16 March, 2015

Haraju-Cube Japanese Honey Toast @ Empire Damansara, PJ

If you're a fan of 'After You' Dessert Cafe in Bangkok, then you must really make a visit to Haraju-Cube to satisfy your cravings for Japanese honey toast! For those who have not heard of it, Japanese honey toast is a whole loaf of bread encasing towering bricks of cube-shaped bread, decked with extravagant toppings such as ice creams, fruits, nuts and whipped cream. 

Named after the trendy Harajuku district in Japan, Haraju-Cube is now serving higher quality, tastier toasts in bigger portions than the rest because it pays much emphasis on every detail of its ingredients to serve the customers with only the best products. 

Ambiance wise, it boasts a vibrant yellow and white interior to keep diners' mood at high spirits. Personally I love it for being a welcome change from the usual dark-toned industrial look cafes I've always visited. 

Complete menu of Haraju-cube; Hopefully they'll be introducing more varieties in future! 

Azuki-Matcha Honey Toast @ RM25.90

My first dreamy dessert toast in Haraju-Cube is the freshly-baked loaf topped with a generous scoop of homemade Uji Matcha ice cream and a large dollop of Japanese red bean. As we note that even the whipping cream is melting upon being served, the toast is really hot and crispy! You can easily enjoy a nice crunch from every bite. 

I rarely post up my personal picture for food reviews, but...this is necessary to show you
how HUGE the toast is! So tall, big and well-stuffed! 

To avoid unnecessary mess, there's always a good technique of savouring the toast.
Begin by cutting the 4 edges of the whole loaf, then remove the sides and enjoy the goodness in it! 

Like a pandora box, I dig into the toast and discover the surprise in it--- 8 pieces of cube-shaped honey-coated toast that slowly absorb the goodness of its toppings. The hot and cold combination melts the ice cream away quickly, so be sure not to spend too long on photo-taking :P 

Each slice of the honey toast is spread with 100% pure French butter before being baked to crispy perfection. On the inside, it is surprisingly soft like cotton and exudes strong aroma of butter without feeling greasy!

Strawbelicious Honey Toast @ RM25.90

Spotted on the neighbouring table is another highly recommended toast for fruit lovers. If you find your toast a tad dry, the bottle of Haraju-Cube's self-blended honey makes a perfect condiment as it is mildly sweet, less sticky and guilt-free!

Other signature toasts are Classic (for true honey toast lovers!), as well as Choco-Dip (For indulgent premium Belgian chocolate). 

Seeking for something savoury? Haraju-cube has gotten you covered too! It offers savoury sliced toast that comes in interesting combinations such as mayo-egg, ham-cheese, wafu-tuna and so on, which are priced from RM10.90 onwards.

Uji-Float @ RM12.90

Green tea lovers can rejoice when it comes to beverages because Haraju-Cube takes pride of its matcha-based beverages using premium quality Uji Matcha powder from Kyoto, Japan. The strong bitter aftertaste of green tea essence in the milky concoction is well-balanced by the sweet vanilla ice cream, making it my favourite dessert beverage here. 

Butterscotch Harajucube Milk @ RM6.90

I am impressed by the level of seriousness it has in every ingredient, to create the most unique taste possible. The owner highly recommends his homemade quality Harajucube milk which is available in 3 flavours-- Coffee, Butterscotch and Fruits. Blended with its own butterscotch sauce, the milk is creamier and tastes extra good on the palate! 

Haraju-Cube can easily be located, as it is just directly above Texas Chicken at Empire Damansara. The full-fledged menu is served from 18 March 2015 onwards, so do hop over for the sweet and savoury treats!

Thank you Daichi and Ken for the exclusive private invitation to try the carefully-crafted honey toast!

I heard that soon they will be introducing a Birthday Honey Toast that is 4 times of its current size (SO HUGE!), suitable for 10 to 15 pax sharing. It must be a real eye candy then! Hmm, looks like I can start planning for a birthday party at Haraju-Cube 

After dining at Haraju-cube, I'd assure that you wouldn't look at bread and honey the same way again!

1. Despite of being pegged at a slightly steep price from RM22.90 onwards, the Japanese honey toast is actually worth every penny spent, considering the generous portion that can feed 2 to 4 persons, and the premium toppings used. 
2. I love how the toast burst with myriads of flavours and textures but it can be very filling for one, so be sure to bring along a couple of friends to share the joy in having toasts. 
3. Personal recommendations: Harajucube Milk, Signature Honey Toast!

103, Level 1, 
(Above Texas Chicken)
Empire Damansara, 
Damansara Perdana,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 016-6665973 / 010-2268592
Email: harajucube@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/harajucube103
Instagram: @harajucube
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