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07 July, 2015

Review: VIKA DIY Your Own 3D Gel Nail Art

A big HELLO to VIKA! Welcome to Malaysia ♥ If you have not heard about this brand, it is a Korean gel nail specialist that carries amazing range of nail stickers so that you can create your very own gel manicure and pedicure without having to visit a manicurist! 

Special thanks to Seeties and VIKA for having me at the high tea party where we girls do our own manicure with the help of our boyfriends! Yes, VIKA gel nail stickers are SO easy to DIY that even guys can do it :D Cool right? 

This is my first time using nail stickers to create 3D Gel Manicure! VIKA has plenty of designs from pastel to gothic theme, all of them are very stylish and beautifully designed to fit Asian's nail sizes. 

Here are some of the samples of the nail art stickers. Spot your favourite before you do your nail jam!

On top of the stickers, you can attach various types of nail art embellishments for the 3D effect such as mini rhinestones, ribbons and diamantes, before finishing it off with another layer of protective gelish top coat.

For gel manicure with 3D nail art, I usually go to nail parlours to get my nail fix. But at VIKA, everything is DIY and it has its very own range of tools and accessories that you may find them useful while crafting your nail art.

Manicure Kit: Cuticle Oil, Pusher, Nipper, Grinder, Nail File, Shiner, Nail Tonic (Strengthener)

This is the design of nail jam I pick  Pastel pink, mint and yellow with a splash of elegant gold design! My partner in crime says this pattern is just so ME because I usually fall head over heels in love with sweet-looking manicure. 

Each set of nail jam comes with 25 pieces of nail stickers (14 for fingernails, 11 for toenails) of different sizes (from 8 to 15). I use size 8 for my pinky, and size 13 for both thumbs. If your nails are too small (like mine), you can also trim the sides of the stickers to fit right onto the nails. 

You must be wondering how did I manage to do the gel manicure with nail art all by myself, although I have no skills at all. Actually, the whole process is really simple and you can easily complete all 10 fingernails in 1 hour once you've mastered it. 

Step 1: Apply nail tonic/ strengthener....let it dry for 30 seconds
Step 2: Stick the nail art sticker and stretch it well so that it does not crumple
Step 3: File the excess away using VIKA's hot pink file *Looks so cute right!* 
Step 4: Apply Gel Top Coat 

Step 5: Lamp Light Curing:  My favourite product of VIKA!

Do you know that UV Light can cause skin cancer when it is used to dry nails? Most of the time, nail parlours choose UV Light because it is cheaper and suits all types of gel polish. But in a long term, I personally don't recommend this method.

I am delighted that VIKA also has its own lamp, which uses LED instead of UV. It gives equally powerful curing, but more eco-friendly and uses less energy. With the USB port in it, you can easily use a power bank to turn the light on. 

It is surprising that the lamp works just by touching it! Once you touch the tip of the lamp, it will light up for 30 seconds and automatically turn off. After curing the nails, the surface of the nail is completely dry, smooth and well-protected with a thick gel coating

Step 6: Finally, don't forget to wipe the residue using VIKA Cleansing Wipe!

Removal Kit: Nail File, Remover Band, Remover, Pusher, File, Shiner

For removal, nails and fingers soaked in strong acetone can be harmful to the skin, hence VIKA has its special removal kit where you can easily remove the gel manicure in a safer way :) 

Ta-daaa! Proudly presenting you my very first DIY 3D Gel Manicure with VIKA 

Another close shot....because I'm in love with my new manicure of the month :P

Check out the pretty nails of my partners in crime too!

For the rest of the selfies, we must show off our pretty nails :P

Thank you VIKA for the amazing girly session, and it makes me realise that gel manicure can be done so easily anytime, anywhere you want! Now I know where to get good quality nail jam and save a bundle from visiting any expensive nail parlours 

VIKA is currently based in POP @ Jaya One, PJ, but will be moving soon.
So be sure to stalk its Facebook Page / Instagram for the latest updates ya!

#1 From the application to removal, the nail jam is so convenient, quick and easy to use. The best part is, I can do my nails anywhere I want. Just grab a powerbank and the LED light, gel manicure can be done within minutes!
#2 Love the super glossy finish and longlasting effect up to 3 weeks! 
#3 Rating: 5/5 ♥ Worth a revisit? Definitely I'd be back for another design!

Ending this post with my favourite nail art picture 

For more information about VIKA, kindly visit: 
Instagram: @Vika_Malaysia

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