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04 January, 2015

Jipangi Korean Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid

Does this shape look familiar to you? 

I have seen this Korean dessert flooding my Instagram feeds among my Korean friends. It seems to be a must-try street food, only if I have a chance to visit Korea. But now I'm glad that I can have it here at Jipangi in Sunway Pyramid.

Jipangi is an eye-catching kiosk located next to The Loaf, nearby AEON Jusco entrance. 

Known as a traditional Korean snack made from corn flour, Jipangi literally means "cane" or "walking stick" in Korean. That's why you notice that it looks like a gigantic candy cane. Quality is assured, because the corn cane is imported all the way from Korea. 

Interestingly, each and every "cane" ends with a flower shape and
can be irregular in terms of length because it is handmade in Korea!

Creamy Vanilla @ RM7
Premium Chocolate @ RM7

Mixed Flavours @ RM9

For now, Jipangi ice cream is available in vanilla and chocolate flavours. 
But new exciting flavours such as mango, green tea and more will be introduced in a couple of months! 

I really salute the way they manage to fill up the entire J-shaped cane with premium soft serve ice cream, including the "bent" U-shaped part at the bottom. The airy 'stick' is very crispy and does not turn soggy easily with the ice cream.

Well, there's a technique to enjoy this ice cream before it melts away like mine, lol. Just 'suck' up both ends of the ice creams, and the remaining ice cream within the cane will not overflow anymore. 

Once it melts, it can get a little messy. So, be sure to eat it right after it is ready.
And stop taking selfies like me :P

I also try on the vanilla flavour, and I'd say it is the best combination with the rich flavour of corn on the stick. Overall, both vanilla and chocolate are smooth and subtly sweet; just nice for both young and old to enjoy the light dessert without being overcloying. 

Americano @ RM8
Latte @ RM9
Mocha @ RM9
Caramel @ RM10

If you are feeling thirsty, Jipangi also serves Korean Cold Brews sourced from Like Mom Korean Cafe in Plaza Damas. It is famous for its Dutch coffee which uses premium beans and filters from Korea. 

1. For the first try, I'd say it is definitely a healthier option to enjoy dessert as the cane is freshly made of corn instead of sugar-laden cones! 
2. Soft and smooth ice cream pairs well with the crispy stick, and most importantly it is reasonably priced so that I can savour it without guilt.
3. Recommended: Creamy Vanilla Jipangi Ice Cream 

Jipangi Korean Dessert
(near AEON, next to The Loaf Bakery)
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
46150 Bandar Sunway, 
Contact: 03-7782 9201
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily


  1. it looks kinda awkward for me, haha but it seems delicious! Great post <3 xo

  2. omg!!! it looks so so delicious!!! some more it is at Sunway Pyramid too!!! dunno when i can go KL again :(


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