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17 May, 2014

Review: Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen SPF15 + Giveaway

Hello sweeties! ♥ It's been awhile since I did a proper makeup review. Although I seldom put on heavy makeup, but my everyday makeup regime must include sunscreen and foundation. My skin needs protection and I will never go out with bare face :) 

BB cream is soooo yesterday, currently I'm using this Mary Kay 8-in-1 CC cream wherever I go... It was released last month, and I quickly got my hands on it. Now I have been using it for a month, and am absolutely loving it. That's why I think it is worth a review from me :)

Start the day simply beautiful with Mary Kay® CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 15. 
 It's the perfect blend of skin care and makeup!

It is an easy complexion corrector that acts like a makeup and is formulated like skincare. Comes in 4 skin-perfecting shades, it is a creamy type of foundation that gives lightweight coverage for a natural, flawless complexion. I find that the texture is just nice, neither too thick nor watery, and it feels 'breathable' on the skin.

I'm using "Very Light" shade, which I find it suitable for our Asian skin tone. Plus, its moisturizing texture also suits both sensitive and acne-prone skin. No worries, the coverage is smooth and non-oily!

Convenience is definitely what you'll get from this CC cream as it works perfectly as foundation and sunscreen. This small pump tube is always inside my bag so that I can easily reapply it during day and night.

Why Mary Kay CC Cream?

.....because it delivers 8 benefits in 1 step!  It's like an effortless start to a hot summer's day - don't feel like your makeup is sliding off but that you are a natural beauty! Love it for creating a nude, no-makeup look.

My main concerns are often my dry skin with open pores, dark circles and red spots. And I need Mary Kay CC Cream to conceal my imperfections, reduce the visibility of pores, and most importantly to correct my uneven skin let's see how it works!

Just apply evenly to entire face and blend gently 15 minutes before sun exposure to achieve good protection. If you stay outdoors for long hours, make sure you apply at least every 2 hours. Another good thing is, it doesn't 'melt' away easily and able to create a natural-looking glow.

.....After applying Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen SPF15

BONUS: Some makeup tips from Mary Kay for the perfectly flawless complexion!

The skin looks extra smooth after I set it with loose powder!

I love the product! It is really essential to have a personal sunscreen that truly makes you feel like yourself. No stickines, just matte and soft smooth complexion. Plus, I am confident with this reputable brand, Mary Kay which has over 40 years of product improvement history.

#1 Good, longlasting coverage, with lightweight texture that moisturizes the skin up to 10 hours.
#2 Nice color that blend beautifully on Asian skin and able to conceal 80% of blemishes and dark circles.
#3 Rating: 5/5 ♥ Repurchase? Yes! It's retailing at only RM75, definitely a great steal.

If you wanna try out Mary Kay cosmetics, why not get a beauty makeover from a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant? You can stand a chance to join Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Model Search Contest and win a trip to Hong Kong and U.S.!

Mary Kay 2014 Dream Beautiful Model Search Contest
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Step 2: Authorize your Independent Beauty Consultant to upload your photos and personal information.
Step 3: Approve your entry via email.
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Contest ends on 30 June 2014.
Visit the contest page at for more details :) 

GOOD NEWS! I'm giving away 3 sets of Mary Kay cosmetics-
Each winner will get 1 Mary Kay At Play™ Jelly Lip Gloss + 1 Baked Eye Trio!

Question: "What is your beauty dream and why?"
Just comment your answer below together with your name and valid email address,
and I'll pick 3 best comments. Giveaway ends on 31 May 2014.

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  1. My beauty dream is having pretty skin care, no acne no breakout, because beauty is everything being a woman. We can do so with help from makeup . :D

  2. What is my beauty dream? My beauty dream is to be beautiful inside out. I feel that it is not only important to take care of your outer beauty but also your inner beauty. However, no matter how beautiful your inner beauty is we still need to walk out and face the world with our outer beauty. I used to be an ugly duckling that no one could see my inner beauty. However, after transformation and being more confident in myself I am able to show my inner and outer beauty too!

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

    1. Sorry forgot to give my email address

  3. My beauty dream is to wake up to see a cheerful smile in the mirror, enjoy each and every make over, walk on the street with my favourite pump, wear on my most confident look and start my day happily with what i'm having because I know nothing beats a confident smile on a woman's face that makes her look beautiful entirely.

    Karen Leong

  4. My beauty dream is having a really good skin not necessarily having a clear skin like the Koreans but a really good and healthy skin that makes me glow from within so that the makeup application will be smooth, light and easy.

    Izzah Farihah Abd Hakim /

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! :)

  5. My beauty dream is to be able to have almost flawless face so that I can do YouTube video turorials and eventually have a beauty channel of my own! :)

    Grace Myu

  6. My beauty dream is to have healthy skin no matter what tone it is, to always have a beautiful heart as long as I shall live and to always feel comfortable of being me regardless what I put on and regardless what people say. This is because I believe that everyone is beautiful since the day we were born, and to me that beauty dream will be complete when the person is truly beautiful inside out :)

    Mieza Everdeen

  7. My beauty dream is to have a healthy skin, but not necessary need to be so flawless like those celebrity. This is because I believe that our imperfections are what makes us unique, and being able to have a healthy skin will definitely instill much confidence to a person more than make up. =)

    Rebecca Wong

  8. My beauty dream is that I can feel confident about how I look every day and I can walk out in the streets with a smile on my face with my head held high. I believe that this dream can be achieved with Mary Kay products because after reading your review about the CC cream, I feel that it's really amazing and I would love to be able to try it along with their other products as well :)

    Ooi Mandy

  9. My beauty dream is to have enough sleep and healthy diet everyday, because I always believe that beauty comes from within, and eventually my skin will glow healthily as long as I practise a healthy lifestyle <3 Makeup is to complement and further enhance the original beauty of the skin, but most importantly confidence comes from within. Stay positive everyday and live beautifully!


