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28 July, 2014

Review: Magic Heatless Hair Curlers & Hair Collagen Serum

Hello sweeties! Today I'm sharing with you a super easy way to style your hair. I always have a love-hate relationship with electronic curlers because the effect is so quick and lovely but the heat is too strong and damaging for the hair at the same time :( 

Magic No Heat Hair Curlers (Extra Large, Wide Size) @ RM55.00

...until I recently bought this from HERE---  100% Heatless curlers to create gorgeous and bouncy, extra large curls that will not damage the hair at all! This product is already very popular in Korea and Japan, and I'm glad to find it here too! 

Each set comes with 18 pieces of colorful curlers and 1 curling wand. The curler is around 15 cm unstretched with 1.5 inches diameter, but it can stretch up to 35 cm long with 3.3 cm diameter. 

Available in 3 sizes, according to your hair length/volume -- Standard, Extra Wide, Extra Long.
For extra wide curlers like mine, your hair should be at least 10cm longer than shoulder length ya! 

Step 1: Insert the curling wand into a curler until it reaches the end of the curler.

Step 2: Use the hook on the wand to draw a thick strand of hair into it.
Step 3: Pull the other end of the wand to remove it from the curler and hair.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1 - 3 for every strand of the hair.
Make sure 18 pieces of curlers are sufficient for whole hair.

Step 5: Leave them overnight. And be prepared to sleep with those curlers on the head!
Step 6: Just pull off all the curlers from your hair on the next morning. 

If you're thinking that it might be uncomfortable, then no worries because the curlers are soft and very bendable. So you can just leave them overnight without hurting your head. It takes time for the hair to follow the wave of the curlers, so it is recommended to wear them for at least 8 hours

On the very next day, pulling out the curlers is easy pessy. And I'm very satisfied with the first strand of curly hair I have after removing the tool!  It looks so wavy, natural and not as dry as compared to using curling tongs!

Here's the final result of my curly hair, what do you think?
I personally love the third (middle) hairstyle the most!!

Yay! Feel so happy to transform my dull straight hair into luscious locks that create a different look on me! I can't believe that it is so easy, quick and soft to create good curls. The only drawback is that, it can't produce instantaneous locks like curling tongs do, but it definitely gives a longer lasting effect than heated curlers.

Overall, I find it very easy to use and great in creating glossy shiny locks. The best thing is, 
NO harm towards the hair!   Recyclable, chemical-free, soft, comfortable and doesn't hurt my hair! 

AT Professional Paris Collagen Hair Serum (120ml) @ RM99.00 RM68.00

Nevertheless, after curling the hair, it looks a little untamed and lacking of shine. That's when this collagen serum comes to my rescue! Believe it or not, collagen and hyaluronic acid not only works magic on your skin, but on your hair too.

The moment I try out this collagen hair care I got from HERE, I am aiming for naturally silky smooth hair in a long run. But I'm surprised that the result is instantaneous! I have seen it in Vivi Japanese magazine a couple of months ago. Boosted with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, it is one of the best-selling hair products in Supermodels Secrets too! 

Gosh, the difference is so huge!

I love its fragrance, ultra smoothing and moisturizing effect to cure those hair that are constantly chemically treated (Dye,curl, straighten, etc..) In fact, this hair collagen serum is used by professional salon stylists. Plus, it is organic!  

I have previously tried various serums but didn't like them due to the oily and greasy texture onto my hair. Until I found this ultra-lightweight serum that easily spreads emoliency into the hair without looking greasy at all. Great as a moderate to intensive hair care, to be used with other haircare such as conditioner and mask.

Overall, my hair is now more manageable and feels soft to touch. It is useful as an intensive care for my dry, colored hair, and a good heat protecting serum upon hair styling. NO more bad hair day!   

Use code "ohFISHiee" to get 10% OFF on ANY purchase at

Thank you Supermodel's Secrets for bringing in various awesome and 'magical' products into Malaysia that I can't find them elsewhere! From beauty products to fashionable wears that you may not see them before, you can now get them at Supermodel's Secrets 

Now everyone can be gorgeous without burning a hole in the pocket!

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(Same row as Herbs N Foods)
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(Appointments only via 016-2801990 - SMS/Whatsapp/Call)
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  1. Wow, the curled effect looks very very nice! <3

  2. this magic curler i saw it at taiwan 3 years ago..but i din bought it..
    my hair is super long and thick..will it difficult to use for hair typle like me?

  3. Wow you can actually sleep with it? That's very convenient!

  4. omgosh thank you for your collagen hair serum review. been looking for it 😍✨


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