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29 July, 2014

[Giveaway] White Perfect Total 10 For You & BFF!

Hi! Have you read my review on L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer? I notice that the product is getting more and more popular, so I decided to host a giveaway for you AND your BFF to win them home! 

Be quick to sign up HERE to receive a L'Oreal Paris mystery gift and free sample of L'Oreal Paris' all new White Perfect Total 10 product. If you wish to win TWO bottles of day creams, all you have to do is participate in this simple contest below!

I'm giving away 10 bottles to FIVE (5) lucky readers!

Step 1: Head to my Facebook post: HERE.
Step 2: Leave a comment on my Facebook-- Tag your friend and list 5 things you love about her.
Step 3: Ask your friend to reply your comment and list 5 things she loves about you.

5 lucky pairs of friends will win 2 bottles of White Perfect Total 10!

Quick, leave your comment at this link: CLICK HERE!


Congratulations to 5 lucky pairs of winners! 
1. Gwendolyn Ai and Yanny Wong
2. Miriam Hui Kung and Kae Woo
3. Yong Choy Peng and Trina Wong
4. Alexandra Lee and Yvonne Soh
5. Charlotte Gan and Jacinta Chong

Only ONE person from each winning pair should fill in this form (HERE)
so that L'Oreal can deliver TWO bottles of White Perfect Total 10 to your doorstep
(then make sure you give one of them to your winning partner! :P)

1 comment:

  1. Lovely thanks very much ohfishiee for this lovely present on Blue Monday^^


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