  10. My beauty dream is very simple, I want to preserve my current look and skin condition until the day I die! Hahaha although it sounds crazy, but I really hope that I can keep my current perfect skin condition until I become an old nanny~ No wrinkles and no saggy face and people cannot tell how old I am from my skin hehe~

    Name: Princess Neverland

  11. Hi, my beauty dream is always having a beauty inner thought and a fresh look. As life goes by years, no one can stay young forever with perfect skin but beauty inner thought can always let a person to stay in a positive life with their positive living lifestyle. Of course I know every girl/women wish to have a perfect and good skin as well as i am one of them too. So with a beauty outer look ( skin ) together with a beauty inner thought is my best beauty dream of all. Thanks :)

    Ysie Tan

  12. Beauty dream is to be judged internally and externally of the beauty, the level is infinity as every girls deserve to be indulged and appearing in every women's dreams. We can pursue just for our own good, stay positively and beauty dream is going to be achieved. We may not attractive as compared with others but we always go beyond that beauty that are measured by our own. Positive self-esteem is needed to enhance our internal qualities and of course with some make up rise the confidence of beauty to us!

    canice gee

  13. My beauty dream is has a team of beauty experts to help me solve my current skincare problem. Besides that, every time i go out, they will help me to set up my makeup, cloth and others so I just follow their expect advise.

    Kien Mei

  14. My beauty dream is to look good with minimal make up and wear an outfit which look good on me yet comfy then be confident with the given enhanced look. Create my own fashion style yet feel proud about it. *in the midst of dreaming*


  15. My beauty dream is to have the best range of makeup & skincare lining up my doorstep waiting for me to collect .After that head up to the best party ever and show em what I have.Besides the next day..I still can use the make up and skin care to give out the best of my look at my working enviroment beside my tremendous working ability ^^ Follow up by a night date with my beloved and show em what i can do with my beauty dream's make up range with those sexy bright colours...That will sum up my perfect beauty dream!!

    Vsa Jean

  16. My beauty dream is to have perfect skin. Why? Because with good skin, you get to save on the amount of products you use and subsequently save more money! Most importantly, good skin reflects good health. Having good skin will motivate me to maintain a healthy lifestyle like eating healthily, stay hydrated, sleeping early and exercising regularly. Hey, these activities never harmed anyone so I don't see why I shouldn't be that healthy too! Of course, having a pretty face it must be matched with a pretty heart so I believe in being good to everyone around you and your beauty will naturally shine through :)

    Carinn Tan

    Thank you for the giveaway! :) x

  17. My beauty dream is to come out with a cosmetic line of my own. Yes, it may sound so 'sky-high ambition', but I love love love cosmetic/skincare/bodycare product so much that I'm hoard everything! I keep buying things (make up especially) and I hardly use them because I got too many! I'm now currently pursuing my study in Biotechnology. So, hopefully one day I'd be able to maybe collaborate with Revlon, or Loreal or any other company and create my own beauty line! I'll also make sure my line is would be suitable for every woman in the world, doesn't matter if u're asian, african etc, I'll make sure I'll have something for you!

    Name : Tericia Lee
    Email :

  18. My beauty dream is to always feel and be beautiful inside and out. Beauty from the inside is something we must learn to accept before we learn to be beautiful on the outside. Beauty from the inside includes beauty of the heart and soul, beauty of the mind and acts, and beauty of the health. Internal beauty shines with greatness and people will see the real beauty of you. Beauty from the outside is to compliment all that you are.

    1. Oopss... Forgotten my details =D

      Name: SERAH LIM

  19. My beauty dream: I want to look like 20 years old even thought after 20 years later, LOL
    name: Choi Yen

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. My beauty dream : i want to look beautiful and flawless everyday ! because i'm not perfect girl, i have skin problem, acne, black-head,etc. So i want to look beautiful or flawless everyday ! it's nice to looks flawless because it's looks natural. I hope with Mary Kay products, i can look beautiful everday, look flawless, looks young,and fresh ! ^^

    Name :Bella Claudia
    email :

  22. Beauty dream of mine since young is to look gorgeous from both inside and out. There are lots of elements involved to be someone gorgeous. Some needed to be knowledgeable and talented as a few elements required as inner gorgeous.Somehow, ladies who are talented and smart seems attractive right. :D However, the effort or force only for inner doesn't seems enough to reach the definition of gorgeous. I perhaps. Female's beauty timeline doesn't last long or forever. Therefore, we must also put in attention on the physical to complete or become gorgeous as a whole. I bet most of the girls wish to be flawless as much as I wish. Too bad, no one is perfect. That's why cosmetic comes in and helps us to be beautiful and gorgeous as we want to. Choosing a good cosmetic is not easy like choosing a food or fruits. Different people suits with different kind of cosmetic. Therefore, I believe and trust in mary kay product surely will help me to fulfil my wish.

    Name : Rachell Ho
    Email :


    Congratulations to the 3 winners which I have already emailed to. Please provide your mailing address, so that the eyeshadow and lipgloss can be on their way to your house very soon! ^_^


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