HiShop Malaysia, this is my first time trying out this brand and playing with all their best-selling items! 

For the face, eyes and lips...

Clio VF21 Cushion C.C 002 Beige @ RM119.90 RM89.90 

Let's begin the makeup on the face using this multifunctional 5-in-1 CC cream-- Whitening, wrinkle repairing, UV blocking, smooth coverage, and moisturizing radiance. As though it is not perfect yet, I'm happy that it can conceal the open pores yet doesn't dry up the skin as it comes in a almost-gel-like creamy texture that moisturizes the skin.

Yay! My uneven skin tone due to long exposure to the sun can now be corrected using this CC cream, and I'm glad that it comes in 2 bright shades (Pink & Beige) that fit almost all Asian skin tones! No worries, it won't appear too 'white' on the skin as it blends well into it.

Frankly, I've tried the similar product from Laneige and Etude House, but I love the CLIO CC Cushion for its more fluid texture that stays on the skin without feeling heavy. On top of that, it is cheapest among all 3 brands! 

Look, my skin has become fairer and smoother after using CLIO Cushion CC! 

So compact, and convenient to bring around, it is great for touch-up anytime anywhere.
If you want a more lasting effect, just set it with powder to have a smooth, radiant complexion :)

Step to use:
1. Open a built-in cap and press the sponge applicator onto the spongy layer of the product to 'soak' it with CC cream (But remember, not too much ya!)
2. Apply a thin layer onto your cheeks, forehead and chin, by patting outwards.
3. Spread to the face border smoothly, to ensure it doesn't become cakey.

Clio Professional Waterproof Pen Liner - Kill Black @ RM55.90 RM45.80

Eye makeup is another form of art. I'm surprised with the effect of the ultra black waterproof liquid eyeliner enhancing our dark Asian iris, creating dramatic eyes in just one stroke.

The best thing about it is its beautiful brush-- its density, sharpness and texture are designed to perfection. It is not too soft that that it goes all over the unintended places, and not too rigid so that it pokes the eyelid.

Of course I love the precise, ultra-fine tapered tip that makes drawing easier, almost effortlessly! However, it would be a perfect liquid liner if it can last longer. Disappointingly the liner smudges after a 4-hour wear.

Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure - 007 Tension Red @ RM55.90 RM44.90

Kissproof, waterproof and touchproof-- It's the tagline of CLIO lipnicure that looks and feels like a nail polish. All you need to do is to stroke the intense red color onto your lips like a nail polish. I love how bold and beautiful the shade is. Plus, it comes in so many exciting colors!! I wanna collect them all 

Look at the vivid color collection, just like manicure!

Made with premium rosehip oil, argan oil and jojoba oil, how can I not love the moisture it gives to the lips? The creamy, vibrant finish on the lips match well with the natural Asian skin tones to create a brighter complexion.

Step To Use:
1. Apply Lipnicure all over lips thinly at once.
2. Remain an open mouth for 30 seconds until Lipnicure dries completely like manicure.
3. Finally, apply top coat such as lip gloss to add shine to the vibrant, plump lips.

You must be wondering why CLIO wants to design it like a nail polish. It's simply because the long-lasting effect is comparable to nail polish, it just won't smudge or highly resistant against sweat and water.

My Verdict:
Overall, I love the combination of matte cushion CC cream and chilli red lipnicure that makes my skin looks fairer and more glowing! :) My impression on CLIO cosmetics is pretty good, and I'd definitely return to HiShop and add my cosmetics collection 
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