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29 January, 2015

CNY Promotions at Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Petaling Jaya

Ushering the auspicious Year of Sheep in 2015, I'm back to my all-time favourite Chinese restaurant, Ee Chinese Cuisine (颐中餐厅) at Eastin Hotel PJ for a sumptuous festive feast. (You can read about my previous visit HERE).

From delectable dim sum to comforting Cantonese cuisine, I always leave the restaurant with happy stomach during each visit, so you'd see why it remains top at my list of recommendations when it comes to savouring upscaled Chinese food injected with modern interpretation.

Ee Chinese Restaurant always surprise me with new creations each and every time I visit. This round it's no exception because Master Chef Yong has crafted few special CNY menus featuring Mini Monk Jumps Over the Wall, Braised Abalones, Dried Oysters, Steamed Giant Century Grouper and more.

If you feel like dining out with your family and relatives on this special occasion, why not make it a memorable one here? Specially catered for both small family diners and large groups, you can toss to abundance and good health with few varieties of set menus:

RM538++ per table of 4 persons
RM988++ per table of 6 persons
RM1388++ to RM4688++ per table of 10 persons 

Salmon with Rice Crackers Yee Sang (响铃三文捞起)

As for the obligatory prosperity toss, this year Eastin serves few varieties ranging from the luxurious Live Australia Lobster Yee Sang and Abalone Rice Crackers Yee Sang to the crowd's favourite Salmon Yee Sang.

Looking at those thick cuts of fresh salmons, I just can't wait to toss the traditional Yee Sang and 
enjoy the juicy slices of salmon with crunchy bits of rice crackers and other colorful condiments!

Double Boiled Sun Dried Seafood Soup with Pigeon (海味松菇鹤盅汤)

The biggest applause of the evening goes to the double boiled dried seafood soup that is so full-bodied with herbal and oceanic goodness. Well, no Chinese meal is complete without a bowlful of hearty soup. Refreshingly light and soulfully hearty, the dried sea cucumber, fish maw and scallop give an instant lift to the overall flavours of the clear soup. 

Oven Baked Live Oyster with Cheese (密制焗生蚝)

Next is something unusual that I rarely see on a CNY banquet menu, nevertheless it is a welcoming change from the usual duck or prawn dishes. Lightly baked with cheese, this freshly shackled oyster melts in the mouth beautifully with its oozing juice upon each bite. Best for those who don't favour the raw taste.

Poached Capon Traditional Style (白切阉鸡)

Back to tradition, we have a very well-thought poultry dish that is smoked after being poached. The meat on its own is extra flavourful, tender and moist. A dip into the two Chef's special spicy-sour sauces give a different taste to the senses, without masking the natural flavour of the succulent meat.

Baked Cod Fish with Egg Caviar (赛螃鳕鱼)

Sitting on a bed of pearly white egg caviar, the presentation of the fish is equally alluring. As soon as I take the first mouthful of caramelized baked cod, I'm truly impressed by the crispy glazed outer layer, followed by the fresh, flaky white flesh.

Braised Cabbage with Eight Treasures (花开富贵)

Moving on to the next dish that symbolizes great health and wealth,  the Chef has gone great lengths to prepare this painstakingly "bowl" of cabbage stuffed with 8 types of premium seafood and popular Chinese ingredients.

Digging into the "treasure" stuffed in the cabbage, we are delighted to find huge chunks of dried oyster, scallop, mushroom, salted egg, lotus seeds, prawns, sea cucumber and chestnut that beautifully retain the freshness and crunchiness in the mouth.

Fried Rice with Seafood and Rice Crackers (鱼子脆米炒丝苗)

Surprise comes one after another. A healthier choice from the usual waxed meat rice, we have a bowlful of aromatic golden seafood fried rice layered with rice crackers to give an extra crunch to the rice. The best thing is, it is generously topped with a whole layer of my favourite Japanese fish roe! What a beautiful yet comforting combination it is. 

Double Boiled White Fungus, Gingko and Hasma served with Sweet Duet (雪耳金果炖雪蛤拼美点)

To end our celebratory CNY dinner on a sweet note, we are treated with the crowd's favourite hot dessert soup which is said to have soothing benefits to the body, as well as the chef's specially crafted fried pastries of the evening.

For those who love something exotic, the crispy thin pastry married with robust durian filling is definitely a stand-out. The pastry has a very buttery outer crisp layer and fills the room with durian flavours before I even fork into it. Unfortunately, the real durian flesh is blended so finely that I can't really enjoy the texture of the durian.

Last but not least, the deep fried Chinese glutinous rice cake roll is perfectly done with crispy exterior and soft, sticky rice cake inside, at its slightest sweetness. 

1. Personally, the food at Ee Chinese Cuisine tops my favourite list among fine Chinese restaurants. 
2. Taste and presentation wise, I have no complaints at all as I've always loved the way the Chefs here bring out the flavours of each ingredient in unique ways.
3. Pricewise, it falls on a higher range, but it's a good premium restaurant to visit for Cantonese authenticity. 

Available from 1 February to 5 March 2015 (Lunch & Dinner)
RM538++ per table of 4 persons
RM988++ per table of 6 persons
RM1388++ to RM4688++ per table of 10 persons 

Good Fortune Reunion Set Dinner on 18 February 2015 (6.30pm - 10pm)
RM2388++ or RM4688++ per table of 10

Reunion Buffet Dinner on 18 February 2015 (6.30pm - 10pm)
International Buffet, at Swez Brasserie
RM108++ (Adult) or RM54++ (Children)

Ee Chinese Cuisine
Lobby Level
Eastin Hotel 
13, Jalan 16/11, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7665 1111 ext 137/138

Business Hours
12noon - 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
10am - 2.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)
6.30pm - 10.30pm (Daily)

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