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12 August, 2014

Review: INDIBA Stemcell System Treatment at Bella Skin

Hello sweeties! I often share about the anti-aging beauty products I use, but how about now if I tell you that there is a new Reverse-Aging product instead? Instead of preventing aging, now the latest INDIBA Stemcell System Treatment by Bella is specially catered for ladies who have aging signs and want to look youthful again!

During the recent tea party with Bella, I learn that Bella has been a prominent skincare and hair removal solution provider since 1982. For 30 years, it has successfully made its presence within Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

After doing the skin analysis, you'd probably be surprised about the 'hidden' wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots that have yet to appear obviously on the skin. Time to 'reserve' this aging process by having INDIBA Stem Cell System!

According to the Product Specialist Director, Ms.Alice, this latest INDIBA treatment is a unique treatment that has a deep regeneration effect and gives your skin and body NEW life in just one session using two elements: Effective skincare, Stem C'rum Plus and advanced technology, INDIBA System.

Thanks to the Regional Country Manager, Ms. Szu Sze who shared about the wonder of the StemCell!

I'm amazed with the magnificent Stem C'rum Plus! Best at repairing cells and reinforce celluar integrity, therefore your skin will have less wrinkles and pigments. It increases collagen and elastin, compact and dense within weeks!

Let's see the difference in just 15 minutes!

Bella's beauty therapist was doing a demonstration on Madam Yong, 50. She began the treatment by massaging the face to activate lymphatic nodes. A full-face treatment takes up to 30 minutes for the entire face including eyes and neck.

The therapist used a circular movement to enhance blood circulation and better absorption by massaging. At the end of the treatment, she'd remove the excess Indiba cream, and put on some Stem C'rum Plus as the finishing.

Can you spot the differences? The side on your left is untouched, both before and after. Whereas on the side on your right has undergone Indiba treatment in just 15 minutes. I can really see that the skin is more glowing with less visible spots and lighter wrinkles!

Here's the way towards a smooth, firm and glowing skin with Bella!

Apart from Stem C'rum Plus, don't forget to use Dr. Bio Extreme Brightening Mask
to keep looking good at all times! Let's use some home-care to prolong the treatment result...

This basically sums up the new treatment:
1. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines
2. Redefines facial contours
3. Hydration and radiance
4. Correction of skin pigments
5. Improves bags under eyes

Let's take a group picture before we go for INDIBA Stemcell System treatment and see our transformations!

One Week Later.....
I made my visit to Bella at Bangsar Village II to try out the treatment. This place is often fully booked everyday, so be sure to make booking to avoid disappointment. One session of INDIBA Stem Cell System is only RM650!

Separated by thick walls, each treatment room offers great tranquility and privacy,
plus the dimly lit ambiance makes one feel so comfortable and homey.

INDIBA machine is used exclusively for this treatment, specially designed to reinforce cellular communication and stimulate the collagen synthesis while ensuring maximum absorption to every single cell. Let's see how it works!

The treatment begins with neck massage and facial cleansing before the therapist starts to stimulate my lymphatic nodes around the neck and face for better absorption and detoxification. My skin feels a little warm, but the temperature is just right and comfortable for me.

During the second step, the patented Proionic Action face cream is applied and massaged onto the skin, so that it tightens the skin and achieves better drainage. It can be used on all sensitive areas including eyes and lips, so you will see a huge difference on all the fine lines, wrinkles and loose eyelids!

The third step is a cell-balancing stage. Targeted on the deeper layer of skin, it helps in collagen production and cell functions improvement. Lastly, Stem C'rum Plus is applied thoroughly so that nutrients are delivered deep into the skin. 

 Step 1,2 and 3 are done only on half of the face initially, to show the significant result
of instantaneous skin lifting. I feel that my left face is so V in shape now! 

After the treatment, facial cleansing and neck massage are done again, to ensure customers not only have a beautiful face but also a relaxing soul! The treatment for the entire face take only 30 minutes--- So quick, yet effective as I can see the instant V-shaped face result, with less visible laugh lines. 

This is a no-makeup picture I take inside the treatment room. So surprised to see
my skin becomes smoother, slimmer and more radiant in just 30 minutes!

Can you see the difference now?? INDIBA is indeed a beauty evolution that everyone should try.

What surprises me is the incredibly instant effect on the shape and texture of the skin. The result of each treatment can last up to 3 weeks, but it is recommended to do it once every fortnight to maintain the best result of revitalization, reshaping, hydration and toning of the skin

Thank you Bella for introducing me the new concept from Anti-Aging, now it's Reverse-Aging.

For more information, visit Bella at or
Call 1800-227-111 for further enquiries. 

Bella Skin Solution Outlets:
The Intermark, KL : 03-2163 8188
Bangsar Village II : 03-2287 6966
Mid Valley : 03-2284 8088
Damansara Uptown : 03-7727 4132
USJ Subang : 03-8023 3328
Gurney Plaza : 04-228 8961
Ipoh : 05-546 1532
Plaza Pelangi JB : 07-338 1088
Kuching : 082-578 706


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  2. Hi i want to let go my finishing powder at rm 50. Do reply if you're interested. I only used it a couple of times.


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