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15 October, 2014

Rich Lashes Extension - Finer, Lighter, More Natural @ Pink Passion

One year ago, it was my first time experiencing rich lashes extension at Pink Passion, and the boss had told me that my readers (Yes, you guys!) love it so much that some of you had printed out the discount voucher from my blog and tried out the service yourselves. Are you satisfied with the service? 

Well, personally I was very happy with the lashes extension result and therefore I'm back to Pink Passion a few days before my trip to Bangkok, so that I can save the hassle of putting falsies while travelling. ❤ And there will be no mascara needed too!! :D

With the pink storefront and interior, Pink Passion is easily noticeable at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, a neighbourhood next to Aman Suria. The staff are very friendly and chatty, I think I just can't stop talking and laughing as soon as I step into the shop!

The previous extension I did was the rich lashes extension using 0.15mm thick lashes, but now Pink Passion has introduced new type of lashes that come in 0.1mm thick--- Finer, lighter, curlier and looks more natural on the eyes!

Both types are available in lengths of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. For the first extension I did, I opted for medium length (10mm) so that it didn't look too dramatic, and I was really happy with the result. So now I stick to the same length again. 

Just lie on the treatment bed and close the eyes while the beauty professional prepares her tools.

The under eye area will be protected from having contact with the synthetic lashes and glue.

The beautician will carefully stick each strand of lashes as close as possible to your original lashes, so that it looks natural. And normal length like mine requires only 14-15 strands of lashes. Therefore, the process takes only 1 hour for both eyes. 

I almost fall asleep on the comfortable bed while doing the extension!
It is painless, quick and most importantly, feels very light on the eyes.

Wow, I'm impressed! The lashes now look naturally black, virtually weightless, soft and have a beautiful curl. With the fine strands of lashes, it creates a more voluminous look yet it does not fall off easily, if good care is taken. 

Love it so much! ❤ Now I'm ready to go with only an eyeliner and eyeshadow for my eye makeup!

Rich Lashes Extension is recommended for girls who:
1. Are not used to wearing fake lashes
2. Prefer natural look 
3. Love basic makeup

How To Maintain The Lashes? 
**Important especially for beginners / first-timers**

1. Don't rub your eyes! Although the glue wouldn't come off easily, but rubbing your eyes will damage the original lashes and affect the falsies as well. 
2. Don't use high speed or hot shower! Temperature and strength of water will affect the glue.
3. Don't use cotton pads on face! I love using cotton pads to apply makeup removers, toners etc, but if you're not careful, the cotton will stuck in between lashes. 
4. Don't pull your lashes! That's the most obvious one, don't ever get itchy-handed to play with the lashes. Excessive force will pull off the original lashes.

And I added some light makeup for the natural effect :) Love the lashes that look better than mascara + falsies!
Have fun with the lashes!
Pink Passion
37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
 603-7805 7285
Fax: 603-7805 7286

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