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23 October, 2014

Magic Slimming Spa @ The Sompotan Spa, Hotel Istana KL

My first experience at The Sompotan Spa was a rejuvenating massage using ESSE organic skincare from Africa back in 2013. Since then, I've gained strong confidence in this outlet and now I decide to visit this luxurious city spa again for its latest Japanese slimming treatment.

I'm sitting at the waiting lounge while the staff prepares the treatment room. 

Having a welcome drink and wet towel for each guest upon arrival is so thoughtful!

Inside the spa sanctuary, the area is really huge and fully equipped with changing room, locker room, and even couple treatment suites for those who plan to tag your friend/ sister/ mother along for a rejuvenating treatment here. 

As for my single spa suite, it is rather special for having its private in-room shower. It is well-furnished with massage bed, sofa chair, wardrobe and dressing table for the convenience of guests too. 

First thing to do before treatment: Change into the white robe!

Prior to the treatment, I am pampered with a basic foot soak and scrub session,
followed by a full body exfoliation scrub that is rich and moisturizing.

Salt scrub for the feet

For the body: Aromatic oil, body scrub and slimming cream.

After a good 20 minutes of scrub, I proceed for shower to eliminate the residue on the body
before beginning with the magic slimming treatment.

Non-F-Energy Cream for Magic Slimming by McCoy Japan

Here, the magic slimming uses the hottest slimming cream in Japan--- Definitely an effective solution to get rid of stubborn fat! It is sold at 27,000 yen in Japan, converting to RM827! Therefore, Sompotan Spa is able to promise me with the tagline of "Shaping your body in 7 days!".

Well, you must be wondering what's so great about this cream! It is exclusively formulated with world patented ionized mineral technology that is easily absorbed directly into cells. The ionized minerals help promote enzyme digestion and metabolism in the fat cells while balancing body mineral to detox and break down cellulite effectively.

During the treatment, it does not need much of the cream. The massuer only applies a dot of cream onto each lymphatic node all over the body. This helps to open up the lymphatic nodes to promote blood circulation and stimulate body natural healing power. Each time she applies force onto each lymph node, there will be slight pain on the body. 

The cream helps to release stiff shoulders, and enhances the firmness of skin to become young and healthy again. It is then followed by traditional massage techniques with aromatic oil, which is slightly painful too because she has to use medium to strong force in order to break down the fats and give an instantaneous lifting effect

The result. It is so instantenous that I never experience before in any other slimming centre! Immediately I can feel that it has lifted up the saggy skin especially on my fatty butt area, and tighten the loose skin around the tummy. For greater, more visible result, it is advisable to do 3 to 5 sessions of this magic slimming treatment, in a weekly or biweekly interval.

If I were to have any complaint at all, then it would be the pain during the massage. Surprisingly, I can't feel much pressure on the skinny parts such as back, shoulders, arms etc. When it comes to the parts where fats are accumulated such as thighs and legs, the pain is rather sharp but still bearable.
Currently Sompotan is having an exclusive promotion for walk-in customers:

Magic Slimming Spa @ RM188++ for 2 hours
Normal price : RM400++  (First trial only for ladies!)

The Magic Slimming Spa is available at 3 Sompotan Spa outlets:
Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur - 603-2148 8910
Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur - 603-2161 0939 / 0930
Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur - 603-2170 8777
Business Hours: 10am to 11pm everyday

 For more details, visit


  1. Fabulous!!! I wannnnttttt too.... huhuhu Need to massage my cellulite away....

